Sunday Style: The One With The Black Jumpsuit…

Sunday Style: The One With The Black Jumpsuit…

Hey y’all!

Follow me on this tale of a girl who had an event to go to, yet had absolutely nothing to wear! The girl is me and this was my dilemma yesterday…

Sigh,,, so I’ve known about this event I had to go to for weeks now, yet hadn’t bothered to look for anything to wear. So Saturday afternoon, approximately about 5 hours before the event was to start  ( Thank goodness we were on Caribbean/African time, so 5 hours was really 8 🙂 ) I found myself in the mall with my homegirl ( who was also attending the event) SCRAMBLING!!! Guys, we went into 3 or 4 or 5 or 10 stores, with NO SUCCESS! I was literally about to give up and pull out a repeat outfit ( ugh the horror! just kidding ) when I sauntered in to one final store and.. there it was … the black jumpsuit.

First of all, I didn’t even see this jumpsuit. I saw another olive green one that was so gorgeous, just not the colour scheme I wanted for the evening. I was literally about to give up for real, when my little sis ( shout out to you Shanice) found this little gem and brought it back for me to try on.

The jumpsuit is made of a thick polyester material. It boasts a tapered leg and a v-neck scrappy detailing that is to die for! Here’s how I styled it and purchasing details!


The jumpsuit itself was so cute that I didn’t want to add too much to it jewellery wise. I simply added a silver and crystal beaded necklace. I also added a silver cuff bangle. Both were gifted to me so I’m not sure where they came from.

The black jumpsuit is from a store called Dynamite. It retails for $59.95 ( Canadian Currency) Purchase here

The black cropped blazer jacket was a Target find about 3 years ago when Target made its failed Canadian expansion 😦  On the bright side, I managed to pick that little gem up for… wait for it… $5.00 measly Canadian dollars ! 🙂 🙂

The shoes are my all time favourite shoes, black faux suede ballerina heels from Aldo years ago. These shoes are actually so comfortable. I wore them all night and even did a two step in them with no aching feet at the end of the night.

I threw on a Bauhau5 ( Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick) on my lips along with a plethora of other things on my face ( let me know if you want to know details ) and out the door I went!

I guess waiting till the last minute worked out for me this time!
Have an amazingly stylish week and remember…



Style Sunday: Black and White Striped Pants…

Style Sunday: Black and White Striped Pants…

Hey ya’ll

I am currently travelling so this is a quick post today of an outfit I wore awhile back to a concert where I was ministering in song. I needed something comfortable yet still stylish. Here’s what I came up with,,,


I chose a pair of black and white striped palazzo pants ( wide legged pants) with an elasticized waist, pockets and a self tie belt. These pants are the most comfortable pants ever. They are made out of  rayon material, which make them so light and airy. Perfect for an unusually warm spring day.

I paired these pants with. a simple black cotton long sleeved bodysuit and some faux velvet loafers. I also threw on a floppy felt hat!

I kept my makeup extremely simple: Just foundation, eyeliner, highlighter  and lipstick.

Outfit Details: All pieces were purchased at Forever 21! 🙂
Makeup Details:  Foundations ( NARS in the shade “Benares”) Eyeliner ( Maybelline Unstoppable in “Onyx”) Highlighter ( Kylie Cosmetics in “Salted Caramel “)  Lipstick ( Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in “Bauhau5)

Have a wonderful stylish week and remember…



Style Sunday: The One With The Sparkly Cape…

Style Sunday: The One With The Sparkly Cape…

Hey y’all!

I’m back again with a quick edition of Style Sunday! You ever look in your closet and think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!!”  That was me this morning. Mind  you, its not like I didn’t have options ( that would be incredibly false and ungrateful of me to say) but there was nothing I FELT like wearing today… until I peeked way deep in the back of my little closet ( I really need to spring clean it… sigh)  and voila! This beautiful piece jumped out at me.

I purchased this piece months upon months ago when Forever 21 had a sale on all their clearance items(  I love a good clearance rack 🙂 )  The piece I speak of is a beautiful silver sequin cape jacket.

This item isn’t available anymore, nor can I find anything online that compares, so I’ll just show you how I styled it today : )


I paired a long sleeved black body suit with a knee length black pencil skirt. This acted as a neutral base for the sequinned cape. The cape has a hook eye fastener in the front that when fastened , takes on the appearance of a  really tailored tuxedo jacket. The sleeves on the cape are three-quarter length, which allows for easy mobility. I finished this outfit off with a pair of patent leather ankle -strap pointed toe stilettos ( sidetone: I have had these shoes since 2003 and they are still going strong! LOL! I don’t get rid of anything clearly … smh), I didn’t wear any jewelry other than the two rings I wear daily becuase the cape was enough of a statement piece on its own.

