Monday Motivation: A Thanksgiving Prayer….

Hey y’all

Happy Monday guys! This Monday I am especially happy because I don’t have to work today!! ( LOL I love my job, I really do 🙂 )  Also, this Monday rocks because It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. I have so much to give thanks for and I just wanted to share it with you in the form of a prayer. Whether you have a relationship with Jesus or not, there is always something or someone to be grateful for! So( to all my Canadian readers) have a very happy and blessed holiday season! For everyone who isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving today, may your Monday be filled with love and laughter !


A Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for sending your son to die on a cross for someone as insignificant as me
Thank you for sacrificing the most important thing to you, so that I might have a chance to live a life of freedom
Thank you for my family. I am blessed to have been granted such a supportive, God-fearing family who instilled good values in me,
Thank you for restoring health to my father. Although he is not yet out of the woods, he has come a long way and ‘m grateful.
Thank you for freedom! Freedom to vote( I did today!), freedom to worship!
Thank you for employment. I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to make a substantial life for myself and in return use my finances to help and bless others.
Thank you for always coming through for me when I couldn’t see the answer for myself.
Thank you for putting good people in my life who have guided me, stood beside and supported me in every facet of my life.
Thank you for the hard times, They have humbled me and reminded me to never lose focus.
Thank you for love!
Thank you for LIFE ❤
I’m forever grateful! For the good times and the bad times. For the happy times and the sad times. As this thanksgiving season comes to a close, I pray that everyone will have an opportunity to experience you and know you the way I do!


Thanksgiving (1)

This what I’m jamming on today!

(Thank You, Lord, for loving me)
(Thank You, Lord, for keeping me)
(Thank You, Lord, for that day You came)
(And broke the chains and set me free)

Thank You for another chance)
You gave me joy now I can dance
All the people open up Your mouth
And let me here you say thank You, thank You
(Thank You, thank You)

(Thank You, Lord for one more day)
(You made the raindrops go away)
(Thank You, cause my pain is gone)
(I know it came to make me strong)

(Thank You for another chance)
(You gave me joy now I can dance)
All the people open up your mouth
And let me here you say thank You, thank You)
(Thank You, thank You)

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