Tea and Crepes at Cafe Cristal…

Tea and Crepes at Cafe Cristal…

Hey y’all

I’m visiting Ottawa  for the Thanksgiving season and my cousins and I decided to go and grab a bite to eat.  They mentioned to me about a great place to get amazing crepes- Cafe Cristal. So off we went!


At first glance, when you pull into the parking lot and see the sign, it seems like just your regular run of the mill mom and pop hipster spot. But folks, this place is so much more. As I entered the building, I was immediately transfixed by the sheer elegance of the place. Beautiful floral arrangements, elegant mirrors, very classic furnishings. It was cozy enough to feel like I was in my own home yet opulent enough to feel like a classy cafe in Paris.



Now let’s talk about the food. I chose to try out the French Toast crepe. The sweet taste of the French toast was mirrored by the savoury taste of 3 scrambled eggs. I wasn’t positive I was going to like it but I was pleasantly surprised! The crepe was light and fluffy and extremely filling. I paired my meal with a large cup of Earl Grey Tea which complimented my meal choice perfectly.


If you are not in the mood for crepes, Cafe Cristal offers many other food options such as waffles, a variety of desserts, sandwiches and a plethora of other cold and hot drinks. Cafe Cristal also offers… wait for it…. free wifi! ( LOL) which makes this place a great spot to bring your laptop to and get some work done.


If you are ever in the Ottawa, Ontario area, get yourself over to Cafe Cristal.- you will not be disappointed .

Til next time…


Monday Motivation: A Thanksgiving Prayer….

Monday Motivation: A Thanksgiving Prayer….

Hey y’all

Happy Monday guys! This Monday I am especially happy because I don’t have to work today!! ( LOL I love my job, I really do 🙂 )  Also, this Monday rocks because It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. I have so much to give thanks for and I just wanted to share it with you in the form of a prayer. Whether you have a relationship with Jesus or not, there is always something or someone to be grateful for! So( to all my Canadian readers) have a very happy and blessed holiday season! For everyone who isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving today, may your Monday be filled with love and laughter !


A Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for sending your son to die on a cross for someone as insignificant as me
Thank you for sacrificing the most important thing to you, so that I might have a chance to live a life of freedom
Thank you for my family. I am blessed to have been granted such a supportive, God-fearing family who instilled good values in me,
Thank you for restoring health to my father. Although he is not yet out of the woods, he has come a long way and ‘m grateful.
Thank you for freedom! Freedom to vote( I did today!), freedom to worship!
Thank you for employment. I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to make a substantial life for myself and in return use my finances to help and bless others.
Thank you for always coming through for me when I couldn’t see the answer for myself.
Thank you for putting good people in my life who have guided me, stood beside and supported me in every facet of my life.
Thank you for the hard times, They have humbled me and reminded me to never lose focus.
Thank you for love!
Thank you for LIFE ❤
I’m forever grateful! For the good times and the bad times. For the happy times and the sad times. As this thanksgiving season comes to a close, I pray that everyone will have an opportunity to experience you and know you the way I do!


Thanksgiving (1)

This what I’m jamming on today!

(Thank You, Lord, for loving me)
(Thank You, Lord, for keeping me)
(Thank You, Lord, for that day You came)
(And broke the chains and set me free)

Thank You for another chance)
You gave me joy now I can dance
All the people open up Your mouth
And let me here you say thank You, thank You
(Thank You, thank You)

(Thank You, Lord for one more day)
(You made the raindrops go away)
(Thank You, cause my pain is gone)
(I know it came to make me strong)

(Thank You for another chance)
(You gave me joy now I can dance)
All the people open up your mouth
And let me here you say thank You, thank You)
(Thank You, thank You)

(Read more: Kirk Franklin – Thank You Lyrics | MetroLyrics)

Monday Motivation: Busy Weekend=Tired Girl

Monday Motivation: Busy Weekend=Tired Girl

Hey y’all!

