Monday Motivation: Road Trip…

Monday Motivation: Road Trip…

Hey y’all!

Dropping by real quick to share some of what was on my heart today. I was listening to Kirk Franklin’s new album ( surprise surprise) and I got stuck on one track in particular entitled, “Road Trip”. Its a light fun sounding track but if you really take a moment to take in the lyrics… WOW! Let me break it down as how it spoke to me.

Pack a smile, cause this road won’t be easy
Doubt will come, believe me
Sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s alright
Hold on tight, it’s about to be amazing
When you see what God is making
I can’t wait for you to tell me that (it’s alright)

Have you ever felt like life is just unbearable?  I know I have! Sometimes obstacles present themselves in your life that can really throw you off track and have you believing that everything you are working hard for is for nothing. People think that because you are a Christian, you don’t have fears and doubts. But that’s not the case. Sometimes you really have to remind yourself that someone ( God) is working on your behalf and you just have to be patient!

Travel light and leave room for tomorrow, expect delays
And sorrow, avoid left turns, don’t forget what’s right
Pray always, listen to that voice above you
Only let folk ride that love you, see you’ve come too far
You’ve gotta wrap on tight

Point, blank, period, life is always going to happen! Yes, God always has our back, but sometimes He allows situations to happen in our lives to happen to enable us to learn and grow. Example: I was in a relationship ( long distance) for a long time. I thought that this was it! I was totally in love! But… I let that relationship take precedence in my life and once God is not in the center….. it’s downhill from there. I was crushed and it took me a long time to recover from that situation. However, during those dark times, It allowed me to really turn my focus back to God and really listen to His voice and follow his map for my life! 

But every time that you’ve been through
For His glory God is using you
See it’s only in the darkest night
That you really see the stars shine bright

It’s so true! Everything you’ve been through is preparation for greater things! I tell you… I’ve been through some things in my life where I didn’t know how I was going to get through.  As I spend time with children and youth, both professionally, personally and in ministry, it is my hope that my story will encourage them in some way. 

So pack a smile, cause this road won’t be easy
Doubt will come, believe me
Sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s alright
Hold on tight, it’s about to be amazing
When you see what God is making
I can’t wait for you to tell me that (it’s alright)

See I know, dreams can take forever
Especially in stormy weather
It’s hard to see where the road will end
But good news, your destination is determined
It’s selected and predestined
Ain’t it good to know you win before you begin?

Man.. sometimes waiting for things is so hard! Have you ever read a book that was so interesting, but you just can’t wait to see what happens so you skip ahead? Well unfortunately, ( Or maybe fortunately)  we can’t just skip ahead through portions of our life that are unpleasing. We have to trust and believe that things will work out! Our life was already planned and predestined long before we were in existence and we are destined to win! Even winners get knocked down once in awhile( Ronda Rousey anyone lol) but a real champion gets back up and keeps going! 

But every time that you’ve been through
For His glory God is using you
See it’s only in the darkest night
That you really see the stars shine bright

So pack a smile, cause this road won’t be easy
Doubt will come, believe me
Sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s alright
Hold on tight, it’s about to be amazing
When you see what God is making
I can’t wait for you to tell me that (it’s alright)

It’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s alright

The rear view mirror is smaller
Because when you can
You’re only supposed to look back at it real quick
Cause where you’re going is a lot greater

Don’t look back! When you drive, you really only use to rear view mirror to make sure things are safe behind you. Your real focus is what’s ahead! Keep your eyes on the prize!

Get tired of runnin’, but it’s alright
Cause I see what’s comin, and it’s alright
Wanted to give up, some days I tried
But your hand wouldn’t let me, now I’m alright

God’s always got your back! Even when you feel like giving up, remember He’s always there! Trust me, I’ve tried to give up and do things on my own….. and that didn’t work out so well for me! So, I’ll just let God to what He’s best at- taking care of me!


Take a listen to the track down here and have a blessed Monday!


Lyrics found @: Kirk Franklin – Road Trip Lyrics | MetroLyrics

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all American Readers this week!

What I’m Currently Jamming On…

What I’m Currently Jamming On…

Hey y’all!

Just dropping by to share with you some of the music I’ve been currently jamming on over the past few months. I have quite an eclectic musical palette. I don’t only listen to one particular genre of music. I like a little bit of everything….. except what I think they call ” screamo”. I just can’t get behind it.. sorry lol. I listen predominantly to Christian/Gospel music but I do have an affinity for the musical talents of a plethora of different artists. So let me share with you a few of the songs I’ve been annoying the people around with by playing  24/7. Some are newer songs and some not so new! Enjoy!

