Monday Motivation: Giants…

Hey guys!

I hope your weekend was as merry and enjoyable as mine was! Yesterday, I got together with a group of friends to sing at an event ( singing back up for my friend and up and coming gospel artist by the name of Tyshan Knight) and after we completed that we went back to his house where we all had an impromptu game night. We were playing the game “Catchphrase” which is just like the game Taboo where you have to describe the word on the card without saying words or catchphrases that would automatically give it away. I was on a team with my bro LJ and we were facing Lyanne ( Tyshan’s wife) and our friend Isaac. Obviously, LJ and I won ( lol shade) and as we always do we began to “trash talk” each other ( All in love though, thats just how we are!) Ly made a comment about how sometimes giants ( meaning LJ and I) get defeated; and thus this post was inspired.

What is a giant? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a giant is described as:

  1.  a legendary humanlike being of great stature and strength

  2. 2a  :  a living being of great sizeb  :  a person of extraordinary powers

  3. 3:  something unusually large or powerful

This definition leads me to think about the story of David and Goliath.  The story can be found in 1 Samuel 17. Saul, who was king, was very disobedient. So God asked Samuel to find a new king. He sought to find the king through a man named Jesse who had 8 sons. To make a long story short, Samuel looked at 7 of the sons and none of then were right. Until he met the last son; a little shepherd boy named David. The Lord confirmed that David indeed would one day be king!  Now in this time the Israelites and the Philistines were not getting along . The Philistines had lots of giants living in their land, the biggest and strongest of whom was named Goliath. He was over 9 feet tall and was constantly looking to challenge the Israelites. If he was to win, the Israelites would become servants of his people the Philistines. But if he lost, his people would become the servants.  Just looking at the sheer size of this man, understandably were afraid. Nobody wanted to challenge this giant… enter David! So to make a long story short, David, on faith that God would protect him, accepted Goliath’s challenge , and with a slingshot and stone David was able to conquer this beast!

We face problems everyday. May it be problems with our health, issues in our relationships, financial struggles, family problems… so many problems or in other words …  Giants. Sometimes we elevate our struggles to giant status( that’s not to say that we don’t face some colossal issues in our lives)  So often we have allowed our problems to become large and powerful, uncontainable! We have let our problems take control of us all the while forgetting who is really in control of our lives.

David trusted God to take care of him. The feat he was facing looked impossible to conquer. But, because he trusted God to take care of him, he approached that giant with no fear!

I urge you to stand up to the Goliath’s in your lives! If you would only approach your Goliath’s  with the heart of David. A heart that knows that no matter how difficult the situation is, He will see you through! If God can use someone like David to conquer a giant like Goliath, certainly He can use someone like you and I to conquer our issues. Something as small as a stone was able to take out a giant.  So, though it may seem small, a simple prayer, grounded in faith that God can do all things , could absolutely destroy your problems.

There is no Goliath too big for God!
Always remember, that David ( through God) as small and seemingly powerless as he was,  ended up being the victor!

What are the Goliath’s in your life?
What are you doing to conquer your Goliath’s?

There is a song by Donald Lawrence called Giants that is so fitting, that I will leave with you today.

Have a blessed Monday !


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