Style Sunday: Striped Pants and Fall Colours…

Style Sunday: Striped Pants and Fall Colours…

Hey y’all!

Quick style post today. Just wanted to quickly share this fall outfit I threw together today. It is COLD here where I live and I needed an outfit that was functional, warm and comfortable as I needed to wear it to church and to an event today.

Let’s start with the pants. I found them at Forever 21 ( surprise surprise lol) These pants  are a polyester blend, high waisted pant. Extremely comfortable and warm. These pants were a little on the pricey side for me ( y’all know I’m a bargain shopper)  at $24.90 but I do believe these will be a staple piece in my fall wardrobe so I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth! 🙂

I paired the pants with a white cold shoulder blouse that I believe I purchased at a store called Sirens a year or so ago. I can’t remember what the retail price was but I do believe it was between $10-$15 dollars.

To finish off the look,  I added a Burgundy felt hat and camel colour tie -up mule shoes, both from Aldo Shoes.

To keep me warm, I wore my dark camel coloured double breasted pea coat. I purchased this coat from H&M and it retails for $69.99. This is one item I didn’t mind spending a little more on as it is an everyday piece.

I kept my makeup simple nude lips( Kat Von D “Sanctuary”), Naked Heat Palette (shades “Ember” “Scorched” and “Low Blow”)  on my eyes with my Fenty Beauty black eyeliner.  (Flyliner) I set my face with Ben Nye Powder in the shade “Chestnut” and that’s it!



I’m liking the 70’s inspired pieces that are coming out this season!  I must admit I wasn’t feeling it at first, but once I took some time to put some pieces together, I’m finally feeling a vibe! Looking forward to sharing some more pieces with you in the coming weeks!

What is  your fall style leaning towards this year? I think I’m gonna be hobo chic 🙂

Till next time…



Style Sunday: The One With The Faux Fur Jacket…

Style Sunday: The One With The Faux Fur Jacket…

Hey y’all!

I’m back again with another edition of “Style Sunday”. This week  centres around a faux fur jacket that I purchased from Forever 21 ( seriously this place needs to sponsor me  🙂 ) many years ago. I found this little gem on the sale rack, in just the right size 🙂 so of course I scooped it up!

I love this jacket! I really enjoy the camel and chocolate brown colour combination because it reminds me of leopard print which I absolutely ADORE!

img_3082I purchased this jacket before it was “on trend”. I’m glad I kept it and didn’t get rid of it because clearly everything that is old becomes new again!  I really like that it is a bomber style jacket . It is satin lined so it is really soft and comfortable to wear. It’s definitely a jacket that you wear for fashion and not to actually keep you warm… well at least where I live (lol I live in Ontario, Canada where this wouldn’t keep you warm in our frigid winter months )  Like I said this jacket was purchased years ago  so it’s unavailable to purchase anymore  but since faux fur is on trend right now Forever 21 has quite a few current options for you to choose from if you’re interested. (click here for link)


Collarless Two-Tone Faux Fur Jacket


Collarless Faux Fur Jacket

Faux Fur Coat

I really wasn’t in the mood today to wear a skirt or a dress to church so I pulled out  another oldie but goodie from my closet- an olive green jumpsuit coincidentally also from Forever 21. This jumpsuit is made of rayon material which makes it super lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has side pockets as well as two front pockets on the top. It also has a draw string waist. This isn’t available for purchase anymore but here is something very similar also from Forever 21.

Contemporary Belted Button-Front Jumpsuit

I finished the look off with some nude sling black  tie up pumps from Call It Spring. I wore no jewellery today with the exception of my everyday gold chain and studs and kept my makeup relatively basic ( eyeliner, concealer, setting powder, mascara, LAX liquid lipstick from Colourpop Cosmetics.)


So that’s it folks! That’s it for this week! Have a great week and remember…

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Style Sunday: Quick Outfit…

Style Sunday: Quick Outfit…

Quick post today guys!

What a busy weekend it was and nothing is worse than not getting enough sleep and waking up LATE!  I had to be at church this morning and usually I wake up early enough to lay in the bed and create outfit options before I get up. Folks, today was not that day! (lol) I jumped up and literally grabbed the first outfit that made sense to me! Here’s what it was:

A  wool black skirt:  I found this skirt last year at Joe Fresh for a whopping.. wait for it…. $6.94 ( Canadian dollars) What a steal! This skirt is so comfortable. Perfect for a day like today when I was in a rush and it was damp and cold today.

A black t-shirt: A simple t shirt from Forever 21 that retails for $5.00! It’s always good to have a regular black tee that you can wear alone or use for layering.

