Simple Tips For Vacation Packing…

Hey guys!

So finally the time has come. My long awaited vacation is just around the corner. I’m uber excited buuuuuuttttt….. that means I have to pack :(. Anyone who knows me, knows I ALWAYS leave my packing to the last minute. It’s a habit I’m trying to break as I travel quite a bit and I always stress myself out the night before. Like, who wants to be stressed out the night before you get on a plane to go somewhere? Not me anymore! So here is how I pack quickly and efficiently!

Step One:Inventory: Based on where you are going, take inventory of what you already have. For example, for this trip I will be visiting Mexico. As the fall chill is in full effect where I live, I needed to dig out my spring and summer clothes. Once I did that, I began to go through them . What did I like? What did I need? Try to do this in an open space that won’t be needed right away. You will may need to walk away in frustration or kick a few things across the room… Just kidding but you will need an open space to lay everything out. Take note of anything you might need.


Step Two: Make A List! It’s not totally against the norm to make a list when you pack, but the way I do it is pretty extreme! I like to make a day by day plan of what I’m going to where and use each day. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to wear what I planned each day,( or use; i.e: bathing suit, sweater etc…) but this helps me not to over pack! See my chart down below. 🙂  I also like to make a list of the toiletries I bring as well as miscellaneous items like make up, jewellery, electronics etc.. This also helps me when I’m repacking to come home so I don’t unknowingly leave anything behind!

Step Three: Re evaluate what you packed. Did you go a little overboard with the amount of maxi dresses you packed? Did you pack 10 pairs of shoes for a 7 day trip? ( hangs head in shame lol) Well, what I found helpful was to pack  types of shoes that can go with a number of different outfits. I managed to narrow it down to one pair of black heels, one fun pair of denim stilettos and 4 pairs of sandals that can go with 2 or more outfits each. Phew! Pack enough clothes that you have at least 2 outfits for each day. For example denim shorts and bathing suit coverall for the day and something nice for the evening.  When packing your things, roll them instead of laying them flat. It makes more space in the suitcase.

Step Four:  Pack Medication! When you travel abroad your stomach may take a few days to adjust to the water and the different cuisine you may be partaking of. The worst feeling in the world, is being sick while you are away from home.. and then having to spend a billion dollars at the tuck shop of your hotel for things like Pepto Bismol 😦 ( Cuba circa 2009: I paid almost 15 US Dollars for the smallest bottle of Pepto Bismol I have ever seen… It probably would have cost me $4.99 at home.. lesson learned) My friends who travel with me often call me “the pharmacy”. Hey, better safe than sorry.  As a person who has numerous allergies and  poor immune system, I would suggest that you invest in travel insurance just to be on the safe side.

Most importantly, make sure you have all your travel documents in one place! It just saves you time and confusion when you need to use them!

Some other helpful Packing Tips:

  • Pack for the unknown-You never know if the weather will change on you. If you are going somewhere tropical, perhaps pack a sweater or two and some socks and a pair of jeans just in case 🙂
  • Try to get money in the most commonly accepted currency of that country other than the countries own dollar ( which may be difficult to get) I know when I travel to any of the islands, I try to carry US currency.
  • Don’t travel with all the contents of your wallet, just the essentials like your health card, bank card and drivers licence.
  • Bring a carry on bag. Pack one outfit and the essentials like medication, toothbrush, undergarments in the event ( heaven forbid) your luggage doesn’t arrive on time.



I hope these tips help you out! It certainly helped me this go around! So put on some Netflix, grab a cup of hot chocolate and get to work! Happy Travelling!!





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