I hope your weekend was excellent!  Here in my city I experienced 3 different types of weather at least; rain/hail, warm/sunny and just plain old cold( lol)  #CanadianWeatherProblems. I had a super busy weekend spending time with great friends ( thanks for the s’mores) and also having an opportunity to work in praise and worship ministry in a conference that my church hosted. So three long days of non-stop singing. My throat is so raw and my body is so tired. So I’d just like to relax and chill out tonight. When I am super exhausted, my body shuts its self down, it leaves itself susceptible to getting sick. But…. ain’t nobody got time to be sick!! So tonight its me, vicks vapour rub, cepacol drops and lemon ginger tea. I’m going to become acquainted with my bed once again and curl up with a good book! 🙂 ( check out my upcoming Wednesday weekly reads post for details on what I’m reading)

So, dear friends I bid you adieu until next time! I hope your Monday was amazing!

Today I’m jamming on:


sunshine love

Grace Saved Me…

Grace Saved Me…

God loves me
Adores me
Watches over me
You are for me
Grace loves me and it’s not what I deserve
And nothing that I’ve earned
But daily grace saves me.
Oooooo But for your grace
I’d be lost, but for your grace (http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/t/tasha_cobbs/grace.html)

Grace…  Grace is defined in Christian terms as the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. As a Christian, I’ve experienced grace by way of salvation, but never have  I really experienced grace in the flesh like I did Sunday February 8.

Church was wonderful. My father and I were rushing to leave ( i because i wanted to escape the temptation of the bake sale lol) and he because he’s not much of a person to linger. As we were preparing to leave, he rubbed his forehead and said his head felt funny. Now my dad is like me and prone to headaches when the pressure in the air changes so I really didn’t think anything of it. He was driving and I was checking email. I noticed the car was beginning to drift. I looked over and realized that my dad was not responsive. He was having an “absent seizure” ( staring spell). Unable to get his foot off the gas, I had to lean over and grab the wheel and swing the car into a snow bank on the passenger side, to keep us from drifting into oncoming traffic. I was finally able to stop the car, throw it in park and turn it off… Luckily we were only 2 blocks from church and I called church and our members were there in no time. By this time he had recovered and had no recollection of the incident. My friend drove our car uptown and we went home with plans to call the doctor Monday morning. ( FYI I didnt call 911 because he was showing no visible signs of distress. He has had episodes like this last year and all his results were clear)

As we were eating dinner joking around, the same thing happened. I called my dear friend who is a Registered Nurse and she came by and suggested that we head to the emergency room. In the ambulance,he had another episode and about 6 more episodes that evening. They began running tests. Nothing. They ran more tests, Nothing.

Strange? No not strange to me. I was strangely calm while the car incident was happening and throughout this whole process. I truly know that God took COMPLETE control of the situation. But does that mean that I wasn’t scared? Or that I wasn’t sad that my dad was in this situation? Of course not. I’m human. But I held on to the fact that I serve a miracle-working , healing God.

After 5 days in the hospital, doing every single test possible, all tests were clear. No tumor, no blood clot, nothing at all. Frustrating because we have no human explanation, but refreshing because I know God hears me and fixed whatever it was!

My mother, a tower of strength. My aunts,uncles  and entire extended family have been so supportive. My church family ( Hamilton COGOP)  have been amazing. MY FRIENDS! I have been so humbled by their outpouring of love. My friend Jess for bringing salt for my driveway, Andrae/Jerome for taking care of my cars….Keysh T, Slim, Clove, Jerms, Steph and Cass,Shanice, Chi, Omar, Kay, Decha…. there’s so many to name. I am truly blessed to have all the wonderful people in my life. Even people who I have a personality clash with, has been super supportive and I truly respect this woman for her prayers and encouragement.

As I was listening to the Tasha Cobbs song I quoted earlier, the tears just began to flow. I could have been dead and gone today but for His grace. I could be in mourning today but for His grace. Life can change in a split second and I’m so glad I have a peace that keeps me grounded. In the darkest of times ( and this week was pretty dark) there is a light at the end of tunnel and his name is Jesus! I’m forever grateful… its flowing from my heart…

A scripture that really got me through this week was Isaiah 26:3

You will keep in perfect peace
    all who trust in you,
    all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Keep your thoughts fixed on Him!!


I know this blog is all over the place, I promise I’ll be back on it Monday!! PS HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!



I Choose Joy…

I Choose Joy…

Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Today was one of those days. It seems that every time I take one step forward, something happens to push me 3 steps back.

Usually, that’s when I pull out the tub of ice cream, throw a movie on Netflix and wallow in my ” Oh woe Is me stage”.

But this year ( specifically today) I’m choosing joy over sadness and defeat.  I’m coming to terms with the realization that everything happens for a reason and sometimes you just have to deal with it.

