Style Sunday: Black Lace and Ripped Denim…

Style Sunday: Black Lace and Ripped Denim…

Hey y’all!

Happy Sunday!

So yesterday, I had the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of one of my homegirls. We went out to eat at this really nice, hipster restaurant in the downtown core of my city. We had plans to go down by the water and get some ice cream and hang out after dinner, so I wanted an outfit that was chic yet functional!

Here’s what I wore: IMG_5931

Ripped Denim:
I purchased these jeans from Old Navy a few years back. They are from the Rockstar line. These are absolutely my favourite jeans because they are so comfortable. They are high-waisted which is perfect for us ladies with a smaller waistline but thicker thighs and posterior! (lol)

Lace Top:
This “top” was actually a dress! I purchased this from H&M years ago but never had the opportunity to wear it because the dress insert underneath the lace was way too short for my comfort level. So I macgyvered a top out of it by simply cutting the dress out and placing a plain black spaghetti strap tank top underneath instead.  I really liked the detail in the patterning of the lace which is why I didn’t want to get rid of it!

Honestly, I love high heels, but these low block heels are honestly my favourite shoes in all the earth (lol) I know I’m being dramatic but these little heels are the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased.  I purchased them from Rainbow for only $12.99! Best money I have ever spent! I wear these heels with everything.

My jewellery was the same old things! My nameplate necklace, my Gold chain with cross and baby ring on it, my Pandora bracelet and a pair of gold hoops! ( so basic I know lol)

It’s super hot where I live right now ( FINALLY) but that usually means I wear minimal makeup during the summer season.

Here’s what I wore on my face: 
Face: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation+Concealer in the shade ” Truffle” Set my face with Ben Nye Powder in the shade ” Cocoa”
Lips: MAC Retro Matee Liquid Lipstick  in the Shade “Oh Lady”
Eyes: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner and Maybelline Colossal Mascara.

That’s all for today folks!



Till next time!






Style Sunday: The One With The T-Shirt…

Style Sunday: The One With The T-Shirt…

Hey loves!

Super quick post today! I took my Sunday nap( Sunday naps are essential) and woke up with a fever 😦 and I need to be in full force this week so… back to bed I go. However before I go,I just wanted to share with you what I wore to church today. I just wasn’t in the mood to get extremely dressed up today. The weather was kind of blah ( umm where has “summer” gone in Ontario???)

So I grabbed a t- shirt that I love, that I purchased at a PC4M poetry event ( if you haven’t heard their poetry, search them up on youtube and listen in… really deep spoken word. )

The words on the shirt read ” Book Chapter Verse” which is basically a bold statement meaning whatever you say, make sure you can back it up biblically aka  quote me the book ,chapter and verse. I thought it was cute and I enjoyed what it stood for!

I attend a predominantly Jamaican pentecostal church, so as much as I would’ve loved to pair my t-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans and some J’s , that wasn’t happening! So I decided to pair it with a black tea length a-line tulle skirt that I purchased on Ebay years ago. ( I looked recently and it’s still on the site in many different colours for purchase)

Image result for tea length a line black tulle skirt


On my feet, I wore some low chunky heeled sandals from ZARA that I found on the sale rack last year for a whopping $13..99!!  These are honestly the worlds most comfortable shoes!!

Related image

It was a little cool so I threw on a black faux leather jacket from Zara ( purchased years ago)


I accessorized with some huge gold hoops and a gold statement necklace.I kept the makeup light because I’m detoxing my skin right now! So just some concealer , translucent powder, mascara and of course a bold red lip!


That’s it loves! I’m running back to bed!!! Talk to you soon and remember…

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Style Sunday: The Blue and White Striped Dress…

Style Sunday: The Blue and White Striped Dress…

Hey guys!

So… my style  aesthetic has kind of been all over the place this summer. But,I think I have narrowed it down to the one thing I am looking for in an outfit which is…. COMFORT!I have really been drawn to shift dresses, bold patterns and classic streamlined pieces. This post is about the most comfortable shift dress to ever exist!

I was perusing the shelves at my local Old Navy and right at the front, there was a rack with some shift dresses. Now, being a girl with some curves, a shift dress is not usually something I would usually gravitate towards. But this particular one caught my eye!

