Style Sunday: I May Be Obsessed With Olive Green…

Hi guys!

Back again with another style Sunday post! I have come to the realization that I may have a slight obsession with the colour olive/army green this season. All my purchases as of late, seem to fall into that particular colour scheme.

So, during a window shopping trip to the Square One mall in Mississauga, Ontario, I was feeling super happy! I had just purchased this awesome faux leather jacket ( see last weeks post on that experience here) and wasn’t really looking to purchase anything else.

I wandered into a store called “Sirens”. Now, Sirens is a store I used to typically avoid because its clothing was mainly “club wear” and super juvenile.But they must have recently switched buyers or something because the entire vibe of the store has changed. They actually have some pieces that suit a more mature clientele ( and their prices now certainly reflect that  lol)

As I was skimming through the racks my eyes fell on a beautiful olive green jacket/duster made of a linen like material. It was so beautiful but of course…. not my size. I left disappointed but my bestie picked it up( it was just her size. Our closets are pretty much carbon copies of each others as we have pretty much the exact same sense of style #friendswhoslay … lol)

A few days later, I stopped into a Sirens store location in my city and lo and behold what did I find….. that beautiful olive green linen jacket in my exact size! I picked it up and practically ran to the cash to purchase it. I got one more pleasant surprise.. everything in the store was buy one get one 50 percent off !( insert praise dance here) So ran and picked up this little lavender dress I had my eye on : ) will share that with you at a later date…

So, how did I style the linen jacket? I kept it simple! I paired it with a pair of black faux leather skinny pants that I purchased from.. say it with me y’all…. Forever 21 ( lol) many years ago. I can’t remember what I paid for them but I don’t see it being more than $29.99

Next I added a simple white sleeveless blouse. This one was also from Forever 21, last year I believe.

To complete the look, I added the jacket and some beige wedge heels.

Since the outfit was pretty simple, I went a little “glam” on the makeup to really bring the look together. I wore this to a Saturday brunch event. It was a hit!

IMG_9416Since practically everything I wore( with the exception of the jacket) were older pieces I already had I will try and find some similar pieces for you if you were trying to achieve this look. 🙂

Black faux leather skinny pants:   ( click the link) price $32.63
Off white camisole:  ( click link) price: $23.97
Beige wedge heels:  ( click link) $35.00

and of course the piece de resistance: Olive green blazer $39.99
( wasn’t able to find any similar piece 😦 )

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m really leaning towards a simple, piece oriented way of dressing. How many different ways can I wear the pieces I own?

What are your current style “rules”?




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