Style Sunday: Favourite Outfits I Wore In Panama…

Style Sunday: Favourite Outfits I Wore In Panama…

Hey Y’all,

I recently visited Panama, Central America with my “framily” ( Friends+family= framily). Beautiful country! Absolutely gorgeous weather! The perfect combination to help inspire bright and cheerful wardrobe choices. Here are some of my favourite pieces that I wore during my stay:


Floral Dress: A store in Toronto called “Katie” about 10 years ago. ( not sure if this store still exists)
Flip Flops:  Old Navy dollar sale!


Two Piece Co-ord: Urban Behaviour
White Tee: Urban Behaviour
Rocawear Gladiator strappy sandals: I purchased somewhere in California ( probably Westfield Culver City) at least 12 years ago
Fanny Pack: My sisters closet (lol)


Two Piece Skirt and crop top:
Black strappy sandals: Spring Shoes
Fanny Pack: my lil sisters closet 🙂
This outfit was a big stretch for me! I’m not one to show much midriff unless I’m in a bathing suit. 🙂  But this set I was able to modify so it was modest and a little risky at the same time.:) Two thunbs up for high waisted pencil skirts!


Yellow Dress: Forever 21
Brown Strappy sandals: Urban Behaviour I believe
Fanny Pack: ( see above)


That’s all folks! I’m preparing for another quick trip to somewhere sunny in a few days! Stay tuned to find out where I’m going and what I’ll be wearing 🙂




7 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick On A Plane…

7 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick On A Plane…

Hey y’all,

I’m going to be on a plane numerous times over the next few weeks and If you know me personally, I almost always get sick after plane rides. Why you ask? Well asides from having a poor immune system( insert eye roll here lol) planes are just down right gross!! Here are a few thing a do to help myself stay a healthy as possible during my hours long flight on the cesspool of germs that is an airplane 🙂 ( I know, I know I’m so dramatic. but hear me out ok ? 🙂 )

  1.  Wipe Down any surfaces you may have to touch : I like to travel with a pack of baby wipes or antibacterial wipes to wipe off the arms of my seat and that tray before I settle in. They ” clean” the plane between flights but its not a thorough deep clean between flights. I also have a peanut allergy and I like to be extra cautious because I can never be too certain that there is no nut residue in the area that I am assigned to sit.One Step Hand & Surface Wipes with Aloe
  2. Wash Your Hands and Use hand Sanitizer : I can’t stress this enough! Every opportunity you check, take a moment to cleanse your hands, There are germs everywhere and we as humans are just naturally inclined to touch our face/ mouth area. This surefire the quickest way to ingest germs. Keep those hands as clean as possible.Image result for wash your hands
  3. Drink Water: Easy way to keep your body healthy is to fuel it with water. Water helps to flush your system of any toxins and germs that may be waiting for you during your flightImage result for water bottle
  4. Get Adequate Sleep before you travel : This is probably the hardest thing to do because if you’re anything like me, you are up late the night before you leave. But I’ve learned over time that sleep helps fight any impending illnesses that may come your way. Giving your body adequate rest allows your body to build up the strength to combat any germs that you may pick up in flight.Image result for sleep
  5. If you must use the washroom, flush with your foot and close the toilet seat: I think this one speaks for itself.  The washroom is a small, tight space. When you flush, there is not a lot of space for your flushed germs to go. Do yourself a favour and protect yourself with this tip.Image result for flush airplane toilet with foot
  6. Pop a vitamin C : Vitamin C is a great healing agent that can help prevent you can getting sick. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system.Image result for vitamin c pills
  7. Rub Up with some essential oils: This goes hand in hand with the previous step. I am a true believer in the strong ability of essential oils. As someone who is ALWAYS sick and  since I have been consistently using the “Immune” blend from the Saje company , I can 100 percent attest to the fact that Essential oils work. I have barely been sick in the last 6 months.   I diffuse the blend at night and use the roller ball daily. Its small enough to bring on the plane without TSA flagging you. I  would strongly encourage trying essential oils prior to air travel.  You won’t be disappointed.Image result for saje immune roll on

Those are my tips for safe and healthy flight travel! Happy travelling!



Style Sunday: 6 Travel Fashion Essentials…

Style Sunday: 6 Travel Fashion Essentials…

Hey guys!

As you’re reading this, I am soaking up some much needed sun on the beautiful island of Jamaica! As I was packing last week for my trip, I realized that there are a few things that I pack for every trip I take.  I’ve also realized that my  travel essentials are filled with classic neutral pieces that can be mixed and matched for many different outfit options. I’ll share them with you down below!

1. Blue Jeans: It’s always a good idea to bring a good old fashioned pair of blue jeans with you on vacation! If the temperature dips to the cooler side in the evenings, blue jeans are so good to have around. You can dress them down for running round in the day or even dress the up with heels and a blazer for the evening!


