Style Sunday: All Black and Tan… and a Red Bow Tie…

Hey y’all,

I’m back again with another Style Sunday post! This week I am going to feature two outfits; one worn by me and one worn by my little brother ( styled by me!) Now I am by no means a stylist, but I certainly can throw a few pieces together to make a cute outfit!

Let’s set the scene. It was my little brothers 20th birthday. We had plans to go out to eat with him and his friends to celebrate that evening. We stopped at his house so he could get ready and he pulls out this nice… but super basic outfit …. LOL! I was having none of that! So I strongly encouraged him to “jazz it up a little”, and so he did.  Let me insert a picture here and then we can break down his outfit and hopefully find cost effective pieces that you can use to replicate this outfit. I actually have no idea where he bought any of these items so I will do my best to find pieces that are similar.

IMG_9376Outfit Details:
Red Bow Tie:  I found one on the “Le Chateau “ website for 25 dollars.( click link to check it out)  It’s a little more expensive that what I was looking for but its good quality. However if you are looking for something a little cheaper there are many options for under ten dollars on Ebay and Aliexpress. 

Black Dress Shirt:    I found one from Hudson’s Bay for $25.50. (click the link)
Black Sweater:  I was able to find one at H&M for $29.99 .
Black and White Polka Dot Pants:  I was able to find them on a website that resells Forever 21 attire for $29.99. They are currently sold out  but they restock frequently.  I wasn’t able to find an alternate that was cost effective 😦
and finally….
Red Shoes: 
Nike Air Red Huarache iD. These are expensive shoes. There is no way around it ! These retail for about 200 dollars but I’m sure you can get them cheaper online and in store if you shop around!  I actually need to cop myself a pair of these!  ( Hint Hint lil bro with the shoe hook ups! lol)

Now on to what I wore. I kept it simple in my books : ) I wore 4 basic pieces.

Black Jeans: I purchased these at Forever 21 for $10.90! (click link)
Black Long Sleeve Tee: I actually don’t remember where I purchased this shirt. It’s about 5 years old. Here is one similar at Forever 21 for only $6.90! (click link)
Long Beige Vest: Couldn’t find one similar enough. I purchased this at a store called Sirens for $39.99.
Shoes: Tiger Striped Beige and Black Booties. I think I purchased these at an Aldo Outlet in NYC many years ago. I do believe I only paid about 20 dollars ( US currency(  I found similar ones on a website. Check it out here.


So that’s it for this weeks edition of Style Sunday! Have an extremely stylish week!

Stylin’ on em with the “little” bro! 

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