Style Sunday: Striped Pants and Fall Colours…

Style Sunday: Striped Pants and Fall Colours…

Hey y’all!

Quick style post today. Just wanted to quickly share this fall outfit I threw together today. It is COLD here where I live and I needed an outfit that was functional, warm and comfortable as I needed to wear it to church and to an event today.

Let’s start with the pants. I found them at Forever 21 ( surprise surprise lol) These pants  are a polyester blend, high waisted pant. Extremely comfortable and warm. These pants were a little on the pricey side for me ( y’all know I’m a bargain shopper)  at $24.90 but I do believe these will be a staple piece in my fall wardrobe so I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth! 🙂

I paired the pants with a white cold shoulder blouse that I believe I purchased at a store called Sirens a year or so ago. I can’t remember what the retail price was but I do believe it was between $10-$15 dollars.

To finish off the look,  I added a Burgundy felt hat and camel colour tie -up mule shoes, both from Aldo Shoes.

To keep me warm, I wore my dark camel coloured double breasted pea coat. I purchased this coat from H&M and it retails for $69.99. This is one item I didn’t mind spending a little more on as it is an everyday piece.

I kept my makeup simple nude lips( Kat Von D “Sanctuary”), Naked Heat Palette (shades “Ember” “Scorched” and “Low Blow”)  on my eyes with my Fenty Beauty black eyeliner.  (Flyliner) I set my face with Ben Nye Powder in the shade “Chestnut” and that’s it!



I’m liking the 70’s inspired pieces that are coming out this season!  I must admit I wasn’t feeling it at first, but once I took some time to put some pieces together, I’m finally feeling a vibe! Looking forward to sharing some more pieces with you in the coming weeks!

What is  your fall style leaning towards this year? I think I’m gonna be hobo chic 🙂

Till next time…



Style Sunday: 6 Fall Fashion Must Haves…

Style Sunday:  6 Fall Fashion Must Haves…

Hey guys!

Fall has arrived here in Canada and has brought its brisk and chilly temperatures with it!  This means that I needed to do a much needed inventory of my closets. Lately, I’ve been trying to minimize my closet which got me to thinking about what I considered to be my most essential Fall fashion must haves! I thought I’d share what I’d be reaching for the most this season!

  1. Black Leggings: These are my most reached for item! So comfortable and are easily styled so many different ways.  I have been reaching for pairs from Garage Clothing and  ones from Aritzia 
Garage Clothing: High Rise French Terry Leggings $19.95 Photo ©garage clothing
Aritzia Equator Legging: $22.00 Photo courtesy of ©Aritzia

2. Oversized Denim Jacket : I found one in New York a last month and have been obsessed ever since! When it’s not freezing enough for a puffy coat or jacket, I just reach for this jacket. Here’s a link to a similar one 

Zoe Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket alternative image
Oversized denim jacket : Boohoo $ 41.00 photo courtesy of ©

3. Blanket Scarves: These are the perfect things to add to any outfit. Practical and fashionable. Most of mine, I actually thrifted from my moms closet! The others I have found from places like Forever 21, Ardene and Garage Clothing, to name a few. Here’s a link to one you may like. 

Garage Clothing: Plaid Blanket Scarf $12.00 photo courtesy of ©garage clothing

4.  Chunky Heeled Booties: Comfort is key for me this season, which is why I constantly reach for a more thick heeled shoe. I have been loving this pair from Old Navy. I loved them so much I picked them up in black and olive green! Old Navy comes in clutch with the 40% off and super cash! I managed to pick these up for $23.00 each!

product photo
Old Navy $49.00 original price photo courtesy of ©Old Navy

5. Cold Shoulder Tops/ Sweaters: There is something really appealing to me about an open shoulder! A tasteful way to show some skin especially in the workplace (lol) Here is a link to a style I have been loving.


Ribbed Open-Shoulder Sweater
Cold Shoulder Sweater $24.90 photo courtesy of ©Forever 21

6. Loafers: I have been loving loafers lately. Call me a granny ,but these are some comfortable and practical shoes and they are coming out with some styles that are pretty fashionable these days. Last year I picked up two pairs of velvet loafers from forever 21 on the sale rack for… wait for it… $6.00 a piece!! Hooray for clearance shopping! Those are no longer in stock so here is a link to similar ones.

Faux Suede Penny Loafers
Loafer Forever 21 $22.99 photo courtesy of ©Forever 21 

That’s it for today folks! Have a wonderfully stylish week!!

Style Sunday: The One With The Denim Boots…

Style Sunday: The One With The Denim Boots…

Funny story… I wasn’t supposed to have these boots. I was NYC for my birthday weekend and we went out in the city to concert and dinner. I saw the boots that night on a girl at BBQ’s restaurant ( Manhattan ) and fell in love!! Anyway, cut to the next morning. My bestie and I were on our way to the nail salon in the Bronx ( the boots long forgotten) when we got there it was still closed.

