Monday Motivation: Brother, I’m Proud of You…

Hey guys,

Quick post today!

After a beautiful long weekend ( its Victoria Day here in Ontario,Canada) I sat here at my computer trying to figure out what I wanted to write about today. I had some ideas but, honestly I just couldn’t make a connection to any of those topics today. I had set my mind on not posting anything at all today.

So. I just began browsing through my old blog posts and I came across one I wrote almost a year ago called “Black Brother”( check it out here) and I got to thinking about something I witnessed this weekend. I have a little brother named Philip Robinson ( remember this name y’all!) who is a young man who is evolving into one of the greatest drummers of his generation.  Watching him play this weekend reminded me of how far he is coming from. As a little boy, I used to give him money after he played at Sunday service because he honestly truly blessed me! I was actually doing it because I wanted him to know that he was appreciated and I was proud of him! Still am!

So often our opinions of black men are marred by what society shows us. Gang bangers, drug dealers, deadbeat fathers, stupid , uneducated and of no value to society.  But why do you think sometimes the young men that fall into this category, find themselves there?  Maybe, they didn’t have anybody to encourage them to do better. Maybe, the environment ( including the people they surround themselves with) they live in doesn’t provide positive role models .Maybe they have never been made to feel like they are worthy enough to make a valuable contribution to society… So how to we combat this epidemic of young men making bad decisions? The answer is simple: Love them! Show them that you care! Let them know that they matter!!

I am blessed to have a group of “brother friends” who are truly helping to raise the standards of young black men! These guys are husbands ( and husbands to be) men of faith, entrepreneurs, coaches, talented artists and musicians, fathers and the list goes on! Great role models for young men to look up to and learn from!

Brothers you are strong.
Brothers you are needed.
Brothers you are important. matter!

I’ll leave you today with Angie Stones” Brotha”

You mean so much to me, you give me what i need,
I’m so proud of you (I said I’m so proud of you)
I love you for stayin strong, you got it goin on
I’m so proud of you (I’mmmmmmmmm)
Going through thick and thin, brothas you gonna win
I’m so proud of you (I said I’m so proud of you)
Whenever you facin doubt, brothas gon work it out
I’m so proud of you (I got my shakable faith in ya) -Angie Stone “Brotha”

Have a blessed week!


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