Style Sunday: The One With The Lavender Dress…

Style Sunday: The One With The Lavender Dress…

Hey guys,

Now that the winter is over and the beautiful weather is here where I live, it’s time to bring back this series. Clothing is just so much more fun when it’s not hidden under mountains of layers!

The dress I’m featuring today is a dress I bought to wear to a wedding. As usual, I waited to the very last minute to find a dress… and of course just my luck I was having the hardest time. The wedding was a simple and elegant garden ceremony, so I needed a dress to reflect that. I also was singing at this wedding, so I especially wanted something functional and not intrusive.

Enter, the Lavender dress. Purple is my favourite colour but I don’t usually gravitate towards it in the lighter hue. However, when I saw this dress on the rack, I just had to try it on; and plus the price was RIGHT ( LOL :))

The dress has 3/4 length sleeves and is knee length with a ruffled hem. Now this dress came with a belt, but I got rid of it as I found it looked a little juvenile and made the dress a little more casual than I would have liked . Here it is down below:


Instead for a little more mature flare, I paired this dress with nude open toe heeled sandals  with gold embellishments. I wore extremely bold earrings in the same lavender hued fringe and gold metal hardware that I found at Forever 21, as well as a plain gold chain choker necklace.

Makeup Details: 
Nars Foundation in the shade “Khartoum”
Nars Concealer in the shade  “Truffle”
Mac Loose Pigment in the shade “Rich Purple” as well as the NAKED Heat palette in in the shades ” Ashes” and “Low Blow”
Sephora Collection 12 Hr wear eye liner In the shade “Matte Black”. ( this is a liquid liner)
MAC lip liner in the shade ” Chestnut” with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. in the colour ” L.U.V”


That’s all for today folks!
Have a fabulously stylish day!

Style Sunday: All White Everything…

Style Sunday: All White Everything…

Hey y’all!

Quick post today! I meant to post this outfit last week, but the Steelers were playing the Jaguars and after a very intense game, I was just pooped! ( LOL shout out to my amazing server at Shoeless Joes who caught the brunt of my animated football watching and got a tray full of drinks spilled on her… hangs head in shame LOL)

Anyway, the women’s  ministry at my church had requested that we all wear white. Now, I work in children’s ministry, so all white is typically not an option and in general white is not a colour I gravitate to. So on the hunt I went. One piece I found in my closet and one I had to purchase.

First, let me confess… I wore off white, closer to champagne because stark white is not really my thing!

So earlier in the summer, I had a few “All white attire ” events to attend , I went on to search for a dress or skirt to wear and I found one but it was too dressy. Luckily it came in handy for this outfit.

The skirt is a white tulle, mid length skirt. It has an elastic waist that allows for ultimate comfort. This skirt is so comfortable. It was constructed for a taller person (5’7 and taller) which I am not  but it still worked for me. I just wore it high waisted 🙂  This skirt currently retails for $34.00 Canadian.

Find it here: Tall Emily Boutique Tulle Mesh Midi Skirt alternative image

I found a bodysuit at Forever 21 that matched almost perfectly! Pretty basic long sleeve off white bodysuit with some minor gold details through it! find it here

Metallic Knit Bodysuit



I paired this outfit with beige lace up mules, and a silver and crystal statement necklace.  My makeup with simple with a nude lip ( Sanctuary by Kat Von D) and black eyeliner ( I know super basic, but hey it worked)


Thats it guys! Have an awesome week and remember ,




Style Sunday: 6 Fall Fashion Must Haves…

Style Sunday:  6 Fall Fashion Must Haves…

Hey guys!

Fall has arrived here in Canada and has brought its brisk and chilly temperatures with it!  This means that I needed to do a much needed inventory of my closets. Lately, I’ve been trying to minimize my closet which got me to thinking about what I considered to be my most essential Fall fashion must haves! I thought I’d share what I’d be reaching for the most this season!

  1. Black Leggings: These are my most reached for item! So comfortable and are easily styled so many different ways.  I have been reaching for pairs from Garage Clothing and  ones from Aritzia 
Garage Clothing: High Rise French Terry Leggings $19.95 Photo ©garage clothing
Aritzia Equator Legging: $22.00 Photo courtesy of ©Aritzia

2. Oversized Denim Jacket : I found one in New York a last month and have been obsessed ever since! When it’s not freezing enough for a puffy coat or jacket, I just reach for this jacket. Here’s a link to a similar one 

Zoe Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket alternative image
Oversized denim jacket : Boohoo $ 41.00 photo courtesy of ©

3. Blanket Scarves: These are the perfect things to add to any outfit. Practical and fashionable. Most of mine, I actually thrifted from my moms closet! The others I have found from places like Forever 21, Ardene and Garage Clothing, to name a few. Here’s a link to one you may like. 

