Monday Motivation: Protect Your Peace…

Monday Motivation: Protect Your Peace…

Hey y’all!

Hope this Monday is finding you in good health and good spirits! Today has been an… interesting day to say the least. It’s the last day before the kids in Ontario,Canada go back to school for another year. Being as it may,  I work at a school and today was my last official day to sleep in and lounge around the house. But, I was woken out of my sleep by a crazy ( and I mean crazy dream) I’ll explain what I got from the dream a little bit later, but the dream was as follows:

I was in the bridal suite of a local venue here in my city. A person that I have had some discourse with over the past few years, entered the bridal suite where I was. To make a long story short, a verbal altercation occurred and this person pulled out a gun on me ( I told you this dream was crazy didn’t I??) Someone else entered the bridal suite that is a mutual party between this person and I. I asked this person to stop the person with the gun from shooting me or call 911 and this person did nothing.( insert side eye here lol) Needless to say, I took matters into my own hands and ran up to the person with the gun and tried to get it away from them and just as I got my hands on it, it went off and I jumped out of my sleep drenched in sweat! I immediately went down on my knees in prayer asking God to fix the issues this person and I had been having for years.

Now being a Christian, sometimes God has a funny way of getting a message to you. Especially someone like me who is as stubborn and as stuck in my ways as the come ( I’m a work in progress, pray for me 🙂 )  The same person in the dream, called me a few short hours after I had woken from that crazy dream. I didn’t share the dream with them because I didn’t see the point. The confirmation was for me.. Point being, we were able to discuss our issues and come to an understanding and a plan to continue on existence in peace. Hopefully….

Related image

After finishing the conversation, the dream came back to me and so did my aha moment. This was God’s ( not so subtle) creative way of telling me it was time to “kill the situation”, which we did. Obedience isn’t always pleasant, but it is required.  I thank God that this person was obedient and that He allowed me to be obedient as well.

All that aside, I was on my snapchat and my friend had a snap up that said, “Protect your inner peace” and that really resonated with me.


Don’t let anything disturb your peace. You are in control of how you let things affect you. When you feel overwhelmed by a situation , or feel out of control , go back to the source of your peace. For me, that source is Jesus. There is nothing like leaning on Him when my peace is challenged.

Things are going to happen to disturb your peace. You are going to encounter people who challenge your peace.  There are some people who are going to make it hard for you to forgive and move on. When you live in a place of unforgiveness, you will never be at peace.

That’s what this whole blogging journey is about for me. To  learn to love people anyway, in spite of their flaws because God loves us in spite of ours.

1 Peter 4:8,  says, “Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.” and the tagline for my blog comes from Luke 6 :27-28 which reads, “But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you. 28 Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you.” 

There is a song by Israel Houghton that I love called “Others” that really speaks to me. I guess you can say its the official theme song for this blog. Have a listen down below  and hopefully this post encourages you to rectify some situations and find your inner peace!




Monday Motivation: Expectation…

Monday Motivation: Expectation…

Hey guys!

First and foremost, let me apologize for being so inconsistent these past few months. It’s been a rough few months to say the least; health wise, family wise and heart wise. I’ve just kind of been in a funk and with that funk came a huge case of writers block…. How could I post a “Motivation Monday”  when I myself  was the least motivated??

However, with this time away from regularly scheduled blogging, I had a lot of time to reflect. I had allowed myself to become a victim to the funk.

17 is my “lucky” ( favourite ) number. So with 2017 looming, I decreed and declared that 2017 was going to be my best year yet…. and then… ( cue dramatic pause)  it wasn’t. It has turned out to be one of the most challenging 6 months of my life thus far. This “funk” just gave me a serious case of the blahs and everything I was ( and am) passionate about seemed to take a back burner .

