Monday Motivation: Lookin’ Out For Me…

Hey guys!

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no choice but to look up and say, “Thanks God! I know that was you!” I know I have. I wanted to share with you a quick post on how being obedient actually saved my life one time ( well obedience saved my life on countless occasions but we have plenty of Monday’s for those stories!)

Let’s set up the scene: It was a beautiful summer morning around 8:30 am. I was on my way to work.  I take public transit to work so I was preparing to walk the two blocks down the street to the bus stop. So here I am, smoothie in hand, Ipod earbuds in my ears, phone in hand. Now, I always walk on the left side of the street for the two blocks and cross with the light at the bottom of the street. But this morning, a soft voice ( I know it was the Holy Spirit) told me to cross over to the right side of the street and not to turn my  music on. I didn’t think anything about it, I just did it. As I approached the lights directly across from where I usually stand a accident took place. Not just your run of the mill fender bender, a real serious accident.  A vehicle making a left hand turn collided with a car who failed to yield coming from the opposite side. When those two vehicles ( one car and one van) collided , both vehicles were flipped into the air with the mini van landing…… directly where I would have been standing if I had not yielded to what I now know was the Holy Spirit directing me to cross the street!!!! Many people were injured in that accident. Some even lost their lives

Every single time I think about that, I get goosebumps. I literally saw what disobedience could have gotten me! Had I not crossed that road, I for sure would have been struck by that mini van and lost my life that day.

As I was meditating on this story, I began to think of people in biblical history who were blatantly disobedient and God still bestowed mercy on them even though they may not have even deserved it.

I thought about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden . They blatantly disobeyed God and God was still merciful in the fact that He saved theit lives! He is the creator of the Universe! He really could have wiped them out and started all over again! ( Well He did that anyway… ( see the story of Noah’s Ark)  God was more hurt and disappointed in their actions and even though He disciplined them He did so in love.

I thought of the story of Jonah. God told him to go one way and Jonah took himself in the exact other direction. He got himself into some problems and swallowed up by a big ol fish. Jonah cried out to the Lord and the Lord heard his cries and had the fish spit him out. God allowed Jonah to live through that to see the consequences of disobedience. ( Jonah 1-2) 

I thought of Daniel whom God protected in the Lions den.( Daniel 6) I also thought of Job who God actually allowed satan to tempt and torment and through it all Job stayed faithful and God took care of him! ( The entire book of Job)

Through these stories and my own personal experience it is obvious that it is much better to be obedient to the will of God because usually you end up doing what God desired of you in the first place or you end up facing dire consequences!

I would much rather be obedient. I was never good at accepting punishments anyway! The song that came to mind while thinking about this topic is an oldie but a goodie. The song “Lookin Out For Me”  by Kirk Franklin really reminds me that God is always looking out for me.. even when I don’t deserve it!  Especially the line that reads, “I shouldn’t be here today And when I look back on all my mistakes If it hadn’t been for your grace
I don’t know where I’d be where I’d go…”Here are the lyrics and take a listen down below!

Every time I look back
And every time I think back
On all the stuff I’ve been through
I’ve prayed through I cried through
And then I tried you and just
Whan I was about to fall
Your love caught me when your name I called
Jesus you keep on lookin’ out for meRemeber when the doctor said
He said he couldn’t help you and
Remember when the money was gettin’ low
You’re hurtin’ now your feeling low and just
When you thought the night would never end
The sun came out now you can smile again
Jesus you keep on lookin’ out for me

You keep on lookin’ out for me [3x]
In spite of all I’ve done
Jesus you keep on lookin’ out for me

I shouldn’t be here today
And when I look back on all my mistakes
If it hadn’t been for your grace
I don’t know where I’d be where I’d go
Who can love me like you do
And who can hold me when I’m going through
Jesus you keep on lookin’ out for me

Have a blessed Monday guys!


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Lookin’ Out For Me…

  1. Well said Soph! I’ve disobeyed many many times but I’ve learned over the years that it’s just sooooooooooo much easier to listen to Him! Love this post!


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