Monday Motivation: Tambira Jehovah

Hey y’all!

Happy Monday!

I’m going to keep this one short and quick as its now December and the holiday hustle and bustle is now upon us! Christmas cards to write, luggage to pack for my upcoming trips… so lets get right into it!

A few years ago, I attended an retreat called “QWR” ( Quebec Winter Retreat) and I heard this song during the time of giving. Now anybody who has been to QWR knows that offering time is time to celebrate and dance! That’s basically what this song means. “Tambira Jehovah loosely translated simply means: “Come and dance to the Lord”.

That’s just how I’m feeling today. My heart is filled with thankfulness and If I could, I would just shout and dance and praise my way through this entire day! So take a listen and have a blessed Monday!!



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