Beauty Blog: Products YouTube Made Me Buy….

Beauty Blog: Products YouTube Made Me Buy….

Hi guys!

Today I thought I would  do a quick and fun beauty blog today! Have you ever watched a commercial on tv and had the product placement  catch you? ! Are you one of those people who sees something on the home shopping network and says ” that looks cool, I should buy it!” Okay… I confess.. I’m one of those people ( hangs head in mock shame) But instead of the home shopping network, its YouTube!. My name is Sophia and I’m addicted to YouTube ( lol) If it’s advertised on YouTube, I will buy it ( LOL) I thought I would share with you a few of the products YouTube made me buy : )

  1. Its Judy Time Palette:  I absolutely love Judy and her family. I enjoy watching their daily vlogs and that’s what led me to her beauty channel. I must say, while I liked the colours, I didn’t “love them”( I only use a few) but I bought it because well Judy made it! This was a limited time offer. Would I ever repurchase it? Probably not!
  2. Every single drug store mascara I have ever bought has been because of YouTube! You know those pesky ads that YouTube has? You know the ones you can;t skip? Well for a period of time, they were all of  mascara products. Check out my blog on my favorite drug store mascaras here!

    My favorite mascara YouTube made me buy! Maybelline Lash Sensational..
  3.  Take Me to Brazil Palette by BH Cosmetics: LOVE this palette! I watched a tutorial of a girl using it and fell in love! I loved it so much, I picked up one for a friend who is an up and coming beauty guru in the making 😉 
  4. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams: I like them, but I’m not completely sold on the hype! ( shakes fist at YouTube) I have 3 of them: Antwerp, Transylvania and Abu Dhabi. I honestly only ever wear Transylvania anymore…. meh 🙂 
  5. Last but not least: Origins Charcoal Mask: Probably the best thing I bought off of a YouTube suggestion. If im not using my natural Oubel face masks, you can find me using this! I will always have this in my beauty collection. I especially like to use this when I am travelling to hot and humid places ( especially when I’m in the Caribbean) It’s such a convenient product. A little goes a long way 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this quick beauty blog! Are there any products you have tried solely on the recommendation of YouTube?  Let me know!


Wednesday Weekly Reads: 5 Books YouTube Made Me Read….

Wednesday Weekly  Reads: 5 Books YouTube Made Me Read….

Hey Guys,

I haven’t done a Wednesday Weekly Reads in quite some time because quite frankly, I haven’t been enjoying the books that I have chosen recently : (  I do promise to do an updated What I’m Currently Reading post and an Updated TBR list  to see what progress( or lack thereof lol) I made on my previous TBR.

But lets segue from that and dive into a fun topic! Books YouTube “made” me read . There are quite a few of them! I’d like to share a few of them with you and my brief opinion on them.

  1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: I really enjoyed this book. This was my first John Green book and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I really wanted to read this book because I wanted to see the movie ( I have this weird thing about reading the book before watching the movie :P) So I purchased it. Seeing as it is categorized as  Young Adult Fiction, it was very inexpensive.( 10.99 CND) I had never heard about this book until I saw it on YouTube and everyone was raving about it! I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a good cry!                                                                                                     Synopsis: Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.
  2. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. I was so amped to read this book and was severely let down.  I did not enjoy this  book at all. I actually purchased this book… I wish I would have borrowed this one from the library. I honestly only finished this because I paid for it lol . Maybe this is a great literary piece of fiction and its allegories are above me… but yeah it’s not something i would ever recommend.                                     Synopsis: Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet . . . So begins this debut novel about a mixed-race family living in 1970s Ohio and the tragedy that will either be their undoing or their salvation. Lydia is the favorite child of Marilyn and James Lee; their middle daughter, a girl who inherited her mother’s bright blue eyes and her father’s jet-black hair. Her parents are determined that Lydia will fulfill the dreams they were unable to pursue—in Marilyn’s case that her daughter become a doctor rather than a homemaker, in James’s case that Lydia be popular at school, a girl with a busy social life and the center of every party.