2.  Black tights: Now I know that there’s debate that black tights are not pants- granted they’re not …but honestly…who cares!!  Black tights are great to travel in! Who doesn’t love a soft stretchy pant! Black tights are multi-purpose . You can wear them to the gym or even out and about with a cute tunic style top for a trip to the local market or on an excursion.

3. The little black dress: I always love to bring a black dress on vacation for numerous reasons. If you’ve ever been on a cruise, dinner is a dress up affair. A classic little black dress is a perfect dinner option. Black is slimming! So eat to your hearts desire and slip into a little black number with no regrets!  Black pairs with everything. A little black dress will compliment your make up and jewelry choices easily.

4. A jean Jacket or a black blazer:  Great options for the cooler evenings. Good options to also wear on the plane. I came from a snowy Canadian winter to sunny Jamaica and I didn’t want to bring a heavy winter jacket. Jean jacket and a blanket scarf got me to airport warmly. I always love a plain black blazer to throw on over any outfit during a night out!

5. Comfortable shoes : I can’t stress this one enough. I’ve been on many a trip where I didn’t heed my own advice and my back and feet have surely let me know they weren’t happy about it! Bring running shoes if you can. Great support and perfect for excursions or days where you will be doing lots of walking around.

6. Denim and.or black shorts: Great for beach bound trips! Easy to slip on over a bathing suit for a quick run to the dining room for lunch or even pair them with a cute top for a nice daytime outfit. Also, because they’re such basic pieces you can wear them a number of times during the course of your trip and no one would be the wiser 🙂

Have a great week and remember…



Simple Tips For Vacation Packing…

Hey guys!

So finally the time has come. My long awaited vacation is just around the corner. I’m uber excited buuuuuuttttt….. that means I have to pack :(. Anyone who knows me, knows I ALWAYS leave my packing to the last minute. It’s a habit I’m trying to break as I travel quite a bit and I always stress myself out the night before. Like, who wants to be stressed out the night before you get on a plane to go somewhere? Not me anymore! So here is how I pack quickly and efficiently!

Step One:Inventory: Based on where you are going, take inventory of what you already have. For example, for this trip I will be visiting Mexico. As the fall chill is in full effect where I live, I needed to dig out my spring and summer clothes. Once I did that, I began to go through them . What did I like? What did I need? Try to do this in an open space that won’t be needed right away. You will may need to walk away in frustration or kick a few things across the room… Just kidding but you will need an open space to lay everything out. Take note of anything you might need.


Step Two: Make A List! It’s not totally against the norm to make a list when you pack, but the way I do it is pretty extreme! I like to make a day by day plan of what I’m going to where and use each day. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to wear what I planned each day,( or use; i.e: bathing suit, sweater etc…) but this helps me not to over pack! See my chart down below. 🙂  I also like to make a list of the toiletries I bring as well as miscellaneous items like make up, jewellery, electronics etc.. This also helps me when I’m repacking to come home so I don’t unknowingly leave anything behind!

Step Three: Re evaluate what you packed. Did you go a little overboard with the amount of maxi dresses you packed? Did you pack 10 pairs of shoes for a 7 day trip? ( hangs head in shame lol) Well, what I found helpful was to pack  types of shoes that can go with a number of different outfits. I managed to narrow it down to one pair of black heels, one fun pair of denim stilettos and 4 pairs of sandals that can go with 2 or more outfits each. Phew! Pack enough clothes that you have at least 2 outfits for each day. For example denim shorts and bathing suit coverall for the day and something nice for the evening.  When packing your things, roll them instead of laying them flat. It makes more space in the suitcase.

Step Four:  Pack Medication! When you travel abroad your stomach may take a few days to adjust to the water and the different cuisine you may be partaking of. The worst feeling in the world, is being sick while you are away from home.. and then having to spend a billion dollars at the tuck shop of your hotel for things like Pepto Bismol 😦 ( Cuba circa 2009: I paid almost 15 US Dollars for the smallest bottle of Pepto Bismol I have ever seen… It probably would have cost me $4.99 at home.. lesson learned) My friends who travel with me often call me “the pharmacy”. Hey, better safe than sorry.  As a person who has numerous allergies and  poor immune system, I would suggest that you invest in travel insurance just to be on the safe side.

Most importantly, make sure you have all your travel documents in one place! It just saves you time and confusion when you need to use them!

Some other helpful Packing Tips:

  • Pack for the unknown-You never know if the weather will change on you. If you are going somewhere tropical, perhaps pack a sweater or two and some socks and a pair of jeans just in case 🙂
  • Try to get money in the most commonly accepted currency of that country other than the countries own dollar ( which may be difficult to get) I know when I travel to any of the islands, I try to carry US currency.
  • Don’t travel with all the contents of your wallet, just the essentials like your health card, bank card and drivers licence.
  • Bring a carry on bag. Pack one outfit and the essentials like medication, toothbrush, undergarments in the event ( heaven forbid) your luggage doesn’t arrive on time.



