What I’m Currently Jamming On…

Hey y’all!

Just dropping by to share with you some of the music I’ve been currently jamming on over the past few months. I have quite an eclectic musical palette. I don’t only listen to one particular genre of music. I like a little bit of everything….. except what I think they call ” screamo”. I just can’t get behind it.. sorry lol. I listen predominantly to Christian/Gospel music but I do have an affinity for the musical talents of a plethora of different artists. So let me share with you a few of the songs I’ve been annoying the people around with by playing  24/7. Some are newer songs and some not so new! Enjoy!

Kirk Franklin Losing My Religion ( the entire album). I know you all knew this was coming! I’m borderline obsessed with this album ( and it’s not even released yet! It drops this Friday November 13th.) I’ve used two of these songs of his songs in prior Monday posts.( click the links to read those blogs) I’ve always been a Kirk Franklin fan, and this project is gearing up to be one of his best works yet!  The track I’ve been playing on REPEAT  this week especially is called “Road Trip”. Take a listen down here:

Kirk Franklin: Road Trip

Tasha Cobbs-  Fill Me Up. This song came out many months ago, The album, “One Place Live” was released at the end of August, but her single had been floating around for quite some time before that. Now “Fill Me Up” is a really old Jesus Culture  song that she put her own spin on. I love her voice and loved what she did with this song. The original is so powerful as well, I may need to put that one back on to my daily playlist.:)

Jesus Culture: Fill Me Up

Tasha Cobbs version:

Israel and New Breed: Mighty to Save: This song is a revamped version of a popular Hillsong. I love the original but I love the way this version has a bit of a Caribbean spin to sections of it. It reminds me of my church ( a predominantly Caribbean church) who finds a reason to “reggaefy” every single worship song. I must admit, I too love a good worship song with reggae vibes. As a worship leader, I have the most fun on stage when I’m rocking out to a good old-fashioned reggae song 😛 I blame my father for that !

Mighty to Save

Thinking Out Loud: Lukie D. Okay… I am obsessed with this version of the Ed Sheeran song. I wasn’t overly in love with Ed Sheeran’s version. I liked it well enough but not to play on repeat. If I heard it on the radio , I probably wouldn’t turn the dial. But, enter Lukie D and the good old-fashioned reggae drop beat and I was SOLD! I love it. I have even forced the kids in my class to listen to it…repeatedly. (lol)

Thinking out Loud:

All of Me- Jah Cure Version. I also love the original, but radio killed that for me!( classic overplay syndrome) Then along came Jah Cure ( with the classic reggae drop beat again) with his smooth vocals and different take on this song and once again I was in love!

All of Me(Jah Cure)

All of My Help: Geoffrey Golden Totally my testimony right now! Can’t say much more. The song speaks for itself.

Lastly, the final song I have been killing for the last 4 or 5 days or so is “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. I just jumped on the Chris Stapleton train after I heard him and the infamous Justin Timberlake give a performance of a lifetime on the CMA awards, of JT’s song “Drink You Away”. ( they also sang a rendition of Tennessee Whiskey at the top of their set) Country music is probably the genre of music I listen to the least. Outside of a few Jewel. Leann Rimes or Rascal Flatts tracks, my country knowledge is not that vast.  But honey…. when I watched that performance, my mouth was left agape! His voice is so smooth. Tennessee Whiskey reminds me of an old track called Misty Blue ( by Etta James) same kind of vibe. There is so much soul in this young man! Check out his performance with JT down below and the song itself.

JT/Chris Stapleton- Drink You Away

Tennessee Whiskey:

What are you currently listening to? Stay tuned for my Holiday Playlist 🙂



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