Then one day I heard a song that met me right where I was at: bound to my situation and not expecting anything to change. The song is called “Expectation” by James Fortune  and the lyrics are as follows:


I expect double I expect more
I am living In the overflow
I expect double I expect more
I am living In the overflow

Everything that’s been promised
I receive if I believe
(His word will not return void) His word will not return void
What’s been spoken, shall come to pass

(I want everything) Everything that’s been promised
I receive if I believe (I believe if God said it)
His word will not return void
What’s been spoken, (come into pass) shall come to pass

(I expect greater) I expect greater
Pressed down and shaken together
My cup runneth over (No longer living with just enough)
I have more than enough

( Repeat)

In life there are many expectations. As a child you are expected to obey your parents. You are expected to go to school, find a career and become a contributing member of society. You are expected to find a mate, get married and procreate… expectations, expectations, expectations….. But what do you expect of yourself? As Christians, what do we expect from God? What does God expect from us?

Image result for obey god

In reality the answer to all of those questions is love: Love others, love yourself and most importantly love God. Love conquers all; fear doubt, discouragement and even a case of the blahs and funk! Once I learned to lean on the love of God again, my expectations of my life rose to the highest tier !

love God,humility,selfishness,pride,commitment,love,Romans 1:1,Luke 15:11-24,prodigal son

The God I serve forces me to believe that He is greater than any situation and that I deserve EVERYTHING that He has promised to me!  The lyric in the song  that says, “Everything that’s been promised I receive, If I believe” ,  has now become my motto. I have now changed my outlook from “hope” and “possibility of change”  to EXPECTATION 🙂  I’m always comforted by Romans 8:28 which reads; “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Image result for god is greater

As I listened to the song I was reminded of the story of Jacob when he wrestled with God ( Genesis 32: 22-32)  To paraphrase, in verse 26, as Jacob wrestled with God , he tells God that he won’t let go until He blesses him. That’s the outlook I’m choosing to have; I won’t let go until God blesses me!

But to receive that blessing, I to have to put in the work.While I’m expecting God to bless me, He is expecting me to serve Him wholeheartedly in spirit and in truth. ( I will 🙂 )

I believe great things are on the way for me, as a matter of fact I’m expecting it!!! (and as a matter of fact on church on Sunday, the preacher pretty much confirmed it )

I’m excited for what God has in store for me; patiently waiting, actively seeking his direction.

Check out the song “Expectation” down below  🙂

Have a fabulous Monday!!
Stay encouraged and talk to you all soon!
Till next time…


Monday Motivation: I Just Want You…

Monday Motivation: I Just Want You…

Hey loves!

Quick post today!

Today’s post comes from a total place of submission. This wasn’t the post I was going to post today. But in my quiet time with God this evening, He dropped the song ” Just Want You” by Travis Greene into my spirit. ( BTW Travis Greenes Album The Hill has been blessing me for almost 2 years now, If you haven’t listened to it, please get it! Trust me. It’s right there!)


The lyrics of the song are so simple. They simply say:

So take everything
I don’t want it
I don’t need it, God
Won’t you take everything
I don’t want it
I don’t need it, God
I just want you
I just want you
I just want you
I just want you
We just want you
We just want you
We just want you
We just want you

Not only am I learning to be content with  what I have, God is molding me to be content with what I don’t! That’s huge!

What is the actual meaning of content?  According to, the adjective content means to be in a state of peaceful happiness. To be content in the season in that God has placed you in, is something a lot of people have a hard time with.

Thinking about being content leads me to think of the story of Job. ( If you get a chance , read all about him in the Old Testament section of the bible:) )

Job was a man who God allowed to have everything taken from him, yet in his state of grief and pain and despair, never allowed his faithfulness to waver.  He lost his health, he lost his children and yet still he worshipped! His very own wife told him to  “curse God and die” ( Job 2:9) How, may you ask, could someone who has lost everything precious to him still find the heart to worship…. Because he was content! Not content with the fact that he was losing everything, but content in knowing that God he served had already written his story and exercised his faith to trust the season he was experiencing was for a purpose!