A olive green short sleeve cardigan: I think I purchased this also at Forever 21 for $19.99 or so. I love this cardigan because you can dress it up or dress it down.

Black booties: Simple black booties from Payless Shoes! My absolute favs! So comfy

I kept my make-up basic because frankly I didn’t have time to do it! ( it was a rough one y’all lol) Basic black eyeliner and a wine lip ( my current fall obsession)

Next week I’ll be back in full effect! Have a wonderful stylish week!!!


Story Time: The Time The Salesperson Shaded Me At Aritzia…

Story Time: The Time The Salesperson Shaded Me At Aritzia…

Hey guys!

Do I ever have a story for you!  This story is about the time I went into  the clothing store Aritzia and basically had the salesperson assume that I couldn’t afford to shop there…..

Let’s rewind to the beginning.  My cousin let me borrow a pair of tights and these tights were AMAZING!  As a lady with thick thighs and a fuller posterior, you can’t wear just any brand of tights because as they stretch, they also become see through! So when I put on this pair from Aritzia, I was so happy that I had finally found a basic pair of tights that were appropriate!

So after ( unwillingly) giving them back to my cousin, I made plans to go and purchase a pair for myself. Now Aritzia is not a “cheap” store. This store carry brands like TNA, The Castings and Auxiliary. They are a little more on the high scale price point for my liking not because I can’t afford it, but because I like to spend my coins sensibly ( lol)

Ok, so back to the day I went to purchase the tights… It was 8:45 pm and the mall was about to close. I went there literally with the intention to run into the store and grab the tights and run back into the car…so… I was looking a hot mess! I mean sweatpants, hair up in a bun with a “tie head” ( a head scarf) on, no makeup….a mess lol!

So, I get into the store and approach a salesperson and ask, “Where is your tights section?” The salesperson looked me up and down, rolled her eyes and pointed to a table near the front of the store and said, ” Right there…. but you know those tights start at $28.00 dollars and up right….?”

Wait what?????? I was confused so I said, ” Okay and…”  to which she replied, ” Yeah the cheapest pair we have is $28.00 dollars so…” At this point she’s looking at me irritated. Guys…. It took everything in me to not pop off on this lady… But the God in me told me to simmer down. Instead, I decided to slay her with her diplomatic shade. So I simply said to her,” I didn’t ask you for the price, nor am I concerned with it. I asked you where the tights were.  This $48 dollar pair of tights that I can buy with ease and no regrets, you probably have to work half a week to afford so can I please see these ( holding up a pair of black tights) in a medium?”  At this point she stormed off to the back of the store and I was fuming at this point and didn’t even want the tights anymore so I just left. ( I probably was a little rude but man….. )

How awful that people in customer service feel that its okay to judge peoples intention  or ability to purchase merchandise based on what they look like? Was it because I looked a hot mess or because of the colour of my skin? I feel in my situation it was a little bit of both… I feel like this particular salesperson took one look at me and decided I didn’t belong in their store.

I should be shocked that this sort of thing is still happening in our society today, but honestly I’m not! Am I going to boycott Aritzia and tell everybody of colour to not shop there? Absolutely not! I’m not, and didn’t, let the ignorance of one person deter me from getting what I want.

So yesterday I went back to Aritzia and had a completely different experience. I am feeling under the weather so again I was looking a hot mess ( don’t judge me 😛 ) but this time as I entered the store, I was greeted with a smile. I had multiple salespeople assist me and was finally able to purchase my tights! But heres the kicker…. Those $48 dollar tights that I wanted were on sale for $22 dollars… so I went ahead and grabbed two!!!! Everything happens for a reason. Every situation is an opportunity for a lesson! Treat others with kindness, be humble…

The famous pant/legging…  The Equator Pant on

Have a great day and talk to you all soon!

Style Sunday: White Shorts and Flower Blouses…

Style Sunday: White Shorts and Flower Blouses…

Hi guys!

I’m back again with another edition of Style Sunday! Where I live, the beloved “patio season” ( translation: the time of year when the weather is phenomenal and you can sit outside and eat your dinner comfortably) is among us! There is nothing greater then sitting on a patio with your girlfriends ( or significant other) eating some great food and engaging in some awesome conversation.

This past weekend to be honest, I had no intention of going out. I was exhausted from work and had more work to come home and do… but… my co-workers convinced me to come out for dinner so I went.  However, my dilemma was .. I finished work at 5:30, had to run to Sephora and get my Jaclyn Hill/Becca palette ( guys… this palette is BAE…) so  by the time I got home It was 615, with dinner reservations for 8ish….. and I had no idea in mind. I tried on about 4 different dresses and I wasn’t feeling anything! I was about to pull out the classic little black dress and wham… it hit me! An outfit was born!

