7 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick On A Plane…

Hey y’all,

I’m going to be on a plane numerous times over the next few weeks and If you know me personally, I almost always get sick after plane rides. Why you ask? Well asides from having a poor immune system( insert eye roll here lol) planes are just down right gross!! Here are a few thing a do to help myself stay a healthy as possible during my hours long flight on the cesspool of germs that is an airplane 🙂 ( I know, I know I’m so dramatic. but hear me out ok ? 🙂 )

  1.  Wipe Down any surfaces you may have to touch : I like to travel with a pack of baby wipes or antibacterial wipes to wipe off the arms of my seat and that tray before I settle in. They ” clean” the plane between flights but its not a thorough deep clean between flights. I also have a peanut allergy and I like to be extra cautious because I can never be too certain that there is no nut residue in the area that I am assigned to sit.One Step Hand & Surface Wipes with Aloe
  2. Wash Your Hands and Use hand Sanitizer : I can’t stress this enough! Every opportunity you check, take a moment to cleanse your hands, There are germs everywhere and we as humans are just naturally inclined to touch our face/ mouth area. This surefire the quickest way to ingest germs. Keep those hands as clean as possible.Image result for wash your hands
  3. Drink Water: Easy way to keep your body healthy is to fuel it with water. Water helps to flush your system of any toxins and germs that may be waiting for you during your flightImage result for water bottle
  4. Get Adequate Sleep before you travel : This is probably the hardest thing to do because if you’re anything like me, you are up late the night before you leave. But I’ve learned over time that sleep helps fight any impending illnesses that may come your way. Giving your body adequate rest allows your body to build up the strength to combat any germs that you may pick up in flight.Image result for sleep
  5. If you must use the washroom, flush with your foot and close the toilet seat: I think this one speaks for itself.  The washroom is a small, tight space. When you flush, there is not a lot of space for your flushed germs to go. Do yourself a favour and protect yourself with this tip.Image result for flush airplane toilet with foot
  6. Pop a vitamin C : Vitamin C is a great healing agent that can help prevent you can getting sick. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system.Image result for vitamin c pills
  7. Rub Up with some essential oils: This goes hand in hand with the previous step. I am a true believer in the strong ability of essential oils. As someone who is ALWAYS sick and  since I have been consistently using the “Immune” blend from the Saje company , I can 100 percent attest to the fact that Essential oils work. I have barely been sick in the last 6 months.   I diffuse the blend at night and use the roller ball daily. Its small enough to bring on the plane without TSA flagging you. I  would strongly encourage trying essential oils prior to air travel.  You won’t be disappointed.Image result for saje immune roll on

Those are my tips for safe and healthy flight travel! Happy travelling!




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