Style Sunday: The One With The Sparkly Cape…

Style Sunday: The One With The Sparkly Cape…

Hey y’all!

I’m back again with a quick edition of Style Sunday! You ever look in your closet and think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!!”  That was me this morning. Mind  you, its not like I didn’t have options ( that would be incredibly false and ungrateful of me to say) but there was nothing I FELT like wearing today… until I peeked way deep in the back of my little closet ( I really need to spring clean it… sigh)  and voila! This beautiful piece jumped out at me.

I purchased this piece months upon months ago when Forever 21 had a sale on all their clearance items(  I love a good clearance rack 🙂 )  The piece I speak of is a beautiful silver sequin cape jacket.

This item isn’t available anymore, nor can I find anything online that compares, so I’ll just show you how I styled it today : )


I paired a long sleeved black body suit with a knee length black pencil skirt. This acted as a neutral base for the sequinned cape. The cape has a hook eye fastener in the front that when fastened , takes on the appearance of a  really tailored tuxedo jacket. The sleeves on the cape are three-quarter length, which allows for easy mobility. I finished this outfit off with a pair of patent leather ankle -strap pointed toe stilettos ( sidetone: I have had these shoes since 2003 and they are still going strong! LOL! I don’t get rid of anything clearly … smh), I didn’t wear any jewelry other than the two rings I wear daily becuase the cape was enough of a statement piece on its own.

My makeup was minimal today because I woke up super late! Foundation ( Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in shade 180) Eyeliner ( Maybelline Unstoppable in “Onyx”) Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder , Liquid Lipstick ( Kat Von D “Sanctuary”) and  Highlight (Kylighter in “Banana Split”)

That’s it for today folks! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and remember…




Style Sunday: The Yellow Fringe Kimono…

Style Sunday: The Yellow Fringe Kimono…

Hey y’all!

Super quick post this week! I am currently attempting to pack for a vacation that starts in 4 days and yeah… as usual I barely have anything done and I have lists to make and last minute things to do! So here’s  what I wore today and how where you can find similar items if you are interested in achieving this look! Cheers!


Black Dress: Short sleeve  bodycon black dress from Forever 21. Small slit detail in the back.  This dress is no longer available but there are many similar on the Forever 21 site just like this one which currently retails for $19.90!


Kimono Cardigan: I saw this cardigan weeks ago in ( say it with me) Forever 21 and I loved it… I just did not love the price. If you know me by now I’m a frugal Fran and $40.00 dollars didn’t seem like a price I was willing to pay. However, as I was passing through earlier this week, I saw a beautiful sticker on said kimono with 50% off marked on it! Obviously, I was all over that and I was not disappointed! As it is constructed to be a loose fit, I purchased mine in a small because I still wanted a more streamlined tailored fit. This kimono is a blend of rayon and polyester with velvet patches. You can still purchase this online (at full price) or your best bet is to check your local Forever 21 for the sale price!


Black Booties: Same old simple black booties from Payless! I swear I own other shoes, like a whole closet full, but these are so comfortable and work with every single outfit!

Jewelry: I paired it with a gold bib style necklace. I honestly don’t remember where I got this but bib style and collar necklaces are pretty popular . You can find them just about anywhere; H&M, ALDO Accessories, Forever 21, Claires etc…

Make Up Details :  ( my eyebrows weren’t co-operating today so ignore those lol)

Foundation : Make-up Forever Ultra HD
Concealer: LA Girl Concealer
Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Eyes: Tarte Cosmetics “Tartelette in bloom” Palette, Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner / Essence cosmetics liquid eyeliner, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Lips: Mac Chestnut lip liner with Colourpop “LAX” liquid lipstick
Highlight: BeccaxJaclynHill Champagne Collection Face Palette using “Champagne Pop” and “Amaretto”.


That’s it folks! Have a stylishly fabulous week and remember…



Style Sunday: The One With The Faux Fur Jacket…

Style Sunday: The One With The Faux Fur Jacket…

Hey y’all!

I’m back again with another edition of “Style Sunday”. This week  centres around a faux fur jacket that I purchased from Forever 21 ( seriously this place needs to sponsor me  🙂 ) many years ago. I found this little gem on the sale rack, in just the right size 🙂 so of course I scooped it up!