    When Lydia’s body is found in the local lake, the delicate balancing act that has been keeping the Lee family together tumbles into chaos, forcing them to confront the long-kept secrets that have been slowly pulling them apart.

  3. Americanah by Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie: LOVED this book. I purchased an e-book copy of this book off of Itunes. I actually would like to purchase a hard copy of this book for my collection. I would recommend this book for everyone to read! This was the first book I read by this author. I have recently read “Purple Hibiscus” by her and have ” Half of  A Yelllow Sun” on my TBR ( i actually started this book a long time ago but got sidetracked and put it down)                                                                            Synopsis: As teenagers in a Lagos secondary school, Ifemelu and Obinze fall in love. Their Nigeria is under military dictatorship, and people are leaving the country if they can. Ifemelu—beautiful, self-assured—departs for America to study. She suffers defeats and triumphs, finds and loses relationships and friendships, all the while feeling the weight of something she never thought of back home: race. Obinze—the quiet, thoughtful son of a professor—had hoped to join her, but post-9/11 America will not let him in, and he plunges into a dangerous, undocumented life in London.

    Years later, Obinze is a wealthy man in a newly democratic Nigeria, while Ifemelu has achieved success as a writer of an eye-opening blog about race in America. But when Ifemelu returns to Nigeria, and she and Obinze reignite their shared passion—for their homeland and for each other—they will face the toughest decisions of their lives.

  4. Mosquitoland by David Arnold: Wow what a strangely intoxicating and captivating read! I read this book because I saw it on the channel of a girl whose book choices are pretty similar to mine ( Peruse Project) Good choice! I think I read this book in a day and a bit. I wasn’t completely sold on how it ended but all in all, it was a good read.   Synopsis:After the sudden collapse of her family, Mim Malone is dragged from her home in northern Ohio to the “wastelands” of Mississippi, where she lives in a medicated milieu with her dad and new stepmom. Before the dust has a chance to settle, she learns her mother is sick back in Cleveland.

    So she ditches her new life and hops aboard a northbound Greyhound bus to her real home and her real mother, meeting a quirky cast of fellow travelers along the way. But when her thousand-mile journey takes a few turns she could never see coming, Mim must confront her own demons, redefining her notions of love, loyalty, and what it means to be sane.

  5. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I literally went on the waitlist at the library for MONTHS for this book because everyone and their mother was raving about it on YouTube, I’m not into fantasy fiction at all, but I do enjoy a good dystopian plot which this book had elements of. But guys, 25 pages in and I was OVER IT. I just simply couldn’t finish it. You may like it though, Everyone had great things to say about it 🙂     Synopsis:The Reds are commoners, ruled by a Silver elite in possession of god-like superpowers. And to Mare Barrow, a seventeen-year-old Red girl from the poverty-stricken Stilts, it seems like nothing will ever change.

    That is, until she finds herself working in the Silver Palace. Here, surrounded by the people she hates the most, Mare discovers that, despite her red blood, she possesses a deadly power of her own. One that threatens to destroy the balance of power.

    Fearful of Mare’s potential, the Silvers hide her in plain view, declaring her a long-lost Silver princess, now engaged to a Silver prince. Despite knowing that one misstep would mean her death, Mare works silently to help the Red Guard, a militant resistance group, and bring down the Silver regime.

    But this is a world of betrayal and lies, and Mare has entered a dangerous dance – Reds against Silvers, prince against prince, and Mare against her own heart..Maybe you’ll find a book on this list that strikes your fancy! Happy Reading!  xoxo . ( All synopsis were found on

Wednesday Weekly Reads: I Love The Book I’m Reading…. and I Have Tons Of Magazines To Read!

Wednesday Weekly Reads: I Love The Book I’m Reading…. and I Have Tons Of Magazines To Read!