Kirk Franklin Losing My Religion ( the entire album). I know you all knew this was coming! I’m borderline obsessed with this album ( and it’s not even released yet! It drops this Friday November 13th.) I’ve used two of these songs of his songs in prior Monday posts.( click the links to read those blogs) I’ve always been a Kirk Franklin fan, and this project is gearing up to be one of his best works yet!  The track I’ve been playing on REPEAT  this week especially is called “Road Trip”. Take a listen down here:

Kirk Franklin: Road Trip

Tasha Cobbs-  Fill Me Up. This song came out many months ago, The album, “One Place Live” was released at the end of August, but her single had been floating around for quite some time before that. Now “Fill Me Up” is a really old Jesus Culture  song that she put her own spin on. I love her voice and loved what she did with this song. The original is so powerful as well, I may need to put that one back on to my daily playlist.:)

Jesus Culture: Fill Me Up

Tasha Cobbs version:

Israel and New Breed: Mighty to Save: This song is a revamped version of a popular Hillsong. I love the original but I love the way this version has a bit of a Caribbean spin to sections of it. It reminds me of my church ( a predominantly Caribbean church) who finds a reason to “reggaefy” every single worship song. I must admit, I too love a good worship song with reggae vibes. As a worship leader, I have the most fun on stage when I’m rocking out to a good old-fashioned reggae song 😛 I blame my father for that !

Mighty to Save

Thinking Out Loud: Lukie D. Okay… I am obsessed with this version of the Ed Sheeran song. I wasn’t overly in love with Ed Sheeran’s version. I liked it well enough but not to play on repeat. If I heard it on the radio , I probably wouldn’t turn the dial. But, enter Lukie D and the good old-fashioned reggae drop beat and I was SOLD! I love it. I have even forced the kids in my class to listen to it…repeatedly. (lol)

Thinking out Loud:

All of Me- Jah Cure Version. I also love the original, but radio killed that for me!( classic overplay syndrome) Then along came Jah Cure ( with the classic reggae drop beat again) with his smooth vocals and different take on this song and once again I was in love!

All of Me(Jah Cure)

All of My Help: Geoffrey Golden Totally my testimony right now! Can’t say much more. The song speaks for itself.

Lastly, the final song I have been killing for the last 4 or 5 days or so is “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. I just jumped on the Chris Stapleton train after I heard him and the infamous Justin Timberlake give a performance of a lifetime on the CMA awards, of JT’s song “Drink You Away”. ( they also sang a rendition of Tennessee Whiskey at the top of their set) Country music is probably the genre of music I listen to the least. Outside of a few Jewel. Leann Rimes or Rascal Flatts tracks, my country knowledge is not that vast.  But honey…. when I watched that performance, my mouth was left agape! His voice is so smooth. Tennessee Whiskey reminds me of an old track called Misty Blue ( by Etta James) same kind of vibe. There is so much soul in this young man! Check out his performance with JT down below and the song itself.

JT/Chris Stapleton- Drink You Away

Tennessee Whiskey:

What are you currently listening to? Stay tuned for my Holiday Playlist 🙂


Monday Motivation: Israel and New Breed Covered: Alive in Asia

Monday Motivation: Israel and New Breed  Covered: Alive in Asia

Hey everybody! I know I have been slacking in the blogging department but the weather has been nice here in Southern Ontario that I have just been living it up and enjoying my summer! Forgive me! I’m getting back in the groove! Speaking of grooves, I wanted to share with you some of the new music I have been jamming on the last few weeks in particular one album (lol) That album comes from one of my favorite gospel groups Israel Houghton and New Breed. The album is entitled “Covered: Alive in Asia”. This was a much-anticipated album for me, as I have loved everything they have ever put out! Not only is there a strong message about Christ, the music is fun, upbeat catchy and can transcend a plethora of genres.

Some of my favorite tracks on this album are:

In Jesus Name: ( listen here)

Mighty to Save ( listen here)

Already Done featuring Jonathan McReynolds  ( listen here)

I strongly encourage you to check this album out! Even if you haven’t made a decision to be a Christian, anybody who is a lover of music, can appreciate the artistry of this album!

I’m also looking forward to the release of Tasha Cobbs new album “Jesus Saves” this week 🙂

May your Monday be blessed!!


What I’m Currently Jamming On….

What I’m Currently Jamming On….

Hey y’all

As you all probably know by now I am a lover of music. I love music of all different types of genres. Honestly, my music collection is like a melting pot. So many different sounds and music styles… it’s definitely very unique. My friends sometimes look at me and ask “what are you listening to?” with a look of shock and confusion. I mean it’s not often that you see a Canadian-Jamaican girl enjoying the musical styles of Led Zeppelin 😛 . But I do! My range is anything from Incubus to Donna Summer to Michael Bolton to Usher to Chaka Khan ( one of my all time favorites) Andrae Crouch (RIP), Tasha Cobbs, Musiq and ALL 90’s R&B <3.

First and foremost though,I love gospel music. That is the genre of music that I find my peace in. It’s the music I connect to the most simply because of my relationship with Christ. Now I’m not going to pretend that I only listen to gospel music because that would make me a liar and a hypocrite. But.. that being said, being a Christian does influence my choices. It forces me to pay attention to the lyrics more closely and be careful of  the content I’m allowing in or encouraging others to listen too.