It was an off the shoulder, vertically striped, blue and white ( which is a colour scheme I am really loving right now)  dress which was a cotton blend. So it was super soft to the touch! I put on my brave face and went into the change room and tried it on… and never wanted to take it off! It was extremely comfortable and surprisingly figure flattering! The dress also has three quarter length sleeves with tie up detailing which I thought was really cute!

The dress is super casual, but what is nice about the dress is that your can dress it up if you needed too!

The dress currently retails for $25.97 on the Old Navy website and I do believe you can still find it in stores.

product photo

This time I chose to keep it casual and here’s how I styled it:


I simply paired it with my cross/ baby ring necklace ( that I never take off lol) a super big pair of  hoop earrings and some super ancient gold tie up sandals! I kept the makeup simple with some concealer, setting powder, eyeliner and a new lip colour I’m trying out from MAC called ” Oh, Lady” from the retro matte liquid lip colour line.

So that’s it folks! Thanks for sticking with mw through this long hiatus! Love you all and remember…

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Sunday Style: The One With The Black Jumpsuit…

Sunday Style: The One With The Black Jumpsuit…

Hey y’all!

Follow me on this tale of a girl who had an event to go to, yet had absolutely nothing to wear! The girl is me and this was my dilemma yesterday…

Sigh,,, so I’ve known about this event I had to go to for weeks now, yet hadn’t bothered to look for anything to wear. So Saturday afternoon, approximately about 5 hours before the event was to start  ( Thank goodness we were on Caribbean/African time, so 5 hours was really 8 🙂 ) I found myself in the mall with my homegirl ( who was also attending the event) SCRAMBLING!!! Guys, we went into 3 or 4 or 5 or 10 stores, with NO SUCCESS! I was literally about to give up and pull out a repeat outfit ( ugh the horror! just kidding ) when I sauntered in to one final store and.. there it was … the black jumpsuit.

First of all, I didn’t even see this jumpsuit. I saw another olive green one that was so gorgeous, just not the colour scheme I wanted for the evening. I was literally about to give up for real, when my little sis ( shout out to you Shanice) found this little gem and brought it back for me to try on.

The jumpsuit is made of a thick polyester material. It boasts a tapered leg and a v-neck scrappy detailing that is to die for! Here’s how I styled it and purchasing details!


The jumpsuit itself was so cute that I didn’t want to add too much to it jewellery wise. I simply added a silver and crystal beaded necklace. I also added a silver cuff bangle. Both were gifted to me so I’m not sure where they came from.

The black jumpsuit is from a store called Dynamite. It retails for $59.95 ( Canadian Currency) Purchase here

The black cropped blazer jacket was a Target find about 3 years ago when Target made its failed Canadian expansion 😦  On the bright side, I managed to pick that little gem up for… wait for it… $5.00 measly Canadian dollars ! 🙂 🙂

The shoes are my all time favourite shoes, black faux suede ballerina heels from Aldo years ago. These shoes are actually so comfortable. I wore them all night and even did a two step in them with no aching feet at the end of the night.

I threw on a Bauhau5 ( Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick) on my lips along with a plethora of other things on my face ( let me know if you want to know details ) and out the door I went!

I guess waiting till the last minute worked out for me this time!
Have an amazingly stylish week and remember…



Style Sunday: Flowers and Gold…

Style Sunday: Flowers and Gold…

Hey y’all!

Back again with another edition of Style Sunday! For a girl like me who doesn’t particularly love flowers, a lot of my style choices of late have had a floral influences!

As I was browsing the racks at my “happy place” ( AKA Forever 21) I saw a beautiful piece just peeking through the rack at me. It was the last one and lo and behold it was in my size!  (It’s kismet no? 😛 ) Also, what made my day was the fact that it was on sale 50 percent off!!!!! ( I am obsessed with sale shopping!)

Let me show you this gorgeous dress and how I styled it!