I have been experiencing some health and personal issues ( while not life threatening) that have really been taking a toll on my physical, spiritual, mental and emotional state. I have really been down wondering “Why me?” . But why not me? I saw a quote on Instagram that really spoke to me and it reads, ” God never promised that weapons wouldn’t form, He promised that they wouldn’t prosper! That’s deep! Two snaps for whoever came up with that.

Today I was reflecting on James Chapter 1 verses 2-4 it reads :

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. (NLT)

I was reading a commentary and the author encouraged us the readers to take a radical attitude towards trials. Should we be void of emotion? Of course not we’re human! However , once the initial emotion has subsided , we should look at our trials from a fresh point of view: “It’s horrible but it could be a whole lot worse,so im going to be thankful anyway and keep the faith!” 🙂 I know, easier said than done but I’m certainly going to try. It sure beats moping around wallowing in misery!  So smile! Keep pushing! Persevere!
Check out this song by up and coming gospel artist Jordan Daniel called none other than “Perseverance”  Such a beautiful song… (Check out his debut album “Where You Are” on Itunes!)

I hope this inspires and uplifts someone out there in blog world!

Till next time


Winter Essentials/ #prayforBK

Winter Essentials/ #prayforBK

A lot of people like snow.I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.

Carl Reiner

5:45 this morning. I eagerly jumped out of bed, grabbed my Ipad and logged on to the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board  website and got the sweetest news ever… All schools were closed! Being as I’m an early childhood educator working in a school , that equaled no work for me!! But the joy was short-lived as I then realized that i would have to dig my way out of my house ( literally) to put out garbage and dig out the cars in my driveway 😦  I went outside ,looking around for a shovel…. where was it? Buried under 15 centimeters of snow ( insert eye roll here) So guess who had to swim through the snow to put out  garbage-me! Only to later on in the day find out , that garbage pick up had been cancelled for today ( again insert eye roll) Ah well! What can you do?!

After warming up a little bit with a cup of lemon-ginger tea, I decided i was going to blog about a few products that have become part of my winter skincare routine. As many of us deal with in the winter, my skin changes drastically during this season. It becomes extremely dry and prone to break outs. Here are some products that have really helped me this year( as well as two of my favorite winter items


  • Proactiv facial cleansing brush ( really helps get rid of dry, dead skin)
  • Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream ( great for my dry winter hair!)
  • Bath and Body works candle in the scent “Vanilla Snowflake ( I just love the smell 🙂 )
  • Organics Moisturizing Body Lotion in the Olive  Oil formula ( SERIOUSLY IF YOU HAVE DRY SKIN THIS IS THE SKIN LOTION FOR YOU!!)
  • Twinnings Lemon and Ginger Tea ( Just mmmm seriously)
  • 3 Neutrogena products: 2 from the Neutrogena Naturals line: purifying pore scrub and fresh cleansing and make up remover face wash. Alongside those i also use an Oil- free Acne Wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub ( great exfoliate)

But the two products that have really saved my skin over the last year are two locally made products made and distributed by my dear friend Vanessa Williams ( no not that Vanessa Williams, but she is beautiful and can sing too lol :)) She created a line called “Oubel” ( french for “You’re Beautiful”) which offers  vegan, all natural products that restore and revitalize your skin. One of the products that i have really gravitated towards is  the Lemongrass Butter. It makes your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom and trust me a little goes a long way! Next ( this product is probably my favorite product ever) is the Ginger Mousse mask. This is a face mask that when applied to your skin and left on for approxiamately 15 minutes, will leave your skin glowing and feeling like brand new skin. Check her out on facebook :


or instagram oubelbodybutters and support support support!!

So that’s it for my winter essentials! Hope a few them work for you!

Before i leave, i just wanted to bring light to the situation concerning Bobbi Kristina Brown ( Whitney Houston and Bobby Browns daughter) You never really know what a person is struggling with unless you are in their shoes. Grief is a serious condition. Everyone grieves differently. Not everyone is blessed to come from a stable home or have a stable foundation surrounding them. I hope whatever troubles this young lady is dealing with , she can find the strength to pull through and carry on. I pray that not too much damage has been done and she has a chance at really living life…. Thoughts go out to you Bobbi Kristina and the whole Houston/Brown family. We’re praying for a miracle!

God be your strength
God be your strength