Garage Clothing: Plaid Blanket Scarf $12.00 photo courtesy of ©garage clothing

4.  Chunky Heeled Booties: Comfort is key for me this season, which is why I constantly reach for a more thick heeled shoe. I have been loving this pair from Old Navy. I loved them so much I picked them up in black and olive green! Old Navy comes in clutch with the 40% off and super cash! I managed to pick these up for $23.00 each!

product photo
Old Navy $49.00 original price photo courtesy of ©Old Navy

5. Cold Shoulder Tops/ Sweaters: There is something really appealing to me about an open shoulder! A tasteful way to show some skin especially in the workplace (lol) Here is a link to a style I have been loving.


Ribbed Open-Shoulder Sweater
Cold Shoulder Sweater $24.90 photo courtesy of ©Forever 21

6. Loafers: I have been loving loafers lately. Call me a granny ,but these are some comfortable and practical shoes and they are coming out with some styles that are pretty fashionable these days. Last year I picked up two pairs of velvet loafers from forever 21 on the sale rack for… wait for it… $6.00 a piece!! Hooray for clearance shopping! Those are no longer in stock so here is a link to similar ones.

Faux Suede Penny Loafers
Loafer Forever 21 $22.99 photo courtesy of ©Forever 21 

That’s it for today folks! Have a wonderfully stylish week!!

Style Sunday: The One With The Denim Boots…

Style Sunday: The One With The Denim Boots…

Funny story… I wasn’t supposed to have these boots. I was NYC for my birthday weekend and we went out in the city to concert and dinner. I saw the boots that night on a girl at BBQ’s restaurant ( Manhattan ) and fell in love!! Anyway, cut to the next morning. My bestie and I were on our way to the nail salon in the Bronx ( the boots long forgotten) when we got there it was still closed.

So we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood, and came upon a location of the store V.I.M. We walked in and went over to the shoe section, and would you believe the boots I wanted were sitting right there….. but I walked right past them! I didn’t even notice them, I showed my bestie a different pair of shoes and she looked at me soooo crazy ! I was confused so I asked her, “What?!!” I followed her eyes to the right of where I was standing and finally recognized the boots! Needless to say I scooped them right up and the best thing was there was a sale going on and it was buy pair get one half price!!! 🙂

So  I guess it is no surprise that this Sunday’s post features this lovely pair of boots.  First let’s go over the outfit details

Fall weather has quickly fallen upon us where I live, so with that, for me, comes the resurgence of dark, vampy colours. Today’s choice was classic black !!

I paired a black bodysuit from Forever 21. Simple, lycra material. Very stretchy and forgiving of all my squishy parts (LOL) They no longer carry the same one but here is a link to one that is very similar: (click here)

Next I added an A-Line faux leather skirt from H&M. The skirt is high waisted and rests just above the knee on me( I’m 5’4) . For my bottom heavy sisters, you may want to go a size up as it tends to ride up in the back over your posterior!

To finish the outfit off, I added a black sleeveless jacket that I purchased at a store called Sirens a few years back. This jacket has peekaboo sides. It has buttons to wear it closed, but I prefer to leave it open. It was the perfect piece to complete this outfit.

Finally, the piece de resistance –  the denim boots!  These boots are actually thigh high. What I love about these boots is the block heel which makes them super comfy. I wore them to church and worked in children’s ministry and I didn’t even have to change into my flats! The boots are already unique, but what makes them even more unique is the fact that they are distressed! Anybody who knows me, knows that I LOVE a good pair of ripped jeans! These boots are literally like wearing a pair of jeans without actually wearing jeans! So many people today were like, ” We though you were wearing jeans under your dress! (LOL) Fooled ya!! 🙂

I threw on my classic gold hoops and my cross/baby ring necklace that I never take off.

,I kept my makeup super simple. I literally just wore eyeliner, mascara and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. That’s it folks!


That’s all for today !
XOXO Happy Sunday and remember …


Style Sunday: I May Be Obsessed With Mustard Yellow…

Style Sunday: I May Be Obsessed With Mustard Yellow…

Hey y’all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA but the end of summer just creeped up on me and I had to enjoy the last few weeks! I promise I am back to regularly scheduled blog posts!

Ok, now that that is aside, I just wanted to share with you a few of my weekend outfits! I had a couple of events to attend this weekend and it just so happened that mustard yellow seemed to be a trend for me this weekend.

Outfit One: Ripped Jeans and a Mustard Yellow Kimono.

I wore this outfit to a birthday brunch for my friend at Toronto’s  The Drake Hotel (Check out my blog post on the restaurant here) Sidenote: hands down the best chicken and waffles ever.


