Watching CNN… looking at my Facebook feed and just really pondering the plight this world is in… just a few of my thoughts in prose…


Too many of us are dying out here in the streets,
By the hands of people who don’t give a damn about keeping the peace…

Too many of us are being harassed for barbecuing or selling water
…in front of our  own building

Or sleeping in the common lounge of the institute of learning we attend
Or having a roommate do deplorable things to our toiletries instead

Or having the police called on us because we look like we don’t belong,
In the affluent neighbourhood where we’ve rented a home

The ones who said they would serve and protect ,
Are doing just about anything to break our necks #handsupdontshoot”

Too many of us are dying at the hands of thugs
Who don’t even care about our  lives,  only about selling drugs

Too many of us are dying on account of street CRED
Not worrying about who they’ve  hurt or misled

Too many of us are dying at the hands of our own
Like Rodney King said , “Can’t we all just get along?”

Too many mothers are burying their sons
Too many dreams cut short by the trigger of a gun..

Too many places are now deemed unsafe
What on earth have we done to this place??

Tupac said it best; It’s time for us to make some changes !
But some of us don’t wanna listen!

 I don’t wanna listen to the CNN reports ..,
I don’t want to see the #RestInPeaceSoAndSo’s

I don’t want any more Trayvon‘s or Mike Brown’s or Juniors or Philandro’s
Being talked about on the radio…

I want to see more Harvard grads
And another black president..

I want more people to see the beauty that this culture represents!


If we don’t get it together… They never will








©sophiawindett for


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