Story Time: The Time The Salesperson Shaded Me At Aritzia…

Hey guys!

Do I ever have a story for you!  This story is about the time I went into  the clothing store Aritzia and basically had the salesperson assume that I couldn’t afford to shop there…..

Let’s rewind to the beginning.  My cousin let me borrow a pair of tights and these tights were AMAZING!  As a lady with thick thighs and a fuller posterior, you can’t wear just any brand of tights because as they stretch, they also become see through! So when I put on this pair from Aritzia, I was so happy that I had finally found a basic pair of tights that were appropriate!

So after ( unwillingly) giving them back to my cousin, I made plans to go and purchase a pair for myself. Now Aritzia is not a “cheap” store. This store carry brands like TNA, The Castings and Auxiliary. They are a little more on the high scale price point for my liking not because I can’t afford it, but because I like to spend my coins sensibly ( lol)

Ok, so back to the day I went to purchase the tights… It was 8:45 pm and the mall was about to close. I went there literally with the intention to run into the store and grab the tights and run back into the car…so… I was looking a hot mess! I mean sweatpants, hair up in a bun with a “tie head” ( a head scarf) on, no makeup….a mess lol!

So, I get into the store and approach a salesperson and ask, “Where is your tights section?” The salesperson looked me up and down, rolled her eyes and pointed to a table near the front of the store and said, ” Right there…. but you know those tights start at $28.00 dollars and up right….?”

Wait what?????? I was confused so I said, ” Okay and…”  to which she replied, ” Yeah the cheapest pair we have is $28.00 dollars so…” At this point she’s looking at me irritated. Guys…. It took everything in me to not pop off on this lady… But the God in me told me to simmer down. Instead, I decided to slay her with her diplomatic shade. So I simply said to her,” I didn’t ask you for the price, nor am I concerned with it. I asked you where the tights were.  This $48 dollar pair of tights that I can buy with ease and no regrets, you probably have to work half a week to afford so can I please see these ( holding up a pair of black tights) in a medium?”  At this point she stormed off to the back of the store and I was fuming at this point and didn’t even want the tights anymore so I just left. ( I probably was a little rude but man….. )

How awful that people in customer service feel that its okay to judge peoples intention  or ability to purchase merchandise based on what they look like? Was it because I looked a hot mess or because of the colour of my skin? I feel in my situation it was a little bit of both… I feel like this particular salesperson took one look at me and decided I didn’t belong in their store.

I should be shocked that this sort of thing is still happening in our society today, but honestly I’m not! Am I going to boycott Aritzia and tell everybody of colour to not shop there? Absolutely not! I’m not, and didn’t, let the ignorance of one person deter me from getting what I want.

So yesterday I went back to Aritzia and had a completely different experience. I am feeling under the weather so again I was looking a hot mess ( don’t judge me 😛 ) but this time as I entered the store, I was greeted with a smile. I had multiple salespeople assist me and was finally able to purchase my tights! But heres the kicker…. Those $48 dollar tights that I wanted were on sale for $22 dollars… so I went ahead and grabbed two!!!! Everything happens for a reason. Every situation is an opportunity for a lesson! Treat others with kindness, be humble…

The famous pant/legging…  The Equator Pant on

Have a great day and talk to you all soon!


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