Hey y’all,

Quick edition of Wednesday Weekly Reads this week. I am currently tandem reading two books. The first one being, “When The Moon Is Low” by Nadia Hashimi. She is the same author who wrote the book, “The Pearl Who Book It’s Shell” which I absolutely loved.  ( I read it earlier this year.) Here is its quick synopsis:

In Kabul, 2007, with a drug-addicted father and no brothers, Rahima and her sisters can only sporadically attend school, and can rarely leave the house. Their only hope lies in the ancient custom of bacha posh, which allows young Rahima to dress and be treated as a boy until she is of marriageable age. As a son, she can attend school, go to the market, and chaperone her older sisters.But Rahima is not the first in her family to adopt this unusual custom. A century earlier, her great-great grandmother, Shekiba, left orphaned by an epidemic, saved herself and built a new life the same way.Crisscrossing in time, The Pearl the Broke Its Shell interweaves the tales of these two women separated by a century who share similar destinies. But what will happen once Rahima is of marriageable age? Will Shekiba always live as a man? And if Rahima cannot adapt to life as a bride, how will she survive? (

I encourage everyone to read this book if they get a chance. It really delves into the plight that many Afghani women have to face. 

Her next book also depicts the plight of life in a war torn country.  Except this time, the story deals with the hardships that fall on a family, who has lost the patriarch and are trying to escape and make a life for themselves elsewhere. The synopsis of ” When The Moon is Low” is as follows:

Mahmoud’s passion for his wife Fereiba, a schoolteacher, is greater than any love she’s ever known. But their happy, middle-class world—a life of education, work, and comfort—implodes when their country is engulfed in war, and the Taliban rises to power.

Mahmoud, a civil engineer, becomes a target of the new fundamentalist regime and is murdered. Forced to flee Kabul with her three children, Fereiba has one hope to survive: she must find a way to cross Europe and reach her sister’s family in England. With forged papers and help from kind strangers they meet along the way, Fereiba make a dangerous crossing into Iran under cover of darkness. Exhausted and brokenhearted but undefeated, Fereiba manages to smuggle them as far as Greece. But in a busy market square, their fate takes a frightening turn when her teenage son, Saleem, becomes separated from the rest of the family.

Faced with an impossible choice, Fereiba pushes on with her daughter and baby, while Saleem falls into the shadowy underground network of undocumented Afghans who haunt the streets of Europe’s capitals. Across the continent Fereiba and Saleem struggle to reunite, and ultimately find a place where they can begin to reconstruct their lives.(

I’m just about finished with this book as its story is so captivating, I can’t put it down. I hope to finish this up by Friday.

Next, I started reading a book entitled, “The Crying Tree” by Naseem Rakha, It is also really good. I picked this book on a whim while perusing the shelves of my local library. The synopsis of this book is as follows:

Irene and Nate Stanley are living a quiet and contented life with their two children, Bliss and Shep, on their family farm in southern Illinois when Nate suddenly announces he’s been offered a job as a deputy sheriff in Oregon. Irene fights her husband. She doesn’t want to uproot her family and has deep misgivings about the move. Nevertheless, the family leaves, and they’re just settling into their life in Oregon’s high desert when the unthinkable happens. Fifteen-year-old Shep is shot and killed during an apparent robbery in their home. The murderer, a young mechanic with a history of assault, robbery, and drug-related offenses, is caught and sentenced to death.

Shep’s murder sends the Stanley family into a tailspin, with each member attempting to cope with the tragedy in his or her own way. Irene’s approach is to live, week after week, waiting for Daniel Robbin’s execution and the justice she feels she and her family deserve. Those weeks turn into months and then years. Ultimately, faced with a growing sense that Robbin’s death won’t stop her pain, Irene takes the extraordinary and clandestine step of reaching out to her son’s killer. The two forge an unlikely connection that remains a secret from her family and friends.

Then Irene receives the notice that she had craved for so long – Daniel Robbin has stopped his appeals and will be executed within a month. This announcement shakes the very core of the Stanley family. Irene, it turns out, isn’t the only one with a shocking secret. As the execution date nears, the Stanleys must face difficult truths and find a way to come to terms with the past.