I hope these tips help you out! It certainly helped me this go around! So put on some Netflix, grab a cup of hot chocolate and get to work! Happy Travelling!!




Monday Motivation: Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone….

Monday Motivation: Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone….

Hey y’all!

Sorry I know its Tuesday again and I missed another Monday Motivation 😦  But that was because I was on vacation and when I got home last night the only thing I had time for was my warm cozy bed! So for give once again.

So, lets jump right into what’s on my mind today! As I previously mentioned, I was on vacation last week., I made a quick trip to New York City to spend time with my best friend who now lives there with her husband and her baby bump 🙂   ❤

My other best friend and I were travelling together. We usually go to New York twice a year. We’ve traveled there in every way possible; 7 hour drive, 10 hour train ride and yes ( in our slightly younger days) even taken the dreadful 12 hour bus Greyhound bus ride…. ( never again). In our more recent travels,( because we have the means to do so) we have been flying out there, So, in planning for this trip, we began searching for flights at a reasonable price.We usually fly with the usual culprits; ( Air Canada, West Jet, United Airlines etc..) but this time those flight service providers were priced astronomically! So when my friend came across a cheap fare we were so eager to jump on it… until we looked at the airline. TAM…. Although it may be popular in other parts of this world, We were not familiar with it.  We immediately began to ask questions. We both googled the airline and saw that it had good reviews, and so with little more than guarded hesitation, we booked the flight.

Alas, the day of departure came and the flight was amazing! Our flight was quick and the flight attendants were friendly. All in all it was a successful l flight. Now, that put us at ease. But what makes this experience so memorable was what happened on our flight back….

Upon booking, what we failed to realize was that included in this cheap fare on this unknown ( to us) airline was a return flight that included an upgrade to first class! What an experience it was! Champagne upon sitting in my seat, served lunch placed for me on my tray table with and tablecloth and real utensils ( lol) and a fully reclining chair  with a big fluffy blanket and a pillow with a large tv with a remote and more leg room than I could ever imagine having on a plane! It was blissful. W

Which led me to ponder on something and write this post. Suppose we never booked our trip with this airline? Suppose we let fear of the unknown rob us from this amazing experience? What if we never stepped out of our comfort zone and tried something new?  I know I struggle with stepping out of my comfort zone at times. Writing this blog and attempting to be transparent is a major step out of my comfort zone! But what I have realized that If you never step out of your comfort zone  you may never know what God has in store for you! Jeremiah 29: 11 sums this up for me really well . It reads:

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Having a relationship with God makes stepping out of your comfort zone so much easier. When you are in a relationship, you share things, you build a bond, you build trust. When you have someone who you trust, and you ask them for advice, it makes your decision-making process so much easier! So take everything to Him and allow Him to guide you. Trust me, He will never lead you astray. He’s got your best interest at heart.

So while trusting in God remember, everything you want is within arms reach. But to obtain it you have to do things that may seem extraordinary to you. That job you have been wanting to apply for DO IT! The move you have been pondering TAKE A CHANCE! That relationship you have been wanting to pursue.. TRY IT. With God all things are possible. So step out of your comfort zone and LIVE!

Here’s a song that is so fitting for this topic: Marvin Sapp :Comfort Zone

Some of the lyrics read:

I’m coming out of my comfort zone
Some of the places in my life that’s comfortable
God is challenging me
Trust and believe
For to go where I’ve not gone
I must do what I’ve not done

So I am coming out of my comfort zone
Tho it may cost me some friends
I’ll walk alone
God is challenging me
To Trust and believe
For to go where I’ve not gone
I must do what I’ve not done

God is calling me
(to walk into my destiny)
God is challenging me
(to go where I’ve not been)
God is proving me
(and for the rest of my life, I’ll say yes)
Yes yes yes!

I’m coming out of my comfort zone
I’m being stretched to place where I’ve never known
God is challenging me
To trust and believe
For to go where I’ve not gone
I must do what I’ve not done

God is calling me
(to walk into my destiny)
God is challenging me
(to go where I’ve not been)
God is proving me
(and for the rest of my life, I’ll say yes)
Yes yes yes!


Feelin’ Hot, Hot , Hot ( or at least I’d like to be!)m

Feelin’ Hot, Hot , Hot ( or at least I’d like to be!)m

If you live anywhere near where I live in Canada, you know that Mother Nature has not been kind to us during this winter season. Right now she has us sitting at -14 degrees Celsius ( 7 degrees Fahrenheit ) and this is one of our warmer days!! EEEK! ( insert side eye and eye roll here)

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to travel. Unfortunately, ( or fortunately) there are so many events happening ( weddings, big birthday celebrations etc..) that I have to stay put for most of the year. So with the exception of a quick NYC trip or two, exotic trips are off the grid until much later in the year! ( stay tuned..)

