Style Sunday: The One With The Denim Boots…

Funny story… I wasn’t supposed to have these boots. I was NYC for my birthday weekend and we went out in the city to concert and dinner. I saw the boots that night on a girl at BBQ’s restaurant ( Manhattan ) and fell in love!! Anyway, cut to the next morning. My bestie and I were on our way to the nail salon in the Bronx ( the boots long forgotten) when we got there it was still closed.

So we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood, and came upon a location of the store V.I.M. We walked in and went over to the shoe section, and would you believe the boots I wanted were sitting right there….. but I walked right past them! I didn’t even notice them, I showed my bestie a different pair of shoes and she looked at me soooo crazy ! I was confused so I asked her, “What?!!” I followed her eyes to the right of where I was standing and finally recognized the boots! Needless to say I scooped them right up and the best thing was there was a sale going on and it was buy pair get one half price!!! 🙂

So  I guess it is no surprise that this Sunday’s post features this lovely pair of boots.  First let’s go over the outfit details

Fall weather has quickly fallen upon us where I live, so with that, for me, comes the resurgence of dark, vampy colours. Today’s choice was classic black !!

I paired a black bodysuit from Forever 21. Simple, lycra material. Very stretchy and forgiving of all my squishy parts (LOL) They no longer carry the same one but here is a link to one that is very similar: (click here)

Next I added an A-Line faux leather skirt from H&M. The skirt is high waisted and rests just above the knee on me( I’m 5’4) . For my bottom heavy sisters, you may want to go a size up as it tends to ride up in the back over your posterior!

To finish the outfit off, I added a black sleeveless jacket that I purchased at a store called Sirens a few years back. This jacket has peekaboo sides. It has buttons to wear it closed, but I prefer to leave it open. It was the perfect piece to complete this outfit.

Finally, the piece de resistance –  the denim boots!  These boots are actually thigh high. What I love about these boots is the block heel which makes them super comfy. I wore them to church and worked in children’s ministry and I didn’t even have to change into my flats! The boots are already unique, but what makes them even more unique is the fact that they are distressed! Anybody who knows me, knows that I LOVE a good pair of ripped jeans! These boots are literally like wearing a pair of jeans without actually wearing jeans! So many people today were like, ” We though you were wearing jeans under your dress! (LOL) Fooled ya!! 🙂

I threw on my classic gold hoops and my cross/baby ring necklace that I never take off.

,I kept my makeup super simple. I literally just wore eyeliner, mascara and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. That’s it folks!


That’s all for today !
XOXO Happy Sunday and remember …



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