Style Sunday: Quick Outfit…

Quick post today guys!

What a busy weekend it was and nothing is worse than not getting enough sleep and waking up LATE!  I had to be at church this morning and usually I wake up early enough to lay in the bed and create outfit options before I get up. Folks, today was not that day! (lol) I jumped up and literally grabbed the first outfit that made sense to me! Here’s what it was:

A  wool black skirt:  I found this skirt last year at Joe Fresh for a whopping.. wait for it…. $6.94 ( Canadian dollars) What a steal! This skirt is so comfortable. Perfect for a day like today when I was in a rush and it was damp and cold today.

A black t-shirt: A simple t shirt from Forever 21 that retails for $5.00! It’s always good to have a regular black tee that you can wear alone or use for layering.

A olive green short sleeve cardigan: I think I purchased this also at Forever 21 for $19.99 or so. I love this cardigan because you can dress it up or dress it down.

Black booties: Simple black booties from Payless Shoes! My absolute favs! So comfy

I kept my make-up basic because frankly I didn’t have time to do it! ( it was a rough one y’all lol) Basic black eyeliner and a wine lip ( my current fall obsession)

Next week I’ll be back in full effect! Have a wonderful stylish week!!!



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