Its hard to be content with something or in a troublesome season when you don’t know why it’s happening.  Let’s face it, we are humans, and sometimes our flesh takes over and our spiritual side takes a back burner.  We are not always able to see the big picture and are often impatient to let God’s plan play out without meddling somehow!

How many of us Christians can say that if God decided to take everything we have away from us right now, that we would still trust him and serve him? Food for thought…

I pray that God gives me ( and humans in general ) a heart like Job . A heart so wrapped up in the grace of God to not give up on Him, no matter how hard life gets, because if you look at the end of Job’s story, everything he lost, he got back two-fold!  Sometimes the blessing is at the end of the storm, but are you strong enough to weather it…

Take everything! I just want You Jesus!

Have a blessed Monday!

Monday Motivation: The Refrigerator Mindset…

Monday Motivation: The Refrigerator Mindset…

Hey guys!

I hope 2017 has started off on a good note for you! It certainly has for me! Sadly, my holiday break comes to an end tomorrow and back into the rat race of reality I go! Sigh!

During my time off ( minus the week I was travelling ) I was able to operate on my own schedule. Wake up when I wanted to, eat when I wanted to and so forth.  On one particular day, I was hungry! You know when you want something to eat, but you don’t want to cook or prepare anything for yourself? You just want to go to the fridge, pull something out and consume it!

Have you ever done this before? Be honest with me…  have you ever gone to look in the fridge and found “nothing” to eat so you closed the fridge. Yet 10 minutes later you return to the fridge once again and begin to rummage around to try to find something to eat and are once again disappointed when you find nothing? Once again you return to the fridge, and grudgingly try to piece together some semblance of a meal but something is always missing? I have to admit I’m guilty of this on a regular basis!

While thinking about this blog post, I began to ponder this very situation and began to relate it to everyday life.  Let’s look at the fridge as an analogy for life. If we never go the grocery store and fill up the fridge with new things, how can we expect to find anything to eat? We have to go to the source where we can get food to fill our fridge so our options of consumption are grand!

Such as with life! How many of us keep running back to same way of life and expect different results? Every time things go wrong, we go about fixing things the exact same way?   If we keep hanging out with the same people, go to the same places and make the same choices, how can we expect life to give us a different outcome?   Just like with a fridge  when you need to fill it up, you go the grocery store ( the source) to do just that.  With life, in order for things to change you also need to tap into a source and for me that source is Jesus! Jesus comes with things like the Bible ( which is literally a manuscript on how to live  life)  and the Holy Spirit ( who is a comforter and a protector, think of it like your spiritual conscience!)  to help fill you up!

This year It is my hope and desire to see people get out of the  refrigerator mindset. Let’s stop digging in the refrigerator and get to the grocery store! Let’s get back to the source!!

Ephesians 4 verses 21 through 24 reads:

21 Since you have heard about Jesus and have learned the truth that comes from him, 22 throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life, which is corrupted by lust and deception.23 Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. 24 Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy.

As 2017 is now upon us, let’s not go back to the old way of doing things. Do this for me right now… get up  and look at yourself in a mirror and make this vow, “I won’t go back to the way I used to be!”

The song, ” I Won’t Go Back” by William McDowell is a perfect reminder of this vow! Take a listen to it down below and have a blessed Monday!


Monday Motivation: Giants…

Monday Motivation: Giants…

Hey guys!

I hope your weekend was as merry and enjoyable as mine was! Yesterday, I got together with a group of friends to sing at an event ( singing back up for my friend and up and coming gospel artist by the name of Tyshan Knight) and after we completed that we went back to his house where we all had an impromptu game night. We were playing the game “Catchphrase” which is just like the game Taboo where you have to describe the word on the card without saying words or catchphrases that would automatically give it away. I was on a team with my bro LJ and we were facing Lyanne ( Tyshan’s wife) and our friend Isaac. Obviously, LJ and I won ( lol shade) and as we always do we began to “trash talk” each other ( All in love though, thats just how we are!) Ly made a comment about how sometimes giants ( meaning LJ and I) get defeated; and thus this post was inspired.