I love this jacket! I really enjoy the camel and chocolate brown colour combination because it reminds me of leopard print which I absolutely ADORE!

img_3082I purchased this jacket before it was “on trend”. I’m glad I kept it and didn’t get rid of it because clearly everything that is old becomes new again!  I really like that it is a bomber style jacket . It is satin lined so it is really soft and comfortable to wear. It’s definitely a jacket that you wear for fashion and not to actually keep you warm… well at least where I live (lol I live in Ontario, Canada where this wouldn’t keep you warm in our frigid winter months )  Like I said this jacket was purchased years ago  so it’s unavailable to purchase anymore  but since faux fur is on trend right now Forever 21 has quite a few current options for you to choose from if you’re interested. (click here for link)


Collarless Two-Tone Faux Fur Jacket


Collarless Faux Fur Jacket

Faux Fur Coat

I really wasn’t in the mood today to wear a skirt or a dress to church so I pulled out  another oldie but goodie from my closet- an olive green jumpsuit coincidentally also from Forever 21. This jumpsuit is made of rayon material which makes it super lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has side pockets as well as two front pockets on the top. It also has a draw string waist. This isn’t available for purchase anymore but here is something very similar also from Forever 21.

Contemporary Belted Button-Front Jumpsuit

I finished the look off with some nude sling black  tie up pumps from Call It Spring. I wore no jewellery today with the exception of my everyday gold chain and studs and kept my makeup relatively basic ( eyeliner, concealer, setting powder, mascara, LAX liquid lipstick from Colourpop Cosmetics.)


So that’s it folks! That’s it for this week! Have a great week and remember…

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Style Sunday: White Shorts and Flower Blouses…

Style Sunday: White Shorts and Flower Blouses…

Hi guys!

I’m back again with another edition of Style Sunday! Where I live, the beloved “patio season” ( translation: the time of year when the weather is phenomenal and you can sit outside and eat your dinner comfortably) is among us! There is nothing greater then sitting on a patio with your girlfriends ( or significant other) eating some great food and engaging in some awesome conversation.

This past weekend to be honest, I had no intention of going out. I was exhausted from work and had more work to come home and do… but… my co-workers convinced me to come out for dinner so I went.  However, my dilemma was .. I finished work at 5:30, had to run to Sephora and get my Jaclyn Hill/Becca palette ( guys… this palette is BAE…) so  by the time I got home It was 615, with dinner reservations for 8ish….. and I had no idea in mind. I tried on about 4 different dresses and I wasn’t feeling anything! I was about to pull out the classic little black dress and wham… it hit me! An outfit was born!

I had recently gone on a clothing haul and bought a bunch of classic basic pieces. One of the pieces I purchased was a pair of white shorts from Old Navy. I was lucky to grab these shorts on sale! Original priced at $26.94, I was able to pick these up for a measly $12.99! I of course got them in black and navvy as well. I like these shorts because they are of an appropriate length which is super hard to find in this day an age ( lord I’m showing my age… but forgive me if I don’t want my bottom exposed…)


I paired it with a three quarter length sleeve flowy floral top that I purchased at a store called Urban Behaviour no less than 6 years ago on the sale rack! This top cost me only $9.99! So comfortable and cool enough to wear on a warm summer evening! This shirt has a slim, cognac coloured belt that allows for you to cinch the top at the waist and help give you that hourglass figure.


On my feet I  wore a pair of denim and wood peep toe platform shoes, that I purchased from a store called “Call it Spring” last season.  I wasn’t able to find them on the website anymore or find something reasonably priced that were similar. I purchased mine for $39.99.


Click here for some styles from the same store that are similar .

To bring it all together I threw on some gold hoops and a necklace from Aldo Accessories. IMG_0786

That “Champagne Pop” on my cheeks though…… 😛 

That’s it folks! A simple outfit thrown together at the last minute! Success!
Happy Styling!

Style Sunday: Casual Weekend Outfit…

Style Sunday: Casual Weekend Outfit…

Hey guys!

Quick style post for you this week! This weekend was a much needed relaxing weekend! I had no weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, etc….. to attend, bf out of town ( this is the last “free” weekend I have until about August) so I took full advantage of the fact that I had no obligations to do anything. I could chose to do ( or not do) anything I wanted!

I chose to spend time with two of my girlfriends. One I met for breakfast and the other for dinner. ( it seems that in my free time I like to eat LOL! I better stay busy so I can keep my figure 😛 )

For both outfits I chose to wear my favourite pair of blue distressed jeans. It was quite warm, so I decided to cuff them at the ankles. Of course, my jeans come from my favourite store Forever 21.