So we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood, and came upon a location of the store V.I.M. We walked in and went over to the shoe section, and would you believe the boots I wanted were sitting right there….. but I walked right past them! I didn’t even notice them, I showed my bestie a different pair of shoes and she looked at me soooo crazy ! I was confused so I asked her, “What?!!” I followed her eyes to the right of where I was standing and finally recognized the boots! Needless to say I scooped them right up and the best thing was there was a sale going on and it was buy pair get one half price!!! 🙂

So  I guess it is no surprise that this Sunday’s post features this lovely pair of boots.  First let’s go over the outfit details

Fall weather has quickly fallen upon us where I live, so with that, for me, comes the resurgence of dark, vampy colours. Today’s choice was classic black !!

I paired a black bodysuit from Forever 21. Simple, lycra material. Very stretchy and forgiving of all my squishy parts (LOL) They no longer carry the same one but here is a link to one that is very similar: (click here)

Next I added an A-Line faux leather skirt from H&M. The skirt is high waisted and rests just above the knee on me( I’m 5’4) . For my bottom heavy sisters, you may want to go a size up as it tends to ride up in the back over your posterior!

To finish the outfit off, I added a black sleeveless jacket that I purchased at a store called Sirens a few years back. This jacket has peekaboo sides. It has buttons to wear it closed, but I prefer to leave it open. It was the perfect piece to complete this outfit.

Finally, the piece de resistance –  the denim boots!  These boots are actually thigh high. What I love about these boots is the block heel which makes them super comfy. I wore them to church and worked in children’s ministry and I didn’t even have to change into my flats! The boots are already unique, but what makes them even more unique is the fact that they are distressed! Anybody who knows me, knows that I LOVE a good pair of ripped jeans! These boots are literally like wearing a pair of jeans without actually wearing jeans! So many people today were like, ” We though you were wearing jeans under your dress! (LOL) Fooled ya!! 🙂

I threw on my classic gold hoops and my cross/baby ring necklace that I never take off.

,I kept my makeup super simple. I literally just wore eyeliner, mascara and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. That’s it folks!


That’s all for today !
XOXO Happy Sunday and remember …


Style Sunday: The Yellow Fringe Kimono…

Style Sunday: The Yellow Fringe Kimono…

Hey y’all!

Super quick post this week! I am currently attempting to pack for a vacation that starts in 4 days and yeah… as usual I barely have anything done and I have lists to make and last minute things to do! So here’s  what I wore today and how where you can find similar items if you are interested in achieving this look! Cheers!


Black Dress: Short sleeve  bodycon black dress from Forever 21. Small slit detail in the back.  This dress is no longer available but there are many similar on the Forever 21 site just like this one which currently retails for $19.90!


Kimono Cardigan: I saw this cardigan weeks ago in ( say it with me) Forever 21 and I loved it… I just did not love the price. If you know me by now I’m a frugal Fran and $40.00 dollars didn’t seem like a price I was willing to pay. However, as I was passing through earlier this week, I saw a beautiful sticker on said kimono with 50% off marked on it! Obviously, I was all over that and I was not disappointed! As it is constructed to be a loose fit, I purchased mine in a small because I still wanted a more streamlined tailored fit. This kimono is a blend of rayon and polyester with velvet patches. You can still purchase this online (at full price) or your best bet is to check your local Forever 21 for the sale price!


Black Booties: Same old simple black booties from Payless! I swear I own other shoes, like a whole closet full, but these are so comfortable and work with every single outfit!

Jewelry: I paired it with a gold bib style necklace. I honestly don’t remember where I got this but bib style and collar necklaces are pretty popular . You can find them just about anywhere; H&M, ALDO Accessories, Forever 21, Claires etc…

Make Up Details :  ( my eyebrows weren’t co-operating today so ignore those lol)

Foundation : Make-up Forever Ultra HD
Concealer: LA Girl Concealer
Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Eyes: Tarte Cosmetics “Tartelette in bloom” Palette, Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner / Essence cosmetics liquid eyeliner, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Lips: Mac Chestnut lip liner with Colourpop “LAX” liquid lipstick
Highlight: BeccaxJaclynHill Champagne Collection Face Palette using “Champagne Pop” and “Amaretto”.


That’s it folks! Have a stylishly fabulous week and remember…



Style Sunday: Fall Sunday Outfit…

Style Sunday: Fall Sunday Outfit…

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. ! I had the flu and then I  also had some technical difficulties… but I’m back!!!

This weekend the USA celebrated Thanksgiving ( happy belated Thanksgiving to my American readers) and after Thanksgiving comes the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday! Canada( where I live) in recent years have jumped on the Black Friday  marketing madness and have brought some of those knock out sales to our stores! So naturally I hopped on the chance to shop quality items at Sophie approved prices AKA sale!

