Monday Motivation: Soul Will Sing…


Hey beautiful people!

Hope this Monday is finding you well in body, mind and spirit! It’s been a rough couple of weeks health wise for me, but slowly I am on the mend and feeling back to the normal old Soph! So that means lots of exciting content coming your way! Thanks for sticking with me through this journey! Now lets jump right in to it! 🙂

I love to sing. Anybody who knows me, knows that to be a fact. I’ve been singing since before I knew what singing was. I come from a musical family. My little sisters and I and one of my best friends Tyshan Knight have been singing together since we were kids,( shout out to GDC) as well as having countless opportunities to sing with my best girlfriends ( Heyyy M.I.A. and Essence of Praise 😛 ) What was once fun, led us to begin a ministry and I can honestly say those were some of the best ( yet most challenging ) times of my life. Theres nothing like coming together with God’s people and singing in beautiful harmony! We’ve all gone on to do other things ( moved away from our hometown, school etc..) and don’t have the opportunity to sing together anymore but looking back at old pictures brought back some great memories. Now spending time together was beautiful, but what was truly beautiful was watching how God had his hand in everything. It brought forth in me the importance of worship through song in my life.


All of us at one point in time have had opportunities to sing in the secular world. I know I’ve sang at weddings and funerals and cultural events and festivals with selections of the secular realm, but there was no joy in it. Nothing beat the feeling of when I was up on a stage with my family singing. So what was difference? The reason why we were singing.

For me singing is a form of communication. It’s one of the many ways I talk to God. I’m a great wordsmith. I can put my pen to a paper, or my fingers to some keys and come up with great things to say. But when It comes to actually saying them out loud… well I guess my naturally shy personality(yes those of you reading who know me personally, I am actually very shy) takes over and I’m kind of like Moses lol. Where’s an Aaron when you need one 😛  However when I get on a stage to sing, its as if all of that melts away and the only thing I can focus  on is Him… stage fright and all!

Ephesians chapter 5 verse: 19 says : speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.

There are countless other passages in the Bible that stress the importance of worship such as the ones found here: ( click link)

Singing is a way to connect to God.
Singing is a form of communication with God.
Singing is a way to glorify God.
Singing is a way to draw people closer to God.

When I sing, it’s as if I’m pouring my entire heart out to Jesus, saying in song what oftentimes is hard for me to articulate in words. In song, He’s literally hearing the outpourings of my heart. The joy, the desire to serve and most importantly, the gratitude.

One song that really pulls something out of me is “Soul Will Sing” by Travis Greene. The song is so simple, with very few words, but in the midst of that simplicity, God truly speaks to me.

The words are as follows:

Hallelujah, O my soul will sing
Hallelujah, O my soul will sing
Hallelujah, O my soul will sing
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

You reign forever, O my soul will sing
You reign forever, O my soul will sing
You reign forever, O my soul will sing
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

You brought me over, O my soul will sing
You brought me over, O my soul will sing
You brought me over, O my soul will sing
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah (repeat as directed)

Love you all!
Till next time…. xoxo


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