Style Sunday: White Shorts and Flower Blouses…

Hi guys!

I’m back again with another edition of Style Sunday! Where I live, the beloved “patio season” ( translation: the time of year when the weather is phenomenal and you can sit outside and eat your dinner comfortably) is among us! There is nothing greater then sitting on a patio with your girlfriends ( or significant other) eating some great food and engaging in some awesome conversation.

This past weekend to be honest, I had no intention of going out. I was exhausted from work and had more work to come home and do… but… my co-workers convinced me to come out for dinner so I went.  However, my dilemma was .. I finished work at 5:30, had to run to Sephora and get my Jaclyn Hill/Becca palette ( guys… this palette is BAE…) so  by the time I got home It was 615, with dinner reservations for 8ish….. and I had no idea in mind. I tried on about 4 different dresses and I wasn’t feeling anything! I was about to pull out the classic little black dress and wham… it hit me! An outfit was born!

I had recently gone on a clothing haul and bought a bunch of classic basic pieces. One of the pieces I purchased was a pair of white shorts from Old Navy. I was lucky to grab these shorts on sale! Original priced at $26.94, I was able to pick these up for a measly $12.99! I of course got them in black and navvy as well. I like these shorts because they are of an appropriate length which is super hard to find in this day an age ( lord I’m showing my age… but forgive me if I don’t want my bottom exposed…)


I paired it with a three quarter length sleeve flowy floral top that I purchased at a store called Urban Behaviour no less than 6 years ago on the sale rack! This top cost me only $9.99! So comfortable and cool enough to wear on a warm summer evening! This shirt has a slim, cognac coloured belt that allows for you to cinch the top at the waist and help give you that hourglass figure.


On my feet I  wore a pair of denim and wood peep toe platform shoes, that I purchased from a store called “Call it Spring” last season.  I wasn’t able to find them on the website anymore or find something reasonably priced that were similar. I purchased mine for $39.99.


Click here for some styles from the same store that are similar .

To bring it all together I threw on some gold hoops and a necklace from Aldo Accessories. IMG_0786

That “Champagne Pop” on my cheeks though…… 😛 

That’s it folks! A simple outfit thrown together at the last minute! Success!
Happy Styling!


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