I’m only about 50 pages into this book. It has the possibility to be a really good book, I hope it doesn’t disappoint me (lol). Hopefully I will finish this up this week.

Other than that, I have a TON of magazines to catch up on and i picked up the book “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard from the library. Everybody in the YouTube book world has been raving about it and I want to see what all the hype is about. I’m on day 15 of the Proverbs challenge! I hope this is a successful reading week for you!


Monday Motivation: Music

Monday Motivation: Music

Hey guys!

I love music. Anyone who knows me, knows music plays a big part in my life. I grew up in a Pentecostal church so gospel music is in my core. But I also grew up in a Jamaican household with parents who share my strong affinity for diverse music. So i grew up( and still do) listening to a vast variety of music like Mahalia Jackson and Andre Crouch , The Temptations ( my faves lol) and Otis Redding, Usher and Jodeci, Linkin Park and Tupac. I know such a weird musical palette.

I used to listen to everything mindlessly. “I’m just enjoying the beat” I used to say. But I realized that I really had to be careful with the content of the lyrics I was listening to.      ( The whole “Garbage In Garbage Out” term is a good example of this; whatever to put into your system is ultimately what you will put out.) As I got older, and deepened my relationship with Christ, I really had to take a step back and re-evaluate what I was listening to. Philippians 4:8 reads,

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

I don’t think Rihanna’s new song “B***h better have my money” fits into the category of things that are “pure” and “honorable” or “worthy of praise”. So that’s pretty much the scripture that I try to base my choice of music on. Now I’m not here preaching and pretending that I only listen to gospel music,but I would say that 85 percent of my choices are gospel 🙂  What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good love song or a reggae ( not dancehall) tune. 🙂

Ultimately, I think that it is important that you base your choices on your own personal convictions. If you are a believer of the Christian faith( and have established a relationship with the Holy Spirit) certain things( songs) just won’t feel okay for you to listen to. Pay attention to lyrical content. Even if you aren’t a Christian, you should try to fill your mind with content that is uplifting and positive.

So on that note ,I thought I’d leave you with a few songs I have been listening to over the past little while.

Tasha Cobbs:
Album: Grace
Genre: Gospel/Inspirational
Songs on Replay: Happy, For Your Glory, Grace, Greater

Album: Anomaly
Genre: Gospel/Inspirational Hip Hop
Songs on Replay: Welcome to America, Dirty Water, Say I Wont, Runners, All I need is you

Mali Music
Album:Mali Is
Genre: Inspirational/R&B
Songs on Replay: The ENTIRE Album 🙂

I actually had the opportunity to meet him last November when I was part of a team of amazing and talented singers( hey GDC) singing back up for an up and coming gospel artist who my brother/friend Tyshan Knight. Mali is so humble and real and I think that’s why I love him as an artist even more. Looking forward to new projects. I think everyone I know is sick of hearing this album and his previous album 🙂

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Jazmine Sullivan again lately. I’ m so upset that I missed her in concert last month in Toronto.. sigh oh well next time. One track that I have been playing on repeat is “Forever Don’t Last”

In a previous blog I mentioned Tina Campbell’s Destiny as a song I was anticipating. The rough cut on Youtube is beautiful I can’t wait for the album release. ( It was supposed to be May 7th but it has been pushed back)

Lastly, I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show and Jamie Foxx was on. He debuted a snippet of a new song off his upcoming album “Hollywood: A story of a dozen roses”. I believe it’s coming out this month. Check out Jamie on Ellen here:

I’m supposed to be in love by now
It’s been so long for me I don’t know how
Been drowning in the sea of broken vows
But I’m supposed to be in love by now

I’ve been chasing a dream, now I’m chasing you
Running hard but my legs feel weak
I’d done played every part I’d done played a fool
Write the movie or be your lead
But I’m supposed to be in love today
Go through my phone and through them all away

In love by now….

