Style Sunday: Comfortable Jeans…

Hi guys!

Real quick Style Sunday post today. It’s been a crazy busy weekend and the weekend is not even over yet! One more event to go to, but I wanted to quickly jump on here and share one of my weekend wears!

On Friday evening after a particularly busy work week, my work girlfriends and I just wanted to grab a bite to eat and have a super chill evening.I had been feeling pretty blah all week so I just wanted to spruce myself up. Of course I couldn’t go super glam because we literally had no plans but to eat and sit on someones couch ( lol) so I brought out a few basic pieces: blue jeans, a plaid shirt and a blazer!

Now, anybody who knows me, knows I love a good pair of jeans and I think I have found my “holy grail” pair!

Old Navy has these jeans called the “Curvy Skinnys” which cater to a lady with a curvy posterior like myself ( heyyyyy :P) Guys….. literally like heaven on my body! I always had to buy a size jeans bigger to fit my curves, but with this style of jean, I can actually wear my correct size! They come in a variety of shades and styles and for this outfit I wore a light blue, distressed pair. I decided to wear them cuffed on this day because the weather is FINALLY getting warmer and I wanted my ankles to be free!!!!  These jeans normally retail for $39.50 but I scored them for $19.50! ( I went nuts and bought like 5 pairs…. 🙂 )  You can find them at your local Old Navy or on their website.

This is the exacr pair I have. 

I wanted a splash of colour to match my mood and the weather so I paired it with a black and yellow plaid shirt. I honestly don’t remember where I got this from. It’s pretty vintage and has been in my closet for years. Check your local thrift stores, something similar may pop up!

Next, because it was evening and a little cool, I layered this outfit with a three quarter length sleeveless black blazer. You can read all about that great find in one of my previous blogs right here. This blazer retails for $39.99.

Finally, to finish this outfit off, I paired it with simple flat black booties! I picked these up on a visit to the Bronx, NY at a store on Fordham. I don’t remember where, either Rainbow or the shoe store a few stores down from the McDonalds (LOL)  I remember they were $14.99!

's Slip-on Bootie (Black):
my boots are similar to these boots

I threw on some gold hoops and pink lipstick and was on my way!


That’s  it for today guys! Have an amazing Sunday afternoon!!



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