… And here we are, yet another trip around the sun! I’m so grateful to see year 36! This birthday season has felt different for me. Usually my birthday is a national holiday for me LOL. If it falls on a weekday, I take it off of work. I plan some elaborate week/weekend long extravaganza to celebrate. But this year, I just didn’t feel led to do so. I had a small intimate dinner with (some) of my tribe and as you read this, I am returning from Starbucks and apps with friends. Let off the fireworks for that exhilarating birthday ( insert laughing emojis and eye rolls here LOL πŸ˜› )

I can’t even say that it’s the pandemic that had me in a non celebratory mood. I just feel like God has had me in a state of reflection for the past few weeks. I had asked Him in prayer to help me pray with intention and earnest for the next steps in my journey of life. He kept bringing me back to a specific pasaage in Isaiah..

Isaiah 26:3 reads…
Lord, you will give perfect peace to those who commit themselves to be faithful to you.That’s because they trust in you.

This led me to think about the mind. If you or anybody you know struggles with the challenge of anxiety, you know how debilitating it can be to the mind. When you experience moments of anxiety, it is as if your mind is under attack. Your thoughts become consumed with whatever triggered your anxiety in the first place and to be honest.. sometimes you feel hopeless as you continue to spiral. I can 100 percent speak from personal experience.

I always ask God for a word for my year. Last year He gave me the word “Obedience” and even gave me a catchphrase “Obedience is key. Those in my tribe have heard me use this phrase all year and I can say my obedience this year has literally catapulted me right into a few of the promises God had prepared for me. So, thanks God ! πŸ™‚

This year, he simply gave me the word “Mind”. As an educator the first thing that naturally came to me was mind your manners (LOL) but God began to download into me a few things He purposed for me in Year 36.

Firstly, He had to reprimand me a little bit by telling me, ” The only thing stopping you… IS YOU. Get out of your own head! Joyce Meyer penned a book years ago entitled “Battlefield of the Mind”. In this book she basically details how much of a war that rages in your mind and how you are literally in battle every single day. She talks about how your mindset is a direct correlation of spiritual warfare and also how Important it is for you to put in the work and ensure you are suited for battle. Helmet of Salvation anyone?? πŸ™‚

Here’s the mindset I’m walking into year 36 with … keeping in the theme of the mind:

Guard your mind: Be mindful of what you allow to infiltrate your mind. The old saying “Garbage in Garbage Out” is so true.

Feed Your Mind: Whatever you choose to fuel your mind with with determines your health. Feast on the word of God. This will strengthen your mind.

This goes hand in hand with Protecting Your Mind. It is so important to take care of your mindset. Align yourself with people and spaces that will encourage you to be the best version of you.The You God intended you to be.

This year I plan to live with the mindset Peace of Mind, Clear Mind , Mind set on Joy. God always gives me a song and scripture to meditate on. This year He led to a beautiful song by Jason Nelson called “What A Name”. Anytime in Year 36 I feel overwhelmed, or feel my mindset shifting to a place of doubt , fear or anxiety, im simply going to call on the mighty name of Jesus. There is power in that sweet name !

I pray this evening finds you feeling as blessed , grateful and loved as I am. That, for me in itself is a blessing… What a difference a year can make. I want to encourage you that if you are finding yourself in a place where you mindset is one that has brought you to a place of despair and hopelessness, to take solace in the name of Jesus.

“…Through Your Name from sin delivered, and through Your Name there’s TOTAL VICTORY!”

May God bless and Keep You
Love Always,


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