What is a giant? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a giant is described as:

  1.  a legendary humanlike being of great stature and strength

  2. 2a  :  a living being of great sizeb  :  a person of extraordinary powers

  3. 3:  something unusually large or powerful

This definition leads me to think about the story of David and Goliath.  The story can be found in 1 Samuel 17. Saul, who was king, was very disobedient. So God asked Samuel to find a new king. He sought to find the king through a man named Jesse who had 8 sons. To make a long story short, Samuel looked at 7 of the sons and none of then were right. Until he met the last son; a little shepherd boy named David. The Lord confirmed that David indeed would one day be king!  Now in this time the Israelites and the Philistines were not getting along . The Philistines had lots of giants living in their land, the biggest and strongest of whom was named Goliath. He was over 9 feet tall and was constantly looking to challenge the Israelites. If he was to win, the Israelites would become servants of his people the Philistines. But if he lost, his people would become the servants.  Just looking at the sheer size of this man, understandably were afraid. Nobody wanted to challenge this giant… enter David! So to make a long story short, David, on faith that God would protect him, accepted Goliath’s challenge , and with a slingshot and stone David was able to conquer this beast!

We face problems everyday. May it be problems with our health, issues in our relationships, financial struggles, family problems… so many problems or in other words …  Giants. Sometimes we elevate our struggles to giant status( that’s not to say that we don’t face some colossal issues in our lives)  So often we have allowed our problems to become large and powerful, uncontainable! We have let our problems take control of us all the while forgetting who is really in control of our lives.

David trusted God to take care of him. The feat he was facing looked impossible to conquer. But, because he trusted God to take care of him, he approached that giant with no fear!

I urge you to stand up to the Goliath’s in your lives! If you would only approach your Goliath’s  with the heart of David. A heart that knows that no matter how difficult the situation is, He will see you through! If God can use someone like David to conquer a giant like Goliath, certainly He can use someone like you and I to conquer our issues. Something as small as a stone was able to take out a giant.  So, though it may seem small, a simple prayer, grounded in faith that God can do all things , could absolutely destroy your problems.

There is no Goliath too big for God!
Always remember, that David ( through God) as small and seemingly powerless as he was,  ended up being the victor!

What are the Goliath’s in your life?
What are you doing to conquer your Goliath’s?

There is a song by Donald Lawrence called Giants that is so fitting, that I will leave with you today.

Have a blessed Monday !

Year 31…

Year 31…

So it’s been a whole 365 days since I entered my thirties and my what a transition its been! This year has been.. (for lack of a better word) traumatic!  I was in not one, but TWO car accidents! My mom and dad both battled some health issues. I battled ( and am still battling) a little bit of a health issue. I saw some  long friendships disintegrate and had my faith in the goodness of people tested. Needless to say, its been rough.


But you know what else I discovered this year? Through all the curve balls life threw my way  this,  I’M STILL HERE!  Travis Greene has a song called “Still Here ”  and one of the lyrics in the chorus says, “If the devil could kill me, he would have done it by now”. Well ain’t that the truth! I’m still here and it’s for a reason! After every storm, the sun must shine again 🙂 and with my storms I also had lots of sunny moments!