IMG_2331The dress is from the Forever 21 Contemporary collection. It is a chiffon dress with a drawstring waist, cuffs and a v-neck neckline. I was heading to church so I added a black camisole underneath to contain my cleavage!(lol) This dress is in a floral pattern with mostly green undertones. I’m really getting into wearing green! For the last few seasons, green has made its way into my wardrobe. It’s a colour I have usually shied away from, but it’s really grown on me! The dress itself is pretty busy, so I wanted to keep the accompanying pieces simple. I added a basic pair of gold hoops,  a gold statement necklace from Aldo Accessories and some simple gold gladiator sandals! I see a trend here! Floral and gold…. I can dig it! 😛

Here’s where you can purchase these items ( or pieces similar)

Dress: (click here) Forever 21
Gold hoops: (click here) Forever 21
Necklace: (click here)  similar one from Aldo Accessories
Shoes: (click here)  the Rocawear ones are over 10 years old so these are similar ones!

Have a fabulously stylish week and remember…
design (1)xoxo!

Style Sunday: Jeans And A Graphic Tank…

Style Sunday: Jeans And A Graphic Tank…

Hey guys!

I love jeans. I am the quintessential representation of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good opportunity to dress up and get all glitzy and glammed up, but give me a pair of jeans any day and I’ll make do! ( perhaps I’ll do a jeans style series… hmm : )  )

What I love about denim is that you can dress it up or dress it down.I’ll show you how I paired my favourite pair of jeans with a cool graphic tank!

Let’s start with the jeans. My favourite pair hails from Old Navy in the Curvy Skinny Jean style. They retail for $39.50 but usually are on sale! I have multiple pairs of these jeans because they are so comfortable for my curvier bottom half 😛 )

Product photo 1

Next I added a distressed  graphic tank I purchased years ago from Forever 21. I believe that I purchased this for about $15.00. 

Since this is an old and I purchased this years ago its no longer available on the Forever 21 website, but I was able to find one with the same slogan that you can purchase here for $19.99!
Jesus is My Rock and That's How I Roll Racerback

To finish off this outfit I added a simple pair of black mesh flats and some accessories. My gold cross and baby ring that I practically wear everyday, as well as a black velvet choker with a gold cross pendant from Aldo.  I also added some rope twist faux gold bracelets! (I honestly don’t remember where I got them!)  I threw on my fav gold hoop earrings and then I was ready to go!!

I did my makeup the same way I do it pretty much the way I do it anytime I wear make-up (lol) perhaps I’ll do an everyday make-up look soon 😛

The final look:


What’s your favourite article of clothing to wear? Talk to me in the comments and have a wonderfully stylish week!

Style Sunday: The Little Red Dress…

Style Sunday: The Little Red Dress…

Hey guys

Welcome to this edition of Style Sunday!  This one takes me way out of my comfort zone in so many ways. One, I’m wearing red. I don’t really gravitate towards red at all.
Two, Its a dress that sits above my knees. ( Yes I do wear clothes above the knee but because I go to a Caribbean Pentecostal church.. I tend to leave my hemline below the knees!)
Three, Its a baby-doll style dress which is a style of dress that I don’t find particularly flattering on my body type and its and off the shoulder style!

But something about it spoke to me when I saw it on the rack. I didn’t think It would be something to wear to church. Perhaps something for my upcoming travels? So anyway, I looked at the price tag and it was right up my alley ( some say cheap, I call it price conscious 😛 ) I picked it up, purchased it, and walked out the store. I did not try it on!

Anyway, when I finally got around to trying it on (a few days later) I instantly fell in love with it!

So here’s how I styled it!

Let’s start with the dress itself. I purchased it from H&M for $19.99 ( Canadian currency) What I love about this dress, is that you can dress it up or you can dress it down. You can purchase it here

I chose to dress it up with silver/ bling accessories and shoes .

My shoes I purchased from Call It Spring .They are in the style ” Evelaines”. Retail price $49.99 but they are currently on sale for less than half price!! Check them out here! These shoes are very comfortable. I wore them as a bridesmaid and my feet did not die, so they get two thumbs up in my book!


I also added some silver accessories that were gifted to me by two different friends. A bib style silver and beaded necklace similar to this one:

Also a bracelet similar to this one:

Here’s how I pulled it all together!

IMG_1791I kept my makeup very simple. Just some eyeliner and a red lip!
Have a stylishly wonderful week !!