So bright and early before work, I ran to my closest shopping centre to peruse the stores and see if I could find anything I needed/wanted and to get a few Christmas presents out of the way. I found magnificent deals at Old Navy, Aldo and H&M and of course my holy grail store ( say it with me long  time readers…) Forever  21!

The item I am featuring today is from Forever 21. I was in the store a few days prior and a camel coloured bodycon dress caught my eye; check it out here: This dress retails for $22.90 (Canadian) but because of Black Friday sales  I was able to purchase it for 21% off! (YAY ME!! )

I really liked It because it was super simple but to make it a little fancy, it had a really nice side slit.  I paired this dress with a chunky black necklace given to me as a gift and some three inch black booties purchased years ago at Payless shoes ( I’ve mentioned them a million times on here) To finish the look off I added chunky round ring purchased at the Slauson swap meet in LA a long time ago and a black and gold studded bracelet.

I beat my face with a little help from Sephora 😛 and away I went!


I hope you guys I have an amazingly fashionable week and remember…

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Style Sunday: Girls Night Out…

Style Sunday: Girls Night Out…

Hey guys!

Quick post today! This weekend I had a weekend I had an opportunity to get together with some of my gal pals! We all met up in the downtown Toronto area, as it is the most central location for all of us.  We were going to be taking transit because it’s so much easier to navigate the downtown core on the subway or a street car than it is to try and find ( and pay for) parking! So I needed an outfit that was super cute and super comfortable!


Here’s what I wore:

Black Tights: My absolute favourite tights from Garage Clothing. Very comfy and the shiny material makes them a little dressier than your average black tight.

Mustard Yellow Top: Purple is my favourite colour but yellow is my favourite colour to wear! I found a mustard yellow  top with black pinstripes on sale at Old Navy for like 8 dollars I think!  3 quarter length sleeves and and a scoop neck make this a super casual yet trendy top.

Pins: The top I wore was very simple so to jazz it up a bit I  added some  pin patches. Pin patches were the in thing in the early 90’s when I was a little kid ( 5-6 or so) and I remember having a sweet denim jacket with tons of patches on it. So imagine my elation to see that this trend has made its way back around! Lots of stores have them and they are actually adult appropriate! I purchased the ones I was wearing from Aldo Accessories. Super cute and easy remedy to spice up  a plain(ish) top.

Similar to these ones…

Necklace:  I had to throw on my favourite choker from Aldo Accessories. Black velvet with a tiny gold cross pendant.

Shoes:  I threw on my trusted little tiger striped booties from an Aldo Outlet store many years ago. They are so comfortable which was perfect for the walking we did!



So that’s it folks! Have an amazingly stylish week and remember….

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Style Sunday: The One With The Faux Fur Jacket…

Style Sunday: The One With The Faux Fur Jacket…

Hey y’all!

I’m back again with another edition of “Style Sunday”. This week  centres around a faux fur jacket that I purchased from Forever 21 ( seriously this place needs to sponsor me  🙂 ) many years ago. I found this little gem on the sale rack, in just the right size 🙂 so of course I scooped it up!

I love this jacket! I really enjoy the camel and chocolate brown colour combination because it reminds me of leopard print which I absolutely ADORE!

img_3082I purchased this jacket before it was “on trend”. I’m glad I kept it and didn’t get rid of it because clearly everything that is old becomes new again!  I really like that it is a bomber style jacket . It is satin lined so it is really soft and comfortable to wear. It’s definitely a jacket that you wear for fashion and not to actually keep you warm… well at least where I live (lol I live in Ontario, Canada where this wouldn’t keep you warm in our frigid winter months )  Like I said this jacket was purchased years ago  so it’s unavailable to purchase anymore  but since faux fur is on trend right now Forever 21 has quite a few current options for you to choose from if you’re interested. (click here for link)


Collarless Two-Tone Faux Fur Jacket


Collarless Faux Fur Jacket

Faux Fur Coat

I really wasn’t in the mood today to wear a skirt or a dress to church so I pulled out  another oldie but goodie from my closet- an olive green jumpsuit coincidentally also from Forever 21. This jumpsuit is made of rayon material which makes it super lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has side pockets as well as two front pockets on the top. It also has a draw string waist. This isn’t available for purchase anymore but here is something very similar also from Forever 21.

Contemporary Belted Button-Front Jumpsuit

I finished the look off with some nude sling black  tie up pumps from Call It Spring. I wore no jewellery today with the exception of my everyday gold chain and studs and kept my makeup relatively basic ( eyeliner, concealer, setting powder, mascara, LAX liquid lipstick from Colourpop Cosmetics.)


So that’s it folks! That’s it for this week! Have a great week and remember…

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