Last month, I went on a trip to Cuba( again lol)

Took a trip with some amazing guys and gals… #vivalacuba

I went with the intention to sit on my butt beach side or poolside and do absolutely nothing! But when I got there, we all ( I went with a large group of friends) decided we were going to do some excursions. One of these excursions, included an opportunity to do some snorkeling. Now, if you know me, me and deep water don’t mix at all- its a real fear( I can swim quite fine, just deep water and me don’t really mix ). Now once before when I was in Turks and Caicos, I attempted to go snorkeling…. but I never made it past the shore…. I chickened out! This time in Cuba, I was literally so close to backing out again (like literally telling my girl Naomi “I’m not going out there,I’m going back to shore 😛 ) , when I heard a voice in my head saying, “Just go, just do it!” So… I did and it was the most exhilarating experience of my life! I also did horseback riding, swimming in a dark cave and held an alligator… all on the same day! I think I kicked fears butt that day!! 🙂

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Those experiences taught me a life lesson that I will carry with me into year 31: to live life to its fullest. To not let fear rob you of experiences! To live each moment with the essence of gratefulness and an air of grace.


Grace… man grace has been my life’s theme this past year and it certainly seems that it’s going to continue throughout this year. 

This year I’m going love a little harder….
I’m going to chase down more fears and conquer them one at a time…
I’m going to continually walk in grace…

And when all else fails… I’m gonna love them anyway!

So cheers to another year of life! I can’t wait to see what God has in store me!

My favorite scripture is 2 Timothy 1:7 and it reads, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Sound mind….

Year 31…




Monday Motivation: Always…

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope this Monday finds you in good health and good spirits! I am finally really on the mend! Finally getting my minor health issues under control and am able to be up and moving around like the old me!

This weekend, I spent lots of time with friends and friends who are more like family.  I attended a fantastic stag and doe, a beautiful bridal party brunch for one of my dearest friends ( you can’t beat 25 years of friendship!) and then celebrated the same friends grandmothers 90th birthday ! Busy and full weekend surrounded by some of best people God has ever created!

At the end of the weekend, I spent some time reflecting on friendship. I have amazing friends who have really been there for me during some of the darkest times of my life. But, on the contrary, I have had some “friends” who have not been there for me. “Friends” who have kicked me when I was down ( figuratively speaking) and rejoiced in my failures… I use the word “friend” in quotations because to me that’s not the definition of a friend.

Merriam- Webster dictionary has a real simple definition of the word friend. It defines a friend as:

  • a person who you like and enjoy being with

  • : a person who helps or supports someone or something

  • one attached to another by affection or esteem

This really got me thinking about a great friend that I have…. and His name is Jesus! I know, I know super cliche but it’s so true. I have 2 best friends, that would do anything for me ( and vice versa) but even so there are limitations to what our friendship can do for each other.

My friendship with Jesus, really hits the definition of friendship on the head.Do I enjoy being with Jesus? Absolutely! I find peace and solace in my quiet time with Him! Does He support me ? Of course! Jesus is my biggest cheerleader! He also isn’t afraid to check me and put me in my place when needed!

This week I wanted to share the song, “Always” by Kirk Franklin with you. An oldie but a goodie! The lyrics of the song truly epitomizes how I feel!

Check out the lyrics and the song down below and may your week be blessed!!!

[Verse 1]
You know I’ve had some lonely days
I’ve made mistakes and had to pay
I’ve had some friends that walked away
Just like mama told me
But there’s someone whose love is real
Who cares about the way I feel
Every pain, and erase every stain
There’s peace when I call out your name

[Chorus 1]
Jesus, You’re my everything
The cross, You did that just for me
So whatever You take me through
I promise you
I’ll spend my always with you

[Verse 2]
No one can touch my heart like You
Or make me smile the way You do
I finally found someone who
Who really, truly loves me
And when my strength has come and gone
Your life in me it makes me strong
Your hand is where my heart belongs
You take all my pain and erased every stain

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
Jesus, my whole life has changed
Since that day I cried Your name
For every time You’ve brought me through
I promise You
I’ll spend my always with You

Did He say He’ll never leave you?
Did He promise He’ll never forsake you?
How many of you believe that in here?
Let me hear you
(Ohhhhhhhh oohhhhhh ohhh)
He won’t let you down, right?
(Ohhhhhh ohhhhh)
He’ll catch every tear
So if you know He can be your Father and He cares for you
Come on and stand on your feet and help me praise Him in here