I had recently gone on a clothing haul and bought a bunch of classic basic pieces. One of the pieces I purchased was a pair of white shorts from Old Navy. I was lucky to grab these shorts on sale! Original priced at $26.94, I was able to pick these up for a measly $12.99! I of course got them in black and navvy as well. I like these shorts because they are of an appropriate length which is super hard to find in this day an age ( lord I’m showing my age… but forgive me if I don’t want my bottom exposed…)


I paired it with a three quarter length sleeve flowy floral top that I purchased at a store called Urban Behaviour no less than 6 years ago on the sale rack! This top cost me only $9.99! So comfortable and cool enough to wear on a warm summer evening! This shirt has a slim, cognac coloured belt that allows for you to cinch the top at the waist and help give you that hourglass figure.


On my feet I  wore a pair of denim and wood peep toe platform shoes, that I purchased from a store called “Call it Spring” last season.  I wasn’t able to find them on the website anymore or find something reasonably priced that were similar. I purchased mine for $39.99.


Click here for some styles from the same store that are similar .

To bring it all together I threw on some gold hoops and a necklace from Aldo Accessories. IMG_0786

That “Champagne Pop” on my cheeks though…… 😛 

That’s it folks! A simple outfit thrown together at the last minute! Success!
Happy Styling!

Style Sunday: I May Like Pink…

Style Sunday: I May Like Pink…

Hey guys!

Quick style post today. Anybody who really knows me, knows I am not a fan of the colour pink at all. However, recently I have been intrigued by pink in various items like lipsticks and blush and nail polish and phone cases and clothing…. HELP! I think I may actually the colour pink ( the horror! lol 😛 )

So while perusing the racks at Forever 21 ( I swear I should own stock in this store) I saw a lovely dusty pink T-shirt Dress. My mind instantly began racing with ideas of how I could style it. Unfortunately, this particular location didn’t have my size. A few days later, I tried another location and luckily they had it in stock!

So let me show how I styled it today!

Dusty Pink Dress from Forever 21:  This dress is plain and simple. A stretch knit dress made of a blend of rayon and spandex, this dress fits like a glove! With a straight hem line and three-quarter length sleeves, this dress is easy to dress up or dress down. You can purchase this item here.

Nude Heels: I chose a nude pair of heels for this outfit today . On another day, I could see myself pairing this with a deep plum pair of heels. I’ll post a pic of shoes similar to the ones I have down below.

Jewelry: The dress was extremely simple so I felt it was okay to go a little glam with the jewels. My friend gifted me with a beautiful six strand set of  pearls with the bracelets and pearl stud earrings to match. This added the right amount of glam to the outfit! Extreme, yet not overbearing.


For my makeup I kept it pretty simple. I used my Naked 3 Pallette shades “Mugshot” and “Liar” for my lid shadow along with some black eyeliner and mascara.  On my lips I wore MAC “Nightmoth”  lip liner with Kat Von D “Bauhau5” liquid lipstick!  My foundation was the “NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in the colour “Benares”

Dress:  $29.90
Heels: $ 20.00 ( i think)
Jewelry:  Gift price unknown 🙂  similar items retail for upwards of $150


Have an amazingly stylish Sunday!!!

Style Sunday: Faux Leather and Stripes…

Style Sunday: Faux Leather and Stripes…

Hey guys!

Have you ever gone to the mall with every intention to only window shop and hang our? Well….  I know that was my intention last week when I met up with my bestie and baby sis! We had planned to eat…. hit up the NYX Cosmetics store, window shop and go home. But then…. we made the mistake of stepping into Zara… and lo and behold all my inhibitions were gone and I had to make a purchase!

The reason why I had to make a purchase was because the price for the item I purchased was amazing! I had been looking for a nice leather ( faux leather) bomber jacket to replace an old one I had. As I was perusing the shelves , one jacket in particular caught my eye! I picked it up thinking, ” This is probably about 69 dollars” and I was not prepared to spend that amount of coin that day! But when I flipped over the price tag, and there was a beautiful red sticker on it that said $39.00…. and the size I needed was right there…. It was fate. I dropped my purse and my heavy winter coat and slipped that beaut on and it was absolutely perfect. Let me insert a picture of the coat right here:

IMG_9350This coat retails for $49.90 Canadian Currency ( approximately 38 dollars US ) So it wasn’t a huge difference with the sale price but hey a sale is still a sale!!!

