Food Files: World’s Easiest Pancake Recipe…

Hey guys!

I back again with another long overdue edition of Food Files! Last night I was just in the mood for some good old fashioned pancakes! Living in Canada with no IHOP nearby and with Denny’s too far away, my only resolution was to make them myself! So I went on the internet in search of a simple recipe to make some pancakes from scratch… ( yeah I had no ready made pancake mix either lol)

I found this recipe on and It made the most delicious pancakes that could serve about 1-3 people.  ( I had quite a bit of batter left over and I served myself and 1 other person) The recipe is as follows :

The best way to make sure your batter is nice and creamy and makes the lightest, fluffiest pancakes ever, is to mix the wet ingredients separate from the dry ingredients and then whisk them together at the end.



Warm up your pan with the cooking oil/spray or butter of your choice and make sure it is on medium heat. You don’t want your pan too hot as it tends to burn the pancakes before they can cook all the way through and they definitely don’t taste as nice or look as aesthecially pleasing. You definitely want to make sure not to flip your pancake  until you see the batter begin to bubble. That’s how I know that the first side is cooked throughly.

I like to pair my pancakes with good ol’ maple syrup and some fresh fruit. Last night I had some super sweet strawberries that I threw on top!


There you have it! The world’s  easiest pancake recipe! Try it out and let me know how it works out for you!

Till Next Time…


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