Beauty Blog: My HORRIBLE Sephora Experience…

Beauty Blog: My HORRIBLE Sephora Experience…

Disclaimer: This post is based on one personal experience I had at one Sephora store. This post is not reflective of all Sephora stores of their staff)

Hey y’all

This month I celebrated my birthday and all my makeup geeks out there know that If you have a beauty insider card from Sephora, each year you receive a birthday gift. Well naturally, I ventured to my local Sephora to receive my birthday gift. While I was there, I decided to consult with one of their beauty experts about some products I wanted to try.

Side note: when I entered the store, the lady at the door greeting customers was very friendly . I walked in expecting to have the same old Sephora experiment I have always had. Wrong!

I approached one consultant that we will call “Jill”. ( not her real name of course.) From the moment I approached her, I could see her attitude and demeanor towards me was not pleasant. Mind you, I had on my sweats, hair all in a bun and no makeup on so I guess I didn’t look like the type of customer that “should” be in there or that would be a viable customer.  I must add I am a black girl of Jamaican descent and my skin is a rich deep cocoa brown,. Jill is Caucasian,The conversation that ensued went a little like this:

Scene One: I approach Jill and for help.
Me: “Hi! I was wondering if you could help me with something?”
Jill: “Yes?” ( as she looked me up and down)
Me: ” Ok, I have noticed recently that my skin has changed drastically. I used to have combination skin and now my skin leans more to the oily side. Do you have any products that you could suggest that could combat this problem?”
Jill: “Well, what have you been using?” ( appearing not interested at all)
Me: ” I use a number of products but I’m looking for something that will take away steps from my everyday makeup routine. Simplify it.” I most recently have been using umm the Bare Minerals loose powder..”
Jill: (looks at me blankly) “Loose powder….”
Me: ” Oh here, I snapped a picture of it,.. here it is ( hands Jill the phone)
Jill : ( still looking uninterested)

Let me pause the conversation right here for a moment. At NO POINT did she offer to show me some products, ask if I had skin sensitivities or exactly which products I had tried in the past. What she did next made my blood boil….

Scene Two: The disrespect ensues…

Jill: ( sees a consultant who is black passing by) ” Adanya? Can you help this,,, ( she paused) customer here, She is looking for a product to combat oily skin. You might be better suited to discuss your guys type of skin. I just don’t know what she’s looking for ,..”

At this point my head did a little snap and a little swivel and I glared at the woman so hard I’m sure her life passed before her. ( she did flinch) I mean its okay if you are really not versed in a certain ethnic groups skin type and you call for assistance.. but to just dismiss someone like that???  Where they do that at???? lol Now it’s not what you say sometimes, its how you say it. The way she said it was in such a derogatory tone that it certainly got my attention in a negative way. What if I was a person with low self-esteem? I would be feeling pretty low right about now…

Now, anybody who knows me ( and knows me well) knows that I would have loved to cuss her out ( not swearing) really tell her about herself. But instead, I just bit my tongue and remembered the journey I’m on to “just love them anyway” 🙂

Jill: ( walks off without even a second glance back)
Adanya:” Sorry about that. ( shakes her head)  Now lets start at the beginning. What exactly are you looking for?”
End Scene

Adanya took her time and listen to all my skin concerns. She suggested a number of products that she knows firsthand have worked for others and herself. She brought me over to a makeup stand and tried a few products on me, did side by side comparisons and asked my opinion along the way! She was patient and kind and overall she turned what could have been a really bad experience and situation into a really positive one.