However, I’ve been pretty discouraged with the face of music lately. Lots of great “performers” but not a whole lot of “artists” you know? Nevertheless, I love music and I’ve found a few ” feel good” hits that I currently have on replay.

1. Classic Man by Jidenna ( clean version)

2. See You Again by Charlie Puth feat. Wiz Khalifa

3. Elastic Heart by Sia

4. Fill me up/Overflow by Tasha Cobbs

5. Nobody Love by Tori Kelly

6. Lucy by Destra

7. Kissing by Yemi Alade

8. Tina Campbell- Destiny

What are you guys listening to right now? Let me know!


Monday Motivation: No Pressure!

Monday Motivation: No Pressure!

Hi guys!

I hope your weekend was excellent! Here in Ontario,Canada we celebrated Victoria Day which meant most people had Monday off. ( I was one of them 🙂 ) I took the opportunity to visit family and friends out-of-town. What a blessing it was to just unwind and regroup and spend time with some of the people who I love the most in this world!

I just have a quick post for you today. There is an artist by the name of Jonathan McReynolds that I stumbled across a few years back. He had a hit song called  “I Love You” that was so delicately played and sung, that I immediately was drawn to his ministry.  He is working on a new project and I came across one of his new songs called “No Pressure”. What a beautifully written song! The lyrics are as follows:

I, I can’t even turn on my phone
Without being reminded of the lie
That I am alone and broken, unsuccessful
I, I can’t always talk to my friends
‘Cause they’ve got expectations
That I may or may not be living up to
I really need to rid myself

Of the pressure, pressure, pressure
To be someone else that the world has made
Jesus take from me
All the pressure, pressure, pressure
To be someone that you did not create

Help me be me
And only see you
Let me decrease
And glorify you

I, I thought my intentions were good
Just act like a Christian should
And hope someone watching would approve
And be inspired
But you’re not feeling my show
Then how far could I go
Before all of my accomplishment
Go down in fire

Just cause of
Of the pressure, pressure, pressure
To be someone else that the church has made
Jesus take from me
All the pressure, pressure, pressure
To be someone that you did not create

I just wanna live
I just wanna live for you
Nobody else, but you

Often times, society places expectations on us to be what they deem socially acceptable and I find that as a Christian, the church places such pressure on you to be a model “citizen” of  Christendom . However, sometimes as we who follow  Christ do that, we end up not being genuine in our endeavors to serve Christ. That’s why I love the part of the song that says “…The pressure, pressure, pressure /To be someone else that the world has made /Jesus take from me /All the pressure, pressure, pressure /To be someone that you did not create…”

That’s my prayer this week! That God would take away all the pressure to live up to anyone’s expectations but His. In turn, my living up to His expectations, will serve as an example of what He requires of us. Remember what it says in Romans 12:2

New Living Translation
Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

I hope this song blesses someone this week! God bless!

Jonathan McReynolds

Destiny…. Wow Tina Campbell!!!

Destiny…. Wow Tina Campbell!!!

Have you ever had a song touch you so deeply? Like the song was honestly written for you? That’s exactly how I felt about this song “Destiny” by Tina Campbell( of Mary Mary fame) Tina recently embarked on a solo career after her sister Erica Campbell found great success with her solo debut.

Now, I love me some Mary Mary and I did enjoy Erica’s project,  and love her voice… but there is just something about miss Tina’s voice that gets me right down in my core. Tina went through a real struggle; I mean a real storm this year with infidelity in her marriage .( All of this is documented in her and Erica’s reality show) She showed the true fact that as a Christian you will be faced with storms and that its okay to be angry! But it’s how you channel this anger and how you come out of your storm that speaks volumes! The grace that this woman showed …. man it just got me. She showed the true process and hard work that true forgiveness takes. I hope that if faced with an overwhelming situation like that, that I will be able to exercise grace and forgive just as I expect God ( and others) to forgive me.

Now y’all, I was watching the latest episode of the reality show  where Tina debuts this song during a show and man it gave me chills. Then I went on YouTube and found her singing the song in its entirety; just her voice and an organ … The tears that rolled down my face and the sobs that bellowed from the deepest parts of my stomach… God purposed that song just for me and just in time. With His help I will reach my destiny!

This song and Tina’s solo project isn’t even released yet. It will be released on May 7th. I hope this song blesses you the way it blessed me.


Here are the lyrics:

I’ve got a destination in my view
The road may be bumpy getting there but I’m pressing through
 I will enjoy this journey no matter come what may
I’ll become better and stronger and wiser every day

 I’ve got a vision and a purpose a divine destiny
It may not look like it right now but faith aint what I see
It is the things I hoped for, believing that it will come
And no matter how long it takes I know Gods will shall be done

His will is that I prosper
His will is that I win 
His will is that I fight on 
His will is that I live

 He gave me what I needed when he gave me His son
He gave me hope and a future
He gave me the greatest love.

 And now that I’ve got Jesus helping me along the way
He’s perfected everything about this old girl making me brand new in every way

 So I’m singing Hallelujah I’m not what I used to be
I’m following Jesus every day…. to reach my destiny