Monday Motivation: Busy Weekend=Tired Girl

Hey y’all!

I hope your weekend was excellent!  Here in my city I experienced 3 different types of weather at least; rain/hail, warm/sunny and just plain old cold( lol)  #CanadianWeatherProblems. I had a super busy weekend spending time with great friends ( thanks for the s’mores) and also having an opportunity to work in praise and worship ministry in a conference that my church hosted. So three long days of non-stop singing. My throat is so raw and my body is so tired. So I’d just like to relax and chill out tonight. When I am super exhausted, my body shuts its self down, it leaves itself susceptible to getting sick. But…. ain’t nobody got time to be sick!! So tonight its me, vicks vapour rub, cepacol drops and lemon ginger tea. I’m going to become acquainted with my bed once again and curl up with a good book! 🙂 ( check out my upcoming Wednesday weekly reads post for details on what I’m reading)

So, dear friends I bid you adieu until next time! I hope your Monday was amazing!

Today I’m jamming on:


sunshine love


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