Style Sunday: The Little Red Dress…

Hey guys

Welcome to this edition of Style Sunday!  This one takes me way out of my comfort zone in so many ways. One, I’m wearing red. I don’t really gravitate towards red at all.
Two, Its a dress that sits above my knees. ( Yes I do wear clothes above the knee but because I go to a Caribbean Pentecostal church.. I tend to leave my hemline below the knees!)
Three, Its a baby-doll style dress which is a style of dress that I don’t find particularly flattering on my body type and its and off the shoulder style!

But something about it spoke to me when I saw it on the rack. I didn’t think It would be something to wear to church. Perhaps something for my upcoming travels? So anyway, I looked at the price tag and it was right up my alley ( some say cheap, I call it price conscious 😛 ) I picked it up, purchased it, and walked out the store. I did not try it on!

Anyway, when I finally got around to trying it on (a few days later) I instantly fell in love with it!

So here’s how I styled it!

Let’s start with the dress itself. I purchased it from H&M for $19.99 ( Canadian currency) What I love about this dress, is that you can dress it up or you can dress it down. You can purchase it here

I chose to dress it up with silver/ bling accessories and shoes .

My shoes I purchased from Call It Spring .They are in the style ” Evelaines”. Retail price $49.99 but they are currently on sale for less than half price!! Check them out here! These shoes are very comfortable. I wore them as a bridesmaid and my feet did not die, so they get two thumbs up in my book!


I also added some silver accessories that were gifted to me by two different friends. A bib style silver and beaded necklace similar to this one:

Also a bracelet similar to this one:

Here’s how I pulled it all together!

IMG_1791I kept my makeup very simple. Just some eyeliner and a red lip!
Have a stylishly wonderful week !!



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