Luck would have it, that the next day was a beautifully whopping 17 degrees Celsius( about 63 degrees Fahrenheit) in February.  Now in Southern Ontario Canada, that is unheard of! We are usually buried under mountains of snow ( like currently lol) so I figured why not break it out! ( The excitement was killing me lol)

Now how to style it. I wanted to keep it classic. I have really been into neutral colours and patterns. I wanted the jacket to be the focal point of this outfit so I wanted to keep it simple. I paired the jacket with a simple black and white striped blouse. I purchased this at Forever 21( surprise surprise) for $21.90.

I felt to complete this look I needed a splash of colour. But like I mentioned before , I’m really into neutral / classic pieces. So I decided to wear it with a three quarter length olive green skirt. This skirt has a invisible zipper going up the back .


I purchased this skirt late last year I believe it was for 17 dollars ( sorry can’t remember)  from  my favorite store 🙂  I can’t find it online anymore so I will leave a link to something similar here:

I finished this look off with simple black booties I purchased from Payless years ago for 20 bucks! Also a simple gold chain that I purchased at Aldo( details here) 

similar ones I found at Ardene for $24.50
The final look : ) 

Jacket: $39.90
Top: $ 21.90
Skirt: $ 17.00
Boots: $20.00
Necklace: $ 12.00

Outfit Total: $ 110.80

I hope your Sunday has been beautiful! What are you stylin on this Sunday?


Style Sunday: The Sleeveless Black Blazer…

Style Sunday: The Sleeveless Black Blazer…

Hey guys!

Back again with another Style Sunday post! This week I thought I would focus on one major piece: A three quarter sleeveless black blazer.

I was looking for something simple to wear to a bridal shower. I’m part of the bridal party and we were required to wear black. I wanted to be comfortable but still stylish. So off to the mall I headed! I was able to find an amazing black sleeveless blazer at an alright price ( if you know me well enough I am the queen of bargain shopping so anything over 20 dollars is pushing it for me.. LOL) As of late, I have been trying to shop for multi purpose pieces instead of only stand alone pieces. This sleeveless blazer I purchased was able to styled in two ways that I will share down below!

Look 1: The Bridal Shower

My simple LBD ( Little Black Dress) was purchased at Forever 21 ( shocker… I really should have stock in this store lol)  This was a T-shirt Midi Dress.  This dress was only $17.90. I’ll leave a link here. This was something I already had in my closet but It came in handy!

My vest was purchased at a store we have here in Ontario Canada called “Sirens”. I don’t normally shop in this store anymore as it is known to have quite juvenile pieces and your local “club/party” wear( I don’t club or party hence why I avoided this store)  But as of late, they seem to be revamping their image and they must have new buyers for the store because some of the clothes in there are now more appealing to a more mature clientele. I was walking by this store and saw this on a mannequin and had to try it! The price on this item was…. $ 39.99.. gasp I know but well worth it . Sirens doesn’t have a website to shop online, so I wasn’t able to find a link to this exact blazer, but I will link a similar one here!

I paired this with simple black heels purchased at Aldo many, many years ago, (for approximately 50 dollars)  these are literally my favorite shoes, so comfortable and timeless! I also threw on some last minute accessories: some silver bangles and a silver and Tiffany blue statement necklace ( Tiffany blue was the theme) both purchased at the store “Le Chateau” for a whopping total of 15 dollars!

Dress: $17.90
Blazer: $39.99
Jewelry: $15.00
Shoes: $50.00
Total:  $122. 89

I was comfortable and fashionable all evening! Success!!

Look 2: Churchin’ It

I loved this black blazer so much I decided to just recycle it and wear it to church the very next day. I went to church super simple this day. I paired the blazer with a black and white pinstripe chiffon blouse with 3 quarter length sleeves. I purchased this  on Yonge St in Toronto Ontario at a little store called “Katie”. On the bottom I paired it with a simple pair of black trousers from… you guessed it… come on say it with me… FOREVER 21 lol. Here is the link 🙂 .  I wore the same black heels and silver bangles . I paired those with a simple pair of silver hoops in lieu of a statement necklace.


Blazer: $39.99
Top: $ 14.99
Pants: $ 21.90
Shoe: Approx. $50
Bangles: $7.50
Hoops: who knows! 🙂
Total: $ 134.38  ( LAWD lol) 

(I don’t mind spending money on pieces that I can wear again and again in a plethora of different ways!)

Anyway, what I love about this blazer is that you can dress it up or dress it down! Next time I wear it I will probably pair it with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a white tee and some cute booties!

Have an awesome Style Week!