Monday Motivation: 123, Victory…

Hey guys!

Quick blog post today because your girl is TIRED( lol). Nothing would give me more joy than to jump right in some cozy pajamas and my bed and call it night, but I couldn’t do that without stopping in and leaving a quick message for you 🙂

This weekend I was listening to the song “Wanna Be Happy” by Kirk Franklin and I decided to stop by the ITunes store to see when Kirk’s new album was due to be released ( just out of curiosity because I love that song 🙂 … its due out November 13th ) While I was there browsing the set list, I saw that another track had been released. So naturally, I clicked on it and gave it a listen. The track is called 1 2 3 Victory… and the way that track spoke to me in that moment…. sigh..

I can’t even begin to explain how much I needed to hear the message in this song. As light-hearted as the track is, the message is so real! We sometimes forget when we are going through struggles, that we are not alone and !  Part of lyrics read, ” You waiting on God, He’s waiting on you, With all you been through, Now its on you, What you gonna do?’. A smart soldier never goes into a battle alone. God’s waiting on you to tag Him in! That’s what He’s here for! Give all your worries to Him and you will be victorious!! So God, I’m tapping you in!!! ❤

Romans 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Check out the song and lyrics down below and have a blessed Monday!


1,2,3, Victory Lyrics:

Hey Yo 1, 2 3
Get up we got Victory
No weapon they throw at me
You know it wont prosper, no

Just got laid off ( I’m doing good)
House aint even paid off ( I’m doing good)
Should be afraid but ( I’m feeling good)
All the time you say ( God is good)

You can calm down, down down
Don’t forget who’s in control
Walls are falling down down down
Get ready for the new Jericho

Chorus 2:
You waiting on God
He’s waiting on you
( so what you gon’ do)

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2:

Storms raging ( I’m doing good)
See the world changing( I’m doing good)
I know it’s not easy
But life can’t defeat me (God is good)

Chorus 2:

You waiting on God
He’s waiting on you
With all you been through
Now its on you , so what you gonna do?

The battles not yours
It is the Lords
Tried on your own
You’re not that strong
But greater is He
That takes up for me
And soon they will see
My names victory( 2X)


3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: 123, Victory…

  1. The chorus of that song “Powerful”…now it’s on you so what you gonna do.” it’s time we stop complaining and make a move. Great post Sophie


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