Really… What is man…. RIP

Just Love Them Anyway

Just heard some pretty devastating news… another young life cut short. Another mother without her child tonight….

It is so sad that in my short time on this earth (I’m in my late twenties) I’ve had to bury so many friends, acquaintances and family members. It would be one thing If these young people were passing away from terminal illnesses or freak accidents… But no, they are dying because of senseless acts of violence or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My heart is broken thinking about these young people my friends: Chantel Dunn; a York University student hit by a bullet while picking up a friend from a community center.( 1986-2006) My friend Niala, murdered by a jealous boyfriend ( who then later killed himself)( 2002) Jonathan Romero, murdered in an unprovoked fight ( 2003) Xavier,(murder: 2007)  Jason (murder: 2009), Polo ( murder: 2008), Devon…

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