All About Fred: My Favorite Fred Hammond Tracks!

Hey guys!

I love music! Anyone who knows me can tell you that! Anyone who reads this blog should know that!! So last night while I was watching the Snoozeball… I mean the Superbowl ( lol no shade but this game was so boring, not exciting at all and none of my teams were playing.. GO JETS.. 🙂  ) I decided to explore my Apple Music.

Sidenote: To all my Apple device users, If you don’t already have Apple Music… go get it!! For $9.99 you have all the music you could possibly desire right at your fingertips!

Anyway, I stumbled upon a track by Fred Hammond that I hadn’t heard in YEARS and it got me to thinking of how many great tracks Fred Hammond has sung/produced/been a part of. So, I decided to compile a list of my favorite tracks by him! I originally tried to do a top 3…. impossible… I tried to do a top 5.. still pretty impossible so I picked my 11 favorites! I’ll try to pick my favorites from my top eleven list 🙂 and leave a snippet of my favorite lyrics from each song!

In no particular order:

 1: Glory to Glory to Glory 

My mom brought me a cassette tape ( for my younger readers  cassette tapes came before the cd) from Ladies Retreat in 1995 so I can honestly say this is when I really fell in love with Fred’s music ( a part from his stuff with commissioned of course)

Let the people praise Him
Rejoice in all his goodness
And be thankful for all he has done
Tell the generations
From the mountains to the valley
By His spirit the victory is won

2: Lord of the Harvest

Eternal Lord, King of Saints, Age to Age
All our love, All our Praise, Night and Day
With this song, and our lives, now we praise
There’s no one, to take your place, Lord you Rule
We worship You!

3: You Called Me Friend

[Verse 1:]
Perfect And True
Pure In All Your Ways
O Lord, There Is None Else Like You, No One Like You
And All These Things Keep Me In Awe Of You
For I’M Overwhelmed That You Would Call Me Friend

What Is A Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him?
Could An Awesome God Find Common Ground Within?
Just To Know That You Delight To Be With Me
Fills My Heart, With So Much Joy

[Verse 2: Solo]
Ruler Of Everything
You Are Creator, Lord And King
Willing You Have Taken My Debt As Your Own
I Would Gladly Give All To Be A Servant Or A Slave
For I’M Overwhelmed That You Would Call Me Friend

(So three songs in a this is already a contender for my favorite… just totally had to stop writing and get my worship on for a sec! 🙂 )  Take a listen down below :

4: We’re Blessed
( I mean what would this post be without this song! )

Late in the midnight hour
God’s gonna turn it around
It’s gonna work in your favor

5: Show Me Your Face

Heres what I’m counting on with you
Lord you know me through and through
Remove the broken pieces
All the fragments and debris
Till there’s nothing left of me
And I say, here is a heart yielded totally, totally

Take a listen right here:

6: Thank You Lord For Being There For Me 

Thank You Lord for being there for me, for me
I’ve gotta say thank You Lord for being there for me
Seemed like I was going down, but Your love came in and rescued me
Wanna thank You Lord for being there for me
Wanna thank You Lord for being there for me

7: Lord How I Love You

( I really love this song and know my homegirl Cass loves it too so shout out to you Mrs Cassamajor! ❤ ) love you and miss you !! xoxo

Lord my heart is yours
It all belongs to you
I give you all the glory,
Yes, I love you
I worship and adore
I’m gonna to tell you more
Oh oh, Lord how much I really do love you

( definitely one of my favorites 🙂  ) Such a simple song with simple words but the few words speak the entire disposition of my heart.)

8: No Weapon

God will do what He say He would do
He will stand by His word
And He will come through
God will do what He say He would do
He will stand by His word
And He will come through


9: You Are The Living Word:

Awesome ruler, gentle Redeemer
God with us, the Living Truth
And what a friend we have in you
You are the Living Word [x2]

(But when we put it all together this is what we like to call You…)

Jesus, Jesus! That’s what we call you
Manger born, but on a tree
You died to save humanity
You are the Living Word [x4]

( The vamp of this song is probably one of my favorite arrangements to sing! The vamp starts at around 3:10) 

10: When You Praise:

when you praise, when you praise,
their should be a fire in your heart.
hands up raised, when you praise,
consuming every part because you know
the GOD we serve will make
his presence known, when you praise,
when you praise.

when we think of how wonderful
and merciful and kind
our GOD has been to us.
then we know every glory hallelujah
he deserves, when we praise

11: Breathe Into Me Oh Lord:

Breathe into me oh Lord, the breath of life
So that my spirit would be whole
And my soul made right
Breathe into me oh Lord, day by day
So that my heart is pure before You, always, always

Unto Thee oh Lord do I lift up my soul
It’s only by Your hand
That I can be made whole
So Lord breathe on me
And revive my spirit within
And I’ll never be the same

Okay so the time has come to narrow it down to five…. drumroll please…. in no particular order:

  1. Breathe Into Me Oh Lord
  2. You Are The Living Word
  3. No Weapon
  4. Lord How I Love You 
  5. You Called Me Friend ( this might be my favourite… : P) 
    and a real close contender… Show Me Your Face 

Do you guys have an artist that has a wide collection of music that you love? Who? Are there any other Fred Hammond lovers out there? What’s your favorite track? Let me know!

Have an awesome day!



One thought on “All About Fred: My Favorite Fred Hammond Tracks!

  1. Lord You Are My Song
    (You’re the tone of power in the key of honour; filled with glory LORD YOU ARE MY SONG ugh…lyrics!!!)


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