Monday Motivation: #Dear15Me

Hey y’all!

Your girl has been down with the Norovirus ( read up on at your own risk. Warning… its pretty gross) It couldn’t have been prevented( to all my friends and family out there who are concerned that I’m always sick ) half the children in my class plus my teaching partner contracted this virus. Mind you have started some new remedies that have really boosted my immunity, but this one I feel was inevitable. :(. I am just fine now 🙂

However, while I was on my forced  sabbatical from work ( Public Health said we couldn’t return for 48 hours even though most of my symptoms were gone and I felt alright) I spent my time sipping on Gatorade and catching up on the talk show ” The Real” via YouTube. On one episode,they had a guest by the name of Dawn McCoy. She has started a movement to empower young girls. The movement calls on us more mature women to write a letter to the 15-year-old version of yourself, as a means to empower young ladies, to help steer them away from their insecurities and to build up a source of inner strength for the young people of today. Today’s generation has so many things that can really add to their insecurities, mainly social media. I think this is an example for young people ( especially young women) to see that life really does go on and get better! I think it’s also super important that this generation has positive and realistic role models to look up to. What advice/encouragement would you give the 15-year-old you? Here’s what I would have told myself…

Dear #15Me,

Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. The world looks full of fun, but its full of responsibilities and obligations and tough situations.
Stay young and innocent for as long as humanly possible.
Respect your parents! They may seem like the bad guys now, but when you get older you will cherish the values they instilled in you. They are overprotective of you for a good reason. Try not to give them a heart attack with your crazy antics and unsavory and less than stellar behaviour.
Cherish the friends you have! some of them will walk with you for a lifetime, others you will lose along the way and some you will have to say goodbye to too soon and question why God had to take them back so young.(RIP Chan) You will never understand, but you will overcome. You will be OK.
Don’t stress yourself out over that silly boy. He is not the great love of your life! There will be others. You will suffer great heartbreak ,but you will come out stronger and better and wiser!
Don’t tweeze your eyebrows so thin! Super skinny brows won’t be a trend for very long!
Don’t worry about having braces and glasses at the same time.Your teeth will be gorgeous and glasses will one day be trend! You’re still a knockout!
Above all, take the commitment you make with God seriously. There will be times He will get you out of a jam that you thought was impossible. Don’t take Him for granted! He will be your best friend for life.
Finally, Keep smiling and don’t forget… you’re beautiful!

Good Lord LOL….

This Monday I feel the song “Beautiful Flower” by India Arie is so fitting! Have a blessed day! Take a moment to share your #15me with someone!


Read up on Dawn Mccoy’s initiative here! 


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