Like wow…. cue the waterworks. I am literally sitting here on my bed typing this and bawling( anyone who knows me, knows i’m always bawling lol 😛 ) Such a talented artist ( even with that horrible USA anthem rendition at the Mayweather/ Pacquiao fight -_- ) and I don’t use the term “artist” loosely. I can say he is an artist because he is a classically trained pianist, writes his own lyrics, can sing well live and is a heck of a performer. I can’t wait to hear the finished product of this song and see what this album has to offer.

What are you listening to these days? Any new and upcoming artists I should know about? Let me know!


Confessions of a Lipstick Junkie…

Confessions of a Lipstick Junkie…

Would you believe me if I told you that 18 months ago I didn’t even wear lipstick?? Just a tinted gloss here or there and good old faithful Vaseline.( chalk that up to a good old-fashioned Pentecostal upbringing 🙂 )  However, here at my local Mac store, if you return 5 empty plastic containers , you receive a free lipstick as compensation. It is part of their recycling project. ( pretty sweet deal and a pretty clever way to keep you buying their products) Enter the lipstick novice… I mean aside from creeping in to my mothers bathroom to sneak and use her Wet n Wild 508a lipstick at approximately age 12.. I had no experience in lipstick choices. ( side note: I didn’t even wear any makeup other than powder, eyeliner and like and the occasional smoky purple eye up until a year ago  lol 😦 ) sigh…. So as I’m standing there looking at least 100 lipsticks, I just picked one... the most obnoxious, bright and bold red… Ruby Woo! I didn’t swatch it ( because I didn’t know what that meant lol) I just took it home and tried it on and from that moment on I WAS HOOKED!

Enter YouTube. The reason i know anything about makeup and how to apply it. Shout out to some of my favorite “gurus” : Itsjudytime, Itsmyrayeraye, vickylogan, jamaicanmakeupartist, beautybyjj, jaylakoriyan, loverforfashion, michellephan, misscharmsie, msroshposh, patricabright ( the list goes on and on) Check them out! show them some love over there in YouTube world !

So in the last year and a half ,ive grown quite a healthy collection and maybe a unhealhthy obsession (just kidding 🙂 ) of lipsticks/lip stains. Most of them come from the Mac family. So I’ve compiled a summary of some of my faves! Hope you enjoy!

( l. to r. ) MAC Fresh Brew, MAC Smoked Purple, Kat Von D Vampira, Mac Ruby Woo, Mac Rebel, Mac Heroine, Mac Flat Out Fabulous, Mac Girl About Town and Mac Up The Amp

Fresh Brew: Described as coffee coloured. Lustre finish. I usually pair this is with a brown lipliner such as MAC chestnut

Smoked purple: A deep dark, eggplant purple shade ( one of my favorite fall/winter shades) I always pair this with Mac Nightmoth lipliner

Kat Von D Vampira: A rusty reddish-brown matte finish lipstick. Worn as a stand alone colour.

Ruby Woo: A blue based vivid red. Matte finish. ( Ruby Woo has an extremely drying formula so please moisturize before you use) Best results come when a lip liner is used. Really gives a red lip a crisp finish.I suggest the ruby woo lip liner or chestnut or nightmoth.

Rebel: My first purple! Satin finish.Very flattering when paired with Vino lip liner from Mac.

Heroine: YASSSSSSSS! ( sorry i had to go there lol) Matte finish. Probably in my top 3 favorite lipsticks ever. Matte finish, bright purple lipstick. I wear alone and have also paired it with chestnut, vino or nightmoth lipliner

Flat Out Fabulous: A bright pink lipstick with plum undertones.Matte finish. It seems to be my lipstick of choice these past few months 🙂 I’ve recently begun pairing this with nightmoth as well and I really like the results.

Girl About Town: A blue based fuchsia pink. One of my originals. Nice day time pink. Amplified creme finish.

Up the Amp:  Another amplified creme finish. A lavender purple shade. I usually wear this alone. ( Also another one of my top faves)

I think these lipstick shades compliment all skin tones from very fair to very deep. Any lipstick can work on anyone. It’s all in how you modify it to fit you!

Until next time,


Flat Out Fabolous
Flat Out Fabolous
Ruby Woo
Ruby Woo