My makeup was minimal today because I woke up super late! Foundation ( Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in shade 180) Eyeliner ( Maybelline Unstoppable in “Onyx”) Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder , Liquid Lipstick ( Kat Von D “Sanctuary”) and  Highlight (Kylighter in “Banana Split”)

That’s it for today folks! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and remember…




Style Sunday: Millennial 90’s Vibe…

Style Sunday: Millennial 90’s Vibe…

Hey y’all!

I fell asleep guys. That beautiful Sunday afternoon nap caught me and I am just waking up so please excuse the tardiness of this post! 🙂

I’m an 80’s baby, so I was born at time where by the time I was a “pre-teen” 9o’s fashion was the rage! I’m so excited about fashion these days with the resurgence of the 90’s era, and have slowly been integrating certain pieces into my wardrobe. Chokers? Yes please! Patches? Of course! Over the knee socks and loafers? Most definitely!

Here’s an outfit I wore today that really made me feel like it was 1994…. but with a millennial spin! Enjoy!

img_2954 The Dress: I purchased this dress… oh at least ten years ago from a store called Dynamite. I have no idea what I paid for it however knowing myself…. it was on sale! (lol) This dress is an A-Line dress that stops just above the knee. In the photo it looks black and white, but it is actually a very muted salmon pink and black. I love the long sleeves for fall, it keeps you warm, but not quite winter warm! I love this dress and I am so happy it still fits!! I placed a black camisole underneath to contain “the girls” 😛  as I was heading to church!

The Vest: I love this vest! I purchased it last year at a store called Sirens. It’s so versatile. I can dress it up or dress it down. It added that extra layer I needed to pull this outfit together. It has pockets y’all ( you know I love a good pocket) This vest also boasts cut out details on the side.

The Boots: Guys………. These boots are like my all time favorite boots! Faux suede over the knee boots, with a 4 inch platform heel! Again, these boots are very old so I don’t remember where I got them. They are definitely not walking boots…. or even standing for too long boots. They are not very comfortable… but they look good!! : )

The Jewels: Kept it super simple. I threw on my favorite choker that I purchased at Aldo Accessories. Velvet and a gold( tone) cross. Simple.. elegant and so 90’s.  I just kept my silver studs in my second holes because frankly I forgot to put earrings on (lol)

The Face: 
Face: Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in the shade Benares.
Concealer: Covergirl Queen Collection in the shade Terracotta
Highlighter: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette mixing the shade Champagne pop and Rose Spritz
Eyes:  Take me to Brazil Palette ( deep pink colour) and black. It’s Judy Time Palette mix of a shimmery purple shade and a brown shade ( transition colour).  Essence liquid eyeliner
Lip: Exorcism Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick with Vino lip liner from MAC.

Hair: The usual! Flexi rod curls for the win!

Have an amazing week guys

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Style Sunday: The Little Red Dress…

Style Sunday: The Little Red Dress…

Hey guys

Welcome to this edition of Style Sunday!  This one takes me way out of my comfort zone in so many ways. One, I’m wearing red. I don’t really gravitate towards red at all.
Two, Its a dress that sits above my knees. ( Yes I do wear clothes above the knee but because I go to a Caribbean Pentecostal church.. I tend to leave my hemline below the knees!)
Three, Its a baby-doll style dress which is a style of dress that I don’t find particularly flattering on my body type and its and off the shoulder style!

But something about it spoke to me when I saw it on the rack. I didn’t think It would be something to wear to church. Perhaps something for my upcoming travels? So anyway, I looked at the price tag and it was right up my alley ( some say cheap, I call it price conscious 😛 ) I picked it up, purchased it, and walked out the store. I did not try it on!

Anyway, when I finally got around to trying it on (a few days later) I instantly fell in love with it!

So here’s how I styled it!

Let’s start with the dress itself. I purchased it from H&M for $19.99 ( Canadian currency) What I love about this dress, is that you can dress it up or you can dress it down. You can purchase it here

I chose to dress it up with silver/ bling accessories and shoes .

My shoes I purchased from Call It Spring .They are in the style ” Evelaines”. Retail price $49.99 but they are currently on sale for less than half price!! Check them out here! These shoes are very comfortable. I wore them as a bridesmaid and my feet did not die, so they get two thumbs up in my book!


