Monday Motivation: Do What you Love!

Hey y’all ,

Busy day so here’s a quick post. I spent a lovely weekend surrounded by people I love and spent  this evening with a dear friend at the movies watching “Insurgent”. Now I sit here on my bed reflecting and this is what came to my mind. Each and every moment is precious, not one second on earth is promised. So spend time doing what you love! Spend time with those you love while they are still here. Cherish each moment and never take anything for granted! I’m heading to bed y’all! Do what you do and go with happiness! ( inside Insurgent joke 🙂 )

Before I head to bed let me share with you what I’m Jamming on tonight! (and last night and the night before that… lol I’m obsessed) Naija music is running my life right now ( naija = Nigerian)

Yemi Alade- Kissing off her album “King Of Queens”. 



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