Beauty Blog: Products YouTube Made Me Buy….

Hi guys!

Today I thought I would  do a quick and fun beauty blog today! Have you ever watched a commercial on tv and had the product placement  catch you? ! Are you one of those people who sees something on the home shopping network and says ” that looks cool, I should buy it!” Okay… I confess.. I’m one of those people ( hangs head in mock shame) But instead of the home shopping network, its YouTube!. My name is Sophia and I’m addicted to YouTube ( lol) If it’s advertised on YouTube, I will buy it ( LOL) I thought I would share with you a few of the products YouTube made me buy : )

  1. Its Judy Time Palette:  I absolutely love Judy and her family. I enjoy watching their daily vlogs and that’s what led me to her beauty channel. I must say, while I liked the colours, I didn’t “love them”( I only use a few) but I bought it because well Judy made it! This was a limited time offer. Would I ever repurchase it? Probably not!
  2. Every single drug store mascara I have ever bought has been because of YouTube! You know those pesky ads that YouTube has? You know the ones you can;t skip? Well for a period of time, they were all of  mascara products. Check out my blog on my favorite drug store mascaras here!

    My favorite mascara YouTube made me buy! Maybelline Lash Sensational..
  3.  Take Me to Brazil Palette by BH Cosmetics: LOVE this palette! I watched a tutorial of a girl using it and fell in love! I loved it so much, I picked up one for a friend who is an up and coming beauty guru in the making 😉 
  4. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams: I like them, but I’m not completely sold on the hype! ( shakes fist at YouTube) I have 3 of them: Antwerp, Transylvania and Abu Dhabi. I honestly only ever wear Transylvania anymore…. meh 🙂 
  5. Last but not least: Origins Charcoal Mask: Probably the best thing I bought off of a YouTube suggestion. If im not using my natural Oubel face masks, you can find me using this! I will always have this in my beauty collection. I especially like to use this when I am travelling to hot and humid places ( especially when I’m in the Caribbean) It’s such a convenient product. A little goes a long way 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this quick beauty blog! Are there any products you have tried solely on the recommendation of YouTube?  Let me know!



One thought on “Beauty Blog: Products YouTube Made Me Buy….

  1. Yay!!! I’m all caught up now! lolol
    I really like this one. YouTube is a problem. Every natural hair product I see, I run and purchase lolol and don’t get me started and the makeup!

    Oh and….THANKS AGAIN (wink wink)


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