I also added some silver accessories that were gifted to me by two different friends. A bib style silver and beaded necklace similar to this one:

Also a bracelet similar to this one:

Here’s how I pulled it all together!

IMG_1791I kept my makeup very simple. Just some eyeliner and a red lip!
Have a stylishly wonderful week !!


Style Sunday: The Little Yellow Dress…

Style Sunday: The Little Yellow Dress…

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! Here’s a quick edition of Style Sunday!

Last week, the weather was beautiful here in Southern Ontario. After a long and drawn out winter, I am so ready for bright sunshine and warm days! Along with bright and sunny days, I also love to wear warm and bright colours.

During a visit to my local Forever 21 ( aka my second home lol) I saw a beautiful yellow dress that just called my name. So of course, I had to grab it!

Here is the dress and the link to purchase it
This dress retails for $26.90 CND.

Down below I will show you how I styled it!


I wanted to keep it simple . I wore this outfit to two separate events. First to church and then to a birthday dinner at The Keg. I paired this beautiful yellow dress with an olive green cardigan ( I really seem to like this colour combination) . I kept my shoes neutral. I purchased these shoes from an Aldo Outlet store in South Beach Miami. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable! I really liked the simple gold accents in the ankle strap. The shoes were still understated with a little bit of bling. To tie it all together, I finished the outfit with a gold necklace, simple eye make up and a bold lip!

Have a great Sunday!
Happy Styling!

Style Sunday: All Black and Tan… and a Red Bow Tie…

Hey y’all,

I’m back again with another Style Sunday post! This week I am going to feature two outfits; one worn by me and one worn by my little brother ( styled by me!) Now I am by no means a stylist, but I certainly can throw a few pieces together to make a cute outfit!

Let’s set the scene. It was my little brothers 20th birthday. We had plans to go out to eat with him and his friends to celebrate that evening. We stopped at his house so he could get ready and he pulls out this nice… but super basic outfit …. LOL! I was having none of that! So I strongly encouraged him to “jazz it up a little”, and so he did.  Let me insert a picture here and then we can break down his outfit and hopefully find cost effective pieces that you can use to replicate this outfit. I actually have no idea where he bought any of these items so I will do my best to find pieces that are similar.

IMG_9376Outfit Details:
Red Bow Tie:  I found one on the “Le Chateau “ website for 25 dollars.( click link to check it out)  It’s a little more expensive that what I was looking for but its good quality. However if you are looking for something a little cheaper there are many options for under ten dollars on Ebay and Aliexpress. 

Black Dress Shirt:    I found one from Hudson’s Bay for $25.50. (click the link)
Black Sweater:  I was able to find one at H&M for $29.99 .
Black and White Polka Dot Pants:  I was able to find them on a website that resells Forever 21 attire for $29.99. They are currently sold out  but they restock frequently.  I wasn’t able to find an alternate that was cost effective 😦
and finally….
Red Shoes: 
Nike Air Red Huarache iD. These are expensive shoes. There is no way around it ! These retail for about 200 dollars but I’m sure you can get them cheaper online and in store if you shop around!  I actually need to cop myself a pair of these!  ( Hint Hint lil bro with the shoe hook ups! lol)

Now on to what I wore. I kept it simple in my books : ) I wore 4 basic pieces.

Black Jeans: I purchased these at Forever 21 for $10.90! (click link)
Black Long Sleeve Tee: I actually don’t remember where I purchased this shirt. It’s about 5 years old. Here is one similar at Forever 21 for only $6.90! (click link)
Long Beige Vest: Couldn’t find one similar enough. I purchased this at a store called Sirens for $39.99.
Shoes: Tiger Striped Beige and Black Booties. I think I purchased these at an Aldo Outlet in NYC many years ago. I do believe I only paid about 20 dollars ( US currency(  I found similar ones on a website. Check it out here.


So that’s it for this weeks edition of Style Sunday! Have an extremely stylish week!

Stylin’ on em with the “little” bro! 

Style Sunday: I May Be Obsessed With Olive Green…

Style Sunday: I May Be Obsessed With Olive Green…

Hi guys!

Back again with another style Sunday post! I have come to the realization that I may have a slight obsession with the colour olive/army green this season. All my purchases as of late, seem to fall into that particular colour scheme.

So, during a window shopping trip to the Square One mall in Mississauga, Ontario, I was feeling super happy! I had just purchased this awesome faux leather jacket ( see last weeks post on that experience here) and wasn’t really looking to purchase anything else.