I found these jeans at  Old Navy on the sale rack. I think I picked them up for something ridiculous like 9 dollars! They are extremely distressed which I LOVE ! ( My dad asked me if my jeans were supposed to look like that LOL) They are also a high waisted fit which is very comfortable for me. These jeans also have a lot of stretch in them which makes them easy to wear for long periods of time ( think about eating a really good meal, who wants uncomfortable jeans on after that??! Not I!!! )

I paired them with a plain white camisole from Forever 21. My mustard and maroon kimono is also from Forever 21 ( last year) I love the velvet detailing of the maroon patches. It adds some diversity to the otherwise plain kimono and the tassel detailing just  brings this kimono all together. This kimono allows me to embrace my inner hippie and still keep it grunge!:)

On my feet, I just had on my rose gold slippers from Aldo Shoes. I have worn the heck out of these shoes this summer! I actually think I am going to go back and pick up another pair for next summer!

For jewellery I only added some big hoops and of course my necklace that I never take off!

For my makeup, I literally wore eyeliner ( Maybelline Unstoppable in Onyx) and Lipgloss ( MAC Lipglass in the colour Bittersweet Me) Guys, NO FOUNDATION! ( Come through skin!!! lol)



Outfit 2: White pencil dress and a Mustard Yellow Blazer…

This was a church outfit. Today my goddaughter was getting christened at church, so I wanted to wear something bright and cheery .

I purchased this white pencil dress from a store called Sirens. This was literally a purchase on whim a few weeks back for an all white event I had to go to. So comfortable!  It literally hugs every curve though, so if that’s not a look you are interested in, perhaps this dress is not the one for you.  I paired it with a mustard yellow blazer. What drew me to this particular blazer were the interesting peplum sleeves. I also really liked the oversized style of this jacket. I like the fact that you can wear this piece as a blazer or even as a light jacket if you prefer.

I just threw on some low heeled nude pumps today ( I just couldn’t manage real heels today lol)  gold hoops and that’s it!

I wore light makeup: just some concealer ( late nights caught up with me lol) eyeliner and a fuchsia pink pout to compliment the yellow!


Thanks for stopping in y’all!

Style Sunday: Olive Green Pants and A White Ruffle Top…

Style Sunday: Olive Green Pants and A White Ruffle Top…

Hey y’all!

Real quick post today as I am up at the crack of dawn about to head to the airport for some much needed R&R!

I put together this quick outfit that I liked so much I wore it to two events recently. First to a concert and then yesterday to a book launch event for my good friend!

I found these olive green culotte pants at a store called Suzy Shier. These pants are definitely not my usual style , but once I put them on I didn’t want to take them off! They are a cotton/ polyester blend. They have a built in belt that helps them sit on your waist just right.

I paired it with this super cute off the shoulder shirt that I found at H&M by mistake! I definitely walked by this shirt several times until I was headed out the door and it caught my eye. So back into the change room I ran to try it on and the rest is history! I like that there is a little spandex in the part of the shirt that rests of the shoulder so its comfortably.

I kept my accessories simple: gold hoops, gold cross necklace and some rose gold slippers.

Pink lips and eyeliner completed this simple yet fashionable look!


Have a wonderful fashionable week !!!


Style Sunday: All White Everything…

Style Sunday: All White Everything…

Hey guys!

The famous Sunday nap turned into a Sunday 6 hour sleep that I am just awaking from! ( How will I ever sleep tonight??!) Anyway, just wanted to share a quick outfit with you before I attack my kitchen in search of some provisions (LOL)

I attended a  30th birthday celebration for a friend of mine and the dress code was all white. Now, if you know me, I am super clumsy which results in me often missing my mouth when I’m eating and ending up wearing my meal ( shout out to my lil sis Shanice who knows the struggle LOL)  So wearing all white, or even white is not something I generally do!

However, to be obedient I went on the hunt for something white to wear. I searched in my closet and was able to dig out a little white summer dress I purchased from H&M a few years back. It was a little shorter than I remembered ( it was probably purchased  to wear on a beach somewhere ) so I paired it with a long open faced white  knit vest with peekaboo detailing on the side. I love this vest because it is very light and the perfect piece to just through on with any outfit. I picked this vest out from H&M as well.


I paired this outfit with some nude high heeled lace up mules from Aldo. Literally the most comfortable pair of shoes ever.

I kept the jewelry minimal; gold hoop earrings and my gold chain with my cross and baby ring on it. ( I actually rarely ever take this off!)

Makeup: Naked Heat Palette and Best lipstick by Stila were the main attractions!


That’s it for today folks ! Have a stylish week!!


