Style Sunday: Flower Power… A DIY Project…

Hey guys!

Back again for another edition of Style Sunday! This week I’m putting another spin on my post. Not only will I show you an outfit, I will show you how I made the focal point of today’s outfit… my flower  crown!

Now, I’m no stranger to a flower crown. In the summer I’m practically a hippie… long flowing hair, flower crown, flip flops and I’m good to go! I purchased a few crowns over the course of time. Some from Forever 21 and others from little novelty shops. The price range for these crowns went from $10 dollars to $15 dollars ( Canadian currency) I’m going to show you how to make one for under 5 dollars and 30 minutes of your time!

What You’ll Need:
(Disclaimer: I purchased all items from my local dollar store)

  • A headband- preferably plastic
  • Faux Flowers of your choice.
  • A glue gun and glue inserts
  • Wire cutters
  • Clips ( in case you wanted to make a simpler arrangement)


Let’s get into the steps!

  1. Plug your glue gun in. Make sure you put it in a safe place. I placed a piece of cardboard underneath mine to catch any excess glue.
  2. Next, you are going to want to prepare your flowers. The ones I purchase were easily disassembled. I used 2 small bunches of flowers. Using your wire cutters , cut the top of the flowers off removing them completely from the stem. You can get rid of the stem but keep the greenery ( leaves, stray petals) as you made need them as fillers.
  3.  I didn’t particularly like the black headband so I used the green leaves ( greenery) from the flowers and used them as a base. Using a dime sized amount of the hot glue, I placed the glue on the headband  and then placed each leaf around the circumference of the headband. I left a small space on either side where the headband would rest on my ears  for comfort. ( I didn’t want it too bulky in that area)
  4. Next, you can begin adding your flowers. You might want to stage it before you start gluing just to see how many flowers you want or may need to use. It’s always good to have a plan! Once you’ve figured out where you want to place them, glue away! Be as liberal with the glue as you need to be as you will need the flowers to stay upright and not flop. Start by gluing the base of the flowers to your headband and then glue petals after for extra security.
  5. Once you have filled your headband to your desired fullness, use any leftover greenery to fill in any gaps that may still be visible.

Voila! There you have it! The easiest flower crown ever! You can use any flower combination you desire. You could even wrap the headband with ribbon and actually tie it around your head and wear it like a tiara! I prefer to actually wear it as a headband!

The total price to make this particular crown ( minus the wire cutters, glue gun and glue) was $3.00!!


I’ll show you how I styled it today.


Black Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21 or Aldo Accessories ( I can’t remember)
Shoes: ( red pumps not shown) Aldo many many years ago

Image result for red patent pumps aldo
very similar to this pair…

Flower Crown:  By Moi( me 🙂 )

There you have it folks! Have an amazingly stylish week!





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