After Adanya finished with me, I left feeling successful and spent all my dough( well birthday gift cards 🙂 )  on every product she suggested! ( I will do a beauty blog in the future about my oily skin make up products) Now, they don’t work on commission at Sephora but I made sure to ask to speak to a manager after I made my purchase, I explained the whole ” Jill ” situation to her and how pleased I was with Adanya and how she really turned my horrible visit into a good one! She then in return comped me for one of the products I purchased and gave me a coupon for 20 percent off of my next purchase ( Look at God!! Lol)  She also told me that it was Adanya’s first day on the job independently! Bonus points for Adanya!

I really I had to write this to prove that God really can change a person. The old me would’ve caused a scene and made a real stink! I thank Him for instilling peace and grace in me to just brush nonsense like “Jill” to the side. It’s so not worth it!

The tagline scripture of this blog is Luke 6:27-28 and it reads”

27“But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,28bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

So no matter how insulted I felt in that moment, I just have to love her ( and others) anyway! So many people are made to feel unpretty and not worthy by ignorant people! Please don’t let people dictate how you feel about yourself. The group TLC has a song called “Unpretty” that really touches on this topic.

You can buy your hair if it won’t grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make up
That M.A.C. can make
But if you can’t look inside you
Find out who am I too
Be in the position to make me feel
So damn unpretty
I’ll make you feel unpretty too

Never let anyone make you feel unpretty! You’re BEAUTIFUL!


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

According to a father is described as:

  1. a male parent.
  2. a father-in-law, stepfather, or adoptive father.
  3. any male ancestor, especially the founder of a family or line;progenitor.
  4. a man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternal protector or provider:

As a self-proclaimed ( and well-known) “daddy’s girl” I take the utmost pride in celebrating my father. There has never been a time that I can think of, that my dad wasn’t there for me. People may say that I was spoiled because my dad gave me everything I wanted as a child. But what they fail to see is the work ethic and responsibility he instilled in me from a very young age. At 10, I got my first “job” selling candy bars with my neighbour and his wife making only 1 dollar of every chocolate I sold. When I was 13 I wanted a cell phone so bad. I begged my mom ( she quickly shot that down) and didn’t succeed. I asked my dad and he told the most important thing that has still stuck with me until this day; ” If you want something you need to find a way to get it yourself. Don’t depend on people to get or give you anything. So you know what? Instead of asking him for a phone again, I begged him for a ride every Saturday to the mall where I worked a part-time under the table job at a bookstore . I saved up the money for a phone myself and never begged my parents for anything anymore. But because I stopped asking for things, and found a way to provide for myself, my dad ( and mom) gave me the world. Thanks guys!!! ( lol)

What I really respect about my dad is that he would rather go without then see me be upset. When things were financially rough on them when I was a child, I didn’t understand it. As a young kid, I would always want money to go to the corner store, or to buy McDonald’s 😛 . I didn’t understand then that they really didn’t have it to spare. But my dad always found a way to provide.

As a woman of faith, the relationship my earthly father has fostered with me physically is comparable to the relationship I have with God my heavenly father. God always provides for me what I need. He will go the ends of the earth ( or up on a wooden cross) to ensure that my life is not in vain.Sometimes He has to give you a little nudge to motivate you to get things in order and use the gifts He has given you to succeed.

I am so blessed to be in contact with my earthly father and my heavenly father! My earthly father has shown me a physical example of a man  and God has shown me that any man who is in my life needs to be a man after His own heart.

Whether you have a relationship with your earthly father or not, always remember that there is a Father up in heaven looking out for your best interests and working on your behalf! He loves you!

Be Blessed! Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, ( and those who play a fatherly role) may you be blessed today and forevermore!


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Me and My Pops! ❤

Two songs I was listening to today:

“He is jealous for me
Love’s like a hurricane, and I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of a sudden,
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
And I realize just how beautiful you are and how great your affections are for me.

And oh
How He loves us oh
Oh how He loves us
how He loves us oh…”

“I want my unborn son to be like my daddy
I want my husband to be like my daddy
There is no one else like my daddy
And I thank you for loving me”