Style Sunday: A Little Bit of Purple In My Life…..

Hey guys!

Quick edition of Style Sunday today. Anybody who knows me well, knows that purple is my all time favourite colour. If there is anything purple on a sales rack or a make up counter or a furniture store ( lol) my eye is instantly drawn to it!

So, I was in the dollar store browsing the aisles, and I was drawn to a cluster of purple faux-flowers. I snatched them up and brought them home and made a flower crown out of them ( Check out my blog on DIY Flower Crowns here 🙂 But now what to wear with it? I dug deep into my closest and brought out some old favourites to create a modern look!


The purple dress is ancient… like at least 13 years old. Its a simple cotton dress with a empire waist. Such a comfortable dress! As you can see it has a super deep V-neck, but because I was heading to church, ( and because I like to keep my ladies contained :P)  I placed a matching plum camisole underneath. I also added gold necklace from Aldo accessories.
The shoes are also ancient… I see a trend here.. I get rid of nothing… (lol) Theses shoes are a simple 3 1/2 inch stiletto heel. I actually have these shoes in grey and black as well.
As you know, I made my flower crown myself and to finish the look off I kept my face makeup simple… ish. Black eyeliner and mascara, some higjlighter and of course a purple lip!( Kat Von D “Ayesha” mixed with Mac Nightmoth lip liner.

Have an amazingly stylish week folks!


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