I wandered into a store called “Sirens”. Now, Sirens is a store I used to typically avoid because its clothing was mainly “club wear” and super juvenile.But they must have recently switched buyers or something because the entire vibe of the store has changed. They actually have some pieces that suit a more mature clientele ( and their prices now certainly reflect that  lol)

As I was skimming through the racks my eyes fell on a beautiful olive green jacket/duster made of a linen like material. It was so beautiful but of course…. not my size. I left disappointed but my bestie picked it up( it was just her size. Our closets are pretty much carbon copies of each others as we have pretty much the exact same sense of style #friendswhoslay … lol)

A few days later, I stopped into a Sirens store location in my city and lo and behold what did I find….. that beautiful olive green linen jacket in my exact size! I picked it up and practically ran to the cash to purchase it. I got one more pleasant surprise.. everything in the store was buy one get one 50 percent off !( insert praise dance here) So ran and picked up this little lavender dress I had my eye on : ) will share that with you at a later date…

So, how did I style the linen jacket? I kept it simple! I paired it with a pair of black faux leather skinny pants that I purchased from.. say it with me y’all…. Forever 21 ( lol) many years ago. I can’t remember what I paid for them but I don’t see it being more than $29.99

Next I added a simple white sleeveless blouse. This one was also from Forever 21, last year I believe.

To complete the look, I added the jacket and some beige wedge heels.

Since the outfit was pretty simple, I went a little “glam” on the makeup to really bring the look together. I wore this to a Saturday brunch event. It was a hit!

IMG_9416Since practically everything I wore( with the exception of the jacket) were older pieces I already had I will try and find some similar pieces for you if you were trying to achieve this look. 🙂

Black faux leather skinny pants:   ( click the link) price $32.63
Off white camisole:  ( click link) price: $23.97
Beige wedge heels:  ( click link) $35.00

and of course the piece de resistance: Olive green blazer $39.99
( wasn’t able to find any similar piece 😦 )

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m really leaning towards a simple, piece oriented way of dressing. How many different ways can I wear the pieces I own?

What are your current style “rules”?



Style Sunday: Faux Leather and Stripes…

Style Sunday: Faux Leather and Stripes…

Hey guys!

Have you ever gone to the mall with every intention to only window shop and hang our? Well….  I know that was my intention last week when I met up with my bestie and baby sis! We had planned to eat…. hit up the NYX Cosmetics store, window shop and go home. But then…. we made the mistake of stepping into Zara… and lo and behold all my inhibitions were gone and I had to make a purchase!

The reason why I had to make a purchase was because the price for the item I purchased was amazing! I had been looking for a nice leather ( faux leather) bomber jacket to replace an old one I had. As I was perusing the shelves , one jacket in particular caught my eye! I picked it up thinking, ” This is probably about 69 dollars” and I was not prepared to spend that amount of coin that day! But when I flipped over the price tag, and there was a beautiful red sticker on it that said $39.00…. and the size I needed was right there…. It was fate. I dropped my purse and my heavy winter coat and slipped that beaut on and it was absolutely perfect. Let me insert a picture of the coat right here:

IMG_9350This coat retails for $49.90 Canadian Currency ( approximately 38 dollars US ) So it wasn’t a huge difference with the sale price but hey a sale is still a sale!!!

Luck would have it, that the next day was a beautifully whopping 17 degrees Celsius( about 63 degrees Fahrenheit) in February.  Now in Southern Ontario Canada, that is unheard of! We are usually buried under mountains of snow ( like currently lol) so I figured why not break it out! ( The excitement was killing me lol)

Now how to style it. I wanted to keep it classic. I have really been into neutral colours and patterns. I wanted the jacket to be the focal point of this outfit so I wanted to keep it simple. I paired the jacket with a simple black and white striped blouse. I purchased this at Forever 21( surprise surprise) for $21.90.

I felt to complete this look I needed a splash of colour. But like I mentioned before , I’m really into neutral / classic pieces. So I decided to wear it with a three quarter length olive green skirt. This skirt has a invisible zipper going up the back .


I purchased this skirt late last year I believe it was for 17 dollars ( sorry can’t remember)  from  my favorite store 🙂  I can’t find it online anymore so I will leave a link to something similar here:

I finished this look off with simple black booties I purchased from Payless years ago for 20 bucks! Also a simple gold chain that I purchased at Aldo( details here) 

similar ones I found at Ardene for $24.50
The final look : ) 

Jacket: $39.90
Top: $ 21.90
Skirt: $ 17.00
Boots: $20.00
Necklace: $ 12.00

Outfit Total: $ 110.80

I hope your Sunday has been beautiful! What are you stylin on this Sunday?