Food Files: Hamilton Hotspot HAMBRGR

Hello Lovely People!

I’m back again with another edition of Food Files. This time I visited a gourmet burger spot called “HAMBRGR” in my city of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. HAMBRGR is a relatively new spot that I really wanted to try and had heard great things about. So, me and my peoples ( shout to Shanice, Shantelle and Drae! ūüôā ) ventured down there on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to test it out.

The menu appears to be broken up into five sections: Starters, Greens, Potatoes ( which details the different options of hand cut fries, baked potatoes and the Canadian classic poutines) BRGRS:(Specialty  Burger options) and Not BRGRS ( which are not non BRGR options like a chicken dish, fish grilled cheese etc..)

You also have the option of building your own burger from the list of condiments listed in the menu. ¬†I’ll leave the menu down below, because if you are anything like me, you like to scope out the menu before you go someplace!


hambrgr Menu Starters


HAMBRGR boasts that their patties are made from” custom made AAA chuck, flat top smashed and cooked to order”. ¬†The lovely server told us that the meat is fresh made daily which I think really helped with the overall freshness of the burger its self!

The service was amazing! One thing that can make or break a restaurant for me is the customer service! If the servers don’t make it an enjoyable experience, I find it spoils the food for me. Am I the only one who feels this way? ūüėõ

Sooooo…. I actually went to this restaurant 2 Saturdays in a row. I returned a week later after my initial visit with my bf! Had to let him try it out! So I will detail what I had on both my visits as well as some of the things my compadres had!

What I ate:¬†¬†Shantelle and I actually got the same thing. We kept it simple with Cheeseburger option. The cheeseburgers toppings were: American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion ( hold the onion) ketchup and mustard. Guys, ¬†the cheese was perfectly melted… like melt in your mouth perfect! The bun was extremely soft and easy to manipulate. It was a little messy, but not unbearably so. Good size burger. Two thumbs up from me! We also had the hand cut fries as our side. I wasn’t overly impressed with these. I actually didn’t get them on my next visit.


What Shanice ate:¬†¬†Shanice stepped outside the box and actually didn’t order a burger! She decided to try the ¬†HAMBRGR Poutine. The ingredients are as follows: fresh ground chuck, caramelized onions, Quebec cheese curds and gravy. I tasted it and it was amazing! If you are looking for a non burger option, this is a great choice. Good size portion. Get extra sauce on the side for best taste!


What Drae Got:¬† Drae got a specialty burger called the “HAMONT” ( which is an abbreviation of Hamilton, Ontario… clever) The HAMONT is a burger with a double patty, grilled onions, american cheese, smoked bacon, iceberg lettuce and secret BRGR sauce. Let me tell you when this burger came out my mouth literally started to salivate ( lol) it looked sooooo good! I didn’t hear any complaints and Drae said it was fantastic! It’s definitely on my list of things to try.


What I got on my next trip: I tried the Montezuma’s Revenge which main selling point for me was the house pickled jalapenos. This was by far my favorite burger from this restaurant hands down! If you aren’t afraid of a little spice, this is the BRGR for you!!


Would I return to this restaurant?  Absolutely! I have already been twice! Would I suggest it for everybody to try? Without a doubt!

If you are ever in the Hamilton, Ontario area, and are looking for a bite to eat, head down to HAMBRGR and check them out! Hamilton is quickly becoming the a hotspot for cute, quaint, little restaurants  with amazing food! HAMBRGR is definitely one of those spots.

Happy eating!

( This blog is not sponsored. The opinions in this blog are solely based on the author’s personal experience ¬©)


3 thoughts on “Food Files: Hamilton Hotspot HAMBRGR

  1. Thanks for the shoutout soph!!!!! I’m not really a burger kind of gal … (I don’t really eat red meat) but my burger was really good and I would definately go back for another!


  2. At shoutout for the shoutout lol
    Try the poutine with the pineapple bbq next time you go! .. I’m already drooling.


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