Don’t Cry…

Don’t Cry…

“Don’t cry… wipe your eyes! He’s not dead…”

Happy Easter folks! Quick post today! I hope today you are surrounded by friends or family and that you take a moment to reflect on the sacredness of today!

There are very few songs that can bring me to tears instantly. To name a few;  “Grace” by Tasha Cobbs, “Destiny” by Tina Campbell and the one this blog post is based on “Don’t Cry” by Kirk Franklin.

It’s not even a dramatically interesting arrangement, to be honest, but the lyrics in their simplicity really hit home. The lyrics read as follows:

Why do you cry? He has risen.
Why are you weeping? He’s not dead.

Why do you cry? he has risen.
Why are you weeping? He’s not dead.

He paid it all on that lonely highway
And his anointing I can feel.

He shed his blood
For my transgressions
And by his stripes, we are healed.


Why do you cry? He has risen.
Why are you weeping? He’s not dead.
So as you go through life’s journey
Don’t you worry lift up your head.
Don’t you cry  stop your weeping
He has risen He’s not dead.
Don’t cry
wipe your eyes
He’s not dead.
Don’t weep
He’s not asleep
He’s not dead


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We often go through life ( even as Christians) doubting the magnitude of who Jesus Christ is and the sacrifice He made for us on the cross so many years ago. Because of the choice, He made to give HIs life for ours, we have a hope that should surpass all doubt!  Although He died and was buried, three short days later, He rose again and in that event, left us with the hope that He will one day return for us- His people.

There is hope in Jesus Christ! Maybe you’ve tried things your way for a long time, and things just don’t seem to be working out. If you haven’t already made a choice to get to know Jesus, take a few moments and pray this prayer with me:


Dear God,
Thank you for sending your son Jesus. I stand in awe of the sacrifice made for someone like me. I have been trying things my way for a long time, and now I want to put my life in your hands. I know that I am a sinner only saved by your grace  Please come into my heart. Guide my thoughts and point my life in a direction that is pleasing to you! Amen


Don’t Cry!


There is hope because our saviour is NOT DEAD!
He already took care of the perils of today at the cross long ago!

Rejoice in the peace that the saviour has RISEN!


Be Blessed!

May your Easter season be filled with love, joy and peace!




Monday Motivation: Always…

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope this Monday finds you in good health and good spirits! I am finally really on the mend! Finally getting my minor health issues under control and am able to be up and moving around like the old me!

This weekend, I spent lots of time with friends and friends who are more like family.  I attended a fantastic stag and doe, a beautiful bridal party brunch for one of my dearest friends ( you can’t beat 25 years of friendship!) and then celebrated the same friends grandmothers 90th birthday ! Busy and full weekend surrounded by some of best people God has ever created!

At the end of the weekend, I spent some time reflecting on friendship. I have amazing friends who have really been there for me during some of the darkest times of my life. But, on the contrary, I have had some “friends” who have not been there for me. “Friends” who have kicked me when I was down ( figuratively speaking) and rejoiced in my failures… I use the word “friend” in quotations because to me that’s not the definition of a friend.

Merriam- Webster dictionary has a real simple definition of the word friend. It defines a friend as:

  • a person who you like and enjoy being with

  • : a person who helps or supports someone or something

  • one attached to another by affection or esteem

This really got me thinking about a great friend that I have…. and His name is Jesus! I know, I know super cliche but it’s so true. I have 2 best friends, that would do anything for me ( and vice versa) but even so there are limitations to what our friendship can do for each other.

My friendship with Jesus, really hits the definition of friendship on the head.Do I enjoy being with Jesus? Absolutely! I find peace and solace in my quiet time with Him! Does He support me ? Of course! Jesus is my biggest cheerleader! He also isn’t afraid to check me and put me in my place when needed!

This week I wanted to share the song, “Always” by Kirk Franklin with you. An oldie but a goodie! The lyrics of the song truly epitomizes how I feel!

Check out the lyrics and the song down below and may your week be blessed!!!

[Verse 1]
You know I’ve had some lonely days
I’ve made mistakes and had to pay
I’ve had some friends that walked away
Just like mama told me
But there’s someone whose love is real
Who cares about the way I feel
Every pain, and erase every stain
There’s peace when I call out your name

[Chorus 1]
Jesus, You’re my everything
The cross, You did that just for me
So whatever You take me through
I promise you
I’ll spend my always with you

[Verse 2]
No one can touch my heart like You
Or make me smile the way You do
I finally found someone who
Who really, truly loves me
And when my strength has come and gone
Your life in me it makes me strong
Your hand is where my heart belongs
You take all my pain and erased every stain

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
Jesus, my whole life has changed
Since that day I cried Your name
For every time You’ve brought me through
I promise You
I’ll spend my always with You

Did He say He’ll never leave you?
Did He promise He’ll never forsake you?
How many of you believe that in here?
Let me hear you
(Ohhhhhhhh oohhhhhh ohhh)
He won’t let you down, right?
(Ohhhhhh ohhhhh)
He’ll catch every tear
So if you know He can be your Father and He cares for you
Come on and stand on your feet and help me praise Him in here


Monday Motivation: 123, Victory…

Monday Motivation: 123, Victory…

Hey guys!

