Style Sunday: The One With The Yellow Pants…

Hey y’all!

Its been a long time since Ive posted a Style Sunday because. you know… global pandemic LOL. Literally all the places I’ve ventured to in the last 18 months or so have required my standard uniform of black leggings and hoodie or ripped jeans and t shirt! The summer has been super nice here where I live in Canada so I have been taking full advantage of patio season.

On this particular day I went to lunch with a few friends to a restaurant in Toronto called “Patois”. I didn’t really enjoy what I ordered but my friend got these lychee and shrimp lettuce wraps… so delish! 8/10 would recommend.

Nevertheless, I wanted to feel stylishly comfortable with minimal effort. So I grabbed these pants I’ve had forever from Forever 21 (lol) To the eye, ( even to me) they are obnoxiously bright and dare I say a little ugly. But I love them. Yellow by far is my favourite color to wear and the satin material was super light and airy on what was a extremely warm day.

I paired it with a simple white crop tee with the word “Nope” on it. I think I purchased this years ago at Marshalls or Winners.

On my feet, i slipped on a square toe kitten heeled mule from H &M. Quite efficient as we jumped on the subway to reach our destination ( who wants to try and find parking in downtown Toronto?? no thanks!)

To accessorize, I added some yellow dangly stringed earrings also from Forever 21 and my Pandora charm bracelet and my custom key necklace from The Giving Keys.

A simple outfit for a simple day.

What luck! We found these graffiti walls that matched my outfit to a tee!

Most of these pieces were purchased years ago and no longer available, but here are some links to some pieces you can use to recreate this outfit.

Pants: I found similar ones on Shein

Top: Aliexpress has a cute one. Check it out.

Shoes: The original ones are gone from H&M but they do have this similar pair.

Earrings: I found a nice pair on Amazon.

For your own custom piece from The Giving Keys visit their website

Have a great Sunday Folks and remember …


2 thoughts on “Style Sunday: The One With The Yellow Pants…

  1. Looove the pants! And the custom necklace is 🔥. Definitely looking for something similar!
    The entire outfit, picture, author is 💣


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