Style Sunday: Faux Leather and Stripes…

Hey guys!

Have you ever gone to the mall with every intention to only window shop and hang our? Well….  I know that was my intention last week when I met up with my bestie and baby sis! We had planned to eat…. hit up the NYX Cosmetics store, window shop and go home. But then…. we made the mistake of stepping into Zara… and lo and behold all my inhibitions were gone and I had to make a purchase!

The reason why I had to make a purchase was because the price for the item I purchased was amazing! I had been looking for a nice leather ( faux leather) bomber jacket to replace an old one I had. As I was perusing the shelves , one jacket in particular caught my eye! I picked it up thinking, ” This is probably about 69 dollars” and I was not prepared to spend that amount of coin that day! But when I flipped over the price tag, and there was a beautiful red sticker on it that said $39.00…. and the size I needed was right there…. It was fate. I dropped my purse and my heavy winter coat and slipped that beaut on and it was absolutely perfect. Let me insert a picture of the coat right here:

IMG_9350This coat retails for $49.90 Canadian Currency ( approximately 38 dollars US ) So it wasn’t a huge difference with the sale price but hey a sale is still a sale!!!

Luck would have it, that the next day was a beautifully whopping 17 degrees Celsius( about 63 degrees Fahrenheit) in February.  Now in Southern Ontario Canada, that is unheard of! We are usually buried under mountains of snow ( like currently lol) so I figured why not break it out! ( The excitement was killing me lol)

Now how to style it. I wanted to keep it classic. I have really been into neutral colours and patterns. I wanted the jacket to be the focal point of this outfit so I wanted to keep it simple. I paired the jacket with a simple black and white striped blouse. I purchased this at Forever 21( surprise surprise) for $21.90.

I felt to complete this look I needed a splash of colour. But like I mentioned before , I’m really into neutral / classic pieces. So I decided to wear it with a three quarter length olive green skirt. This skirt has a invisible zipper going up the back .


I purchased this skirt late last year I believe it was for 17 dollars ( sorry can’t remember)  from  my favorite store 🙂  I can’t find it online anymore so I will leave a link to something similar here:

I finished this look off with simple black booties I purchased from Payless years ago for 20 bucks! Also a simple gold chain that I purchased at Aldo( details here) 

similar ones I found at Ardene for $24.50
The final look : ) 

Jacket: $39.90
Top: $ 21.90
Skirt: $ 17.00
Boots: $20.00
Necklace: $ 12.00

Outfit Total: $ 110.80

I hope your Sunday has been beautiful! What are you stylin on this Sunday?



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