Style Sunday: The One With The T-Shirt…

Style Sunday: The One With The T-Shirt…

Hey loves!

Super quick post today! I took my Sunday nap( Sunday naps are essential) and woke up with a fever 😦 and I need to be in full force this week so… back to bed I go. However before I go,I just wanted to share with you what I wore to church today. I just wasn’t in the mood to get extremely dressed up today. The weather was kind of blah ( umm where has “summer” gone in Ontario???)

So I grabbed a t- shirt that I love, that I purchased at a PC4M poetry event ( if you haven’t heard their poetry, search them up on youtube and listen in… really deep spoken word. )

The words on the shirt read ” Book Chapter Verse” which is basically a bold statement meaning whatever you say, make sure you can back it up biblically aka  quote me the book ,chapter and verse. I thought it was cute and I enjoyed what it stood for!

I attend a predominantly Jamaican pentecostal church, so as much as I would’ve loved to pair my t-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans and some J’s , that wasn’t happening! So I decided to pair it with a black tea length a-line tulle skirt that I purchased on Ebay years ago. ( I looked recently and it’s still on the site in many different colours for purchase)

Image result for tea length a line black tulle skirt


On my feet, I wore some low chunky heeled sandals from ZARA that I found on the sale rack last year for a whopping $13..99!!  These are honestly the worlds most comfortable shoes!!

Related image

It was a little cool so I threw on a black faux leather jacket from Zara ( purchased years ago)


I accessorized with some huge gold hoops and a gold statement necklace.I kept the makeup light because I’m detoxing my skin right now! So just some concealer , translucent powder, mascara and of course a bold red lip!


That’s it loves! I’m running back to bed!!! Talk to you soon and remember…

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Style Sunday: The Blue and White Striped Dress…

Style Sunday: The Blue and White Striped Dress…

Hey guys!

So… my style  aesthetic has kind of been all over the place this summer. But,I think I have narrowed it down to the one thing I am looking for in an outfit which is…. COMFORT!I have really been drawn to shift dresses, bold patterns and classic streamlined pieces. This post is about the most comfortable shift dress to ever exist!

I was perusing the shelves at my local Old Navy and right at the front, there was a rack with some shift dresses. Now, being a girl with some curves, a shift dress is not usually something I would usually gravitate towards. But this particular one caught my eye!

It was an off the shoulder, vertically striped, blue and white ( which is a colour scheme I am really loving right now)  dress which was a cotton blend. So it was super soft to the touch! I put on my brave face and went into the change room and tried it on… and never wanted to take it off! It was extremely comfortable and surprisingly figure flattering! The dress also has three quarter length sleeves with tie up detailing which I thought was really cute!

The dress is super casual, but what is nice about the dress is that your can dress it up if you needed too!

The dress currently retails for $25.97 on the Old Navy website and I do believe you can still find it in stores.

product photo

This time I chose to keep it casual and here’s how I styled it:


I simply paired it with my cross/ baby ring necklace ( that I never take off lol) a super big pair of  hoop earrings and some super ancient gold tie up sandals! I kept the makeup simple with some concealer, setting powder, eyeliner and a new lip colour I’m trying out from MAC called ” Oh, Lady” from the retro matte liquid lip colour line.

So that’s it folks! Thanks for sticking with mw through this long hiatus! Love you all and remember…

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Style Sunday: Frills and Florals….

Style Sunday: Frills and Florals….

Hey guys!

Really quick post today. On Friday I went window shopping ( yes I stress window shopping… I really had no intention of purchasing ANYTHING lol ) with a friend of mine, and we ventured into a store called Suzy Shier. My friend was looking for something in particular and I was just perusing the shelves. Lo and behold… there she was… the beautiful dress I will show you in this post.

I almost left it in the store y’all simply because I didn’t want to try it on ( I hate trying on clothes in the store) but my friend persuaded me to and man…. am I ever grateful I did!

Here is the dress: (the model pictured is not me lol)

Floral Bardot Sheath Dress with Flounce

I loved this dress at first sight because it incorporates 3 of this seasons trends that I love: florals, frills and an off the shoulder sleeve.

The dress retails for $48.00 dollars but Suzy Shier is currently having a 30% off sale  in store on dresses so I ended up getting it for much cheaper ! If you are interested in purchasing this dress here is the link:( click here)

Here’s how I styled it :


I paired this dress with simple nude pumps and a crystal statement necklace.  I kept my makeup simple with some MAC pressed powder, black eyeliner , mascara and a purple/pink lip ( Kat Von D L.U.V.) and of course some highlight from Kylie Cosmetics in “Salted Caramel”. I curled my hair overnight in some Flexi rods and fingers combed them out this morning and that was the look!

What trends are you loving this season?

Have a great evening and remember…