So I decided to do a quick blog of some of the warm places I’ve had an opportunity to visit. So sit back, grab a fruity drink and travel  to some amazing places with me!

Let’s start in a not so exotic place: Florida! I’ve had the opportunity to visit Miami, ( South Beach ) and Orlando! My previous visit to Miami, i stayed with friends but on my most recent trip we stayed in a little “hotel” ( more like a motel) on South Beach. It was clean, walking distance to the beach, food and shopping!) I travelled with 3 girlfriends and it was certainly a trip to remember! When we went in August of 2014, there was a lot of construction happening  on the main road in front of our hotel so it proved to be a bit tricky to get out of in the day but other than that it was the perfect little spot. Close enough to the life of South Beach but far enough away that if you wanted some peace and quiet you could have that! Next, the four of us travelled to Orlando to attend a church conference and we stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. This place was perfect Heated pools, hot tubs, on site affordable dining and close to the Premium Outlets and Walmart! ( Yes Walmart) We stayed 5 days and enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂 I would love to return and stay at Rosen Shingle again.

I’ve also had the opportunity to visit California many times from childhood on.Shout outs to my amazing Aunt ( Pastor Hope Harris) and Uncle( Pastor Neville Harris) for giving me a place to stay in beautiful LA! ( and special mention to my beautiful cousin Michelle Harris-Collins and her hubby Restee Collins and family for making each experience so awesome!)

Let’s get the most obvious place for me out-of-the-way: beautiful sunny Jamaica. It’s where most of my family resides, so this was a childhood vacation spot. From the hills of Manchester to the beautiful seaside of Ocho Rios, Jamaica is truly one of the most enchanting places on earth. I’ve also visited Montego Bay ( where i stayed at the RIU with a large group of friends) Negril, St Mary,May Pen, St Elizabeth and so on… 🙂

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Cuba twice. My first trip I stayed at the Sirenis La Salina Resort ( now known as Memories Varadero) and had a wonderful time! They say the food in Cuba is not the greatest and they are right, but at least at Memories I could find something pretty delicious to eat everyday. However on my next trip to Cuba, I stayed at Barcelo Arenas Blancas. STAY FAR AWAY! If this place was my first trip to Cuba,i would have never returned. The food: 😦  I lost weight in the week I was there lol) Pool was under construction. This hotel is a two for one hotel ( stay at one ,play at two) and I asked my travel agent to book us on the quiet side… sigh… she did not….  maybe I’ll blog about that experience in another blog… lol

I Then had the opportunity to go on a couple of carnival cruises. Let me start off by saying that i absolutely love cruises so my opinions may be biased!

On my first cruise, I boarded the Carnival Glory Eastern Caribbean Cruise: The ship set sail from Miami and sailed to the following Islands:

Half Cay-Bahamas: Went horseback riding,met a whole crew of Jamaicans! It was pretty cool

St Thomas: Still probably one of my favorite islands that I’ve ever visited. Magans Bay and Coki Beach, truly takes your breath away. Really good food too!

Puerto Rico: Visited the Bacardi Rum factory and some monumental sites.

Turks and Caicos Islands: Did some beautiful snorkeling here.

IMG_7737 IMG_7216

The next Carnival Cruise I took was the Carnival Valour Southern Caribbean cruise which left from Puerto Rico and stopped in:

St. Maarten: I can honestly say I truly saw a piece of Gods handiwork on this island. One of the most beautiful places I have been in my entire life. I visited the dutch side. The beach was literally crystal clear warm water and the whitest sand you have ever seen. I literally left a piece of my heart in St Maarten! Oh and we found a COGOP ( Church of God of Prophecy) on our way back to the ship! so cool!

IMG_2638 IMG_2688IMG_2808 IMG_2642IMG_2812 IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2843 IMG_2846

St Lucia: Truly a gorgeous Island. Even though it was a gray day, we still managed to enjoy some water sports and great company!

IMG_2400 IMG_2434

St Kitts: I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday on this island. It was not my favorite Island but we met some really nice people here and still had a wonderful day.

IMG_2474 IMG_2486 IMG_2498 IMG_2522 IMG_2530

Barbados: I wish I had more time on this island, but we totally got rained out! Thank goodness for the free wi-fi at Cockleshell Beach 🙂


I also visited beautiful St Thomas again. ( I really do love St Thomas! Second to Jamaica of course! lol )

IMG_2147 IMG_2167 IMG_2197

Well that’s the end of my island experiences! Next up on the list of islands to visit are Mexico( 2015 🙂 ) Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad and I’d love see Aruba and Dominica 🙂  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and I don’t take that privilege for granted! #blessed

Where are you guys travelling in 2015? Let me know!