While You Wait…

“And I vow to praise you, though the good and the bad
Ill praise you, whether happy or sad
ill praise you, in all that I go through
Because praise is what I’ll do
Cause I owe it all to you”

That’s the space I’ve been in for the last year y’all. Life has been “life-ing” but not in a bad way! The last time we spoke I was coming out a particularly hard season and like with any level of trauma, there are stages to healing. Last year was the year I found myself again… or better yet found myself in Christ again. I took the year to remind myself of my identity as an heir of the Almighty.

A healing journey is personal and unique to each person and my healing journey required me to literally put myself at a standstill. I had to get back to the lifestyle of me not making a single move without God giving me a definitive yes.

While this was tough at times, during this “silent season”, I was able to see God’s hand in my life. I was able to understand and accept what He allowed to happen and what he ultimately protected me from. The strength and resilience he downloaded into me during this time was worth every single tear, every anxious thought and every “missed opportunity”. To say God has been good to me this year, would be an understatement. Now that’s not to say that this year was without mar. No, I definitely had my “really God?” moments. But the way I handled them was unique to me. The way that I tackled them with a strength I didn’t know I possessed, is a true testament to God fulfilling the promise that he will never leave me or forsake me ( Deuteronomy 31:8)

Some months ago I watched a sermon and the gist of the sermon was while you are in a waiting season, the best thing you can do is worship! Instead of just wallowing in the ” how come” and ” when Lord’s” just worship Him! I know its super cliche but you truly have to trust the process. I was reminded of the movie Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze ( rip). There is a famous scene where Molly, who was an artist teaches Sam how to make pottery. She starts with a lump of clay and begins the tedious task of turning said lump of clay into a masterpiece. Now if you’ve seen the movie, you know they get distracted (cough cough lol ) and the piece falls apart and they have to start over. This to me draws a parallel to God, the master potter and us, his creation. Sometimes, we get distracted and cause little cracks and impurities that the creator has to come in and fix. At times it requires us to be broken down, re-shaped and molded back to our intended glory.

So while God is molding me into my intended purpose I will worship! In the happy times ( I pray for more of these ) in the bad times ( I pray for grace through these if they come) and simply just because !

I hope you’ll stick around for this leg of my blogging journey as it evolves into its next phase. I promise I won’t ghost y’all for another year! Thanks for all the kind words and encouraging messages over the last year! You guys( my readers) are truly the reason why it is so necessary for me to keep this platform open ❤

When all else fails… Just Love Them Anyway


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