In the morning I paired the jeans with a leopard print top that I’ve had in my closet for years. I don’t remember where I got it from but I really love and I just can’t get rid of it.  I threw on a Red lip ( Good ol’ Ruby Woo from MAC) some gold hoops and I was ready to go.


In the evening, I switched out the leopard for a plain olive green t-shirt from a store called Bluenotes. This shirt is a basic cotton shirt, but what I really liked about it was the slits on the side. Honestly guys, this shirt is so soft and versatile! You can dress it up or keep it casual. I bought this shirt in black, white, and gray in addition to the olive green ( hey when I find something I like, I buy multiples!)


The shirt is quite plain, so to dress it up I added a statement necklace from ( say it with me folks….. ) Forever 21 😛  This piece caught my attention because its gold and kind of has a tribal/ hippie feel to it! I can see myself pairing this with a flower crown and a romper…. hmm ideas… : )  This is a recent purchase so you can still find it in stores and online here


On my feet I wore an open- toe ballerina flat in a cognac shade. I purchased these from a store called ” Call It Spring) I really like these shoes but if you are thinking of purchasing them, I would get the little insoles that go on the ankle because I’ve got quite the blister on my ankle now : (  ( click here for a link to purchase)


So that’s what I wore this weekend! I kept my slay simple : )
Happy Styling!

Style Sunday: I May Like Pink…

Style Sunday: I May Like Pink…

Hey guys!

Quick style post today. Anybody who really knows me, knows I am not a fan of the colour pink at all. However, recently I have been intrigued by pink in various items like lipsticks and blush and nail polish and phone cases and clothing…. HELP! I think I may actually the colour pink ( the horror! lol 😛 )

So while perusing the racks at Forever 21 ( I swear I should own stock in this store) I saw a lovely dusty pink T-shirt Dress. My mind instantly began racing with ideas of how I could style it. Unfortunately, this particular location didn’t have my size. A few days later, I tried another location and luckily they had it in stock!

So let me show how I styled it today!

Dusty Pink Dress from Forever 21:  This dress is plain and simple. A stretch knit dress made of a blend of rayon and spandex, this dress fits like a glove! With a straight hem line and three-quarter length sleeves, this dress is easy to dress up or dress down. You can purchase this item here.

Nude Heels: I chose a nude pair of heels for this outfit today . On another day, I could see myself pairing this with a deep plum pair of heels. I’ll post a pic of shoes similar to the ones I have down below.

Jewelry: The dress was extremely simple so I felt it was okay to go a little glam with the jewels. My friend gifted me with a beautiful six strand set of  pearls with the bracelets and pearl stud earrings to match. This added the right amount of glam to the outfit! Extreme, yet not overbearing.


For my makeup I kept it pretty simple. I used my Naked 3 Pallette shades “Mugshot” and “Liar” for my lid shadow along with some black eyeliner and mascara.  On my lips I wore MAC “Nightmoth”  lip liner with Kat Von D “Bauhau5” liquid lipstick!  My foundation was the “NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in the colour “Benares”

Dress:  $29.90
Heels: $ 20.00 ( i think)
Jewelry:  Gift price unknown 🙂  similar items retail for upwards of $150


Have an amazingly stylish Sunday!!!

Style Sunday: The Little Yellow Dress…

Style Sunday: The Little Yellow Dress…

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! Here’s a quick edition of Style Sunday!

Last week, the weather was beautiful here in Southern Ontario. After a long and drawn out winter, I am so ready for bright sunshine and warm days! Along with bright and sunny days, I also love to wear warm and bright colours.

During a visit to my local Forever 21 ( aka my second home lol) I saw a beautiful yellow dress that just called my name. So of course, I had to grab it!

Here is the dress and the link to purchase it
This dress retails for $26.90 CND.

Down below I will show you how I styled it!


I wanted to keep it simple . I wore this outfit to two separate events. First to church and then to a birthday dinner at The Keg. I paired this beautiful yellow dress with an olive green cardigan ( I really seem to like this colour combination) . I kept my shoes neutral. I purchased these shoes from an Aldo Outlet store in South Beach Miami. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable! I really liked the simple gold accents in the ankle strap. The shoes were still understated with a little bit of bling. To tie it all together, I finished the outfit with a gold necklace, simple eye make up and a bold lip!

Have a great Sunday!
Happy Styling!