Quick blog post today because your girl is TIRED( lol). Nothing would give me more joy than to jump right in some cozy pajamas and my bed and call it night, but I couldn’t do that without stopping in and leaving a quick message for you 🙂

This weekend I was listening to the song “Wanna Be Happy” by Kirk Franklin and I decided to stop by the ITunes store to see when Kirk’s new album was due to be released ( just out of curiosity because I love that song 🙂 … its due out November 13th ) While I was there browsing the set list, I saw that another track had been released. So naturally, I clicked on it and gave it a listen. The track is called 1 2 3 Victory… and the way that track spoke to me in that moment…. sigh..

I can’t even begin to explain how much I needed to hear the message in this song. As light-hearted as the track is, the message is so real! We sometimes forget when we are going through struggles, that we are not alone and !  Part of lyrics read, ” You waiting on God, He’s waiting on you, With all you been through, Now its on you, What you gonna do?’. A smart soldier never goes into a battle alone. God’s waiting on you to tag Him in! That’s what He’s here for! Give all your worries to Him and you will be victorious!! So God, I’m tapping you in!!! ❤

Romans 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Check out the song and lyrics down below and have a blessed Monday!


1,2,3, Victory Lyrics:

Hey Yo 1, 2 3
Get up we got Victory
No weapon they throw at me
You know it wont prosper, no

Just got laid off ( I’m doing good)
House aint even paid off ( I’m doing good)
Should be afraid but ( I’m feeling good)
All the time you say ( God is good)

You can calm down, down down
Don’t forget who’s in control
Walls are falling down down down
Get ready for the new Jericho

Chorus 2:
You waiting on God
He’s waiting on you
( so what you gon’ do)

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2:

Storms raging ( I’m doing good)
See the world changing( I’m doing good)
I know it’s not easy
But life can’t defeat me (God is good)

Chorus 2:

You waiting on God
He’s waiting on you
With all you been through
Now its on you , so what you gonna do?

The battles not yours
It is the Lords
Tried on your own
You’re not that strong
But greater is He
That takes up for me
And soon they will see
My names victory( 2X)

Monday Motivation: Hello Fear….

Monday Motivation: Hello Fear….

Hey guys!

Forgive my lack of blogging this week. All my ECE, RECE , DECE and teacher friends can attest to the fact that preparing for the first week of school is just as taxing as the actual first day! So forgive me, I have been wrapped up in that this week 🙂 .

This past Friday, I had a wedding to attend and I paid an early morning visit to my hairdresser. She always has great music playing and since I always take the earliest appointment ( 6:30 am!) I love that I can hear awesome music to help me wake up while I get dolled up!! This particular visit , on her playlist were songs from an album I love, Kirk Franklin’s ” Hello Fear” . I had completely forgotten all about it! The song also entitled, “Hello Fear” spoke to me that day.

According to, fear is described as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat…

How many times have you let fear take control of your lives? How many times have you let fear stop you from accomplishing what you want to do? I know I have! .Too often we let our own insecurities hinder what God has in store for us. When things don’t go our way, we automatically shut down and begin to doubt God’s plan and the path He has set before us.

There are many people in this world that suffer from anxiety, and I do think everybody struggles with a bout of anxiety from time to time. Some people use vices like drugs and alcohol to cope with their anxiety. I choose to rely on two particular scriptures to get me through. The first being Philippians 4:6 which reads:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Prayer for me is the key resolution to anxiety. Nothing gives me more peace than having a conversation with God and leaving all my worries and cares at His feet.

The next scripture is definitely one of my favorite scripture verses. 2 Timothy 1:7 reads:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

So I encourage someone out there today to not let fear take control of your life! Instead, say goodbye to fear, doubt, depression, loneliness and any other things that may stop us from LIVING. Let’s replace fear with a reminder of God’s grace! No matter what, He will see you through! GOODBYE FEAR! We will no longer be prisoners to you!

Check out the lyrics and the song down below and have a wonderful Labour (labor for my American readers :p) Day!


Hello Fear
Before you sit down there’s something I need to explain
Since you’re here
I think I should tell you since we last talked things have changed
See I’m tired of being broken-hearted
So I made a list and you’re on it
All my hopes and my dreams You took from me
I want those back before you leave

Hello Fear
I knew I would see you, You have a hard time letting go
See these tears,Take a good look cuz, soon they wont fall anymore
God’s healing my hurful places
That seat that was yours now is taken
I’m no longer afraid,See I’m better this way
And one more thing before you leave

Never again will I love you
My heart it refuses to be your home
No longer your prisoner
Today I remember
Apart from you is where I belong

And never again will I trust you
I’m tired of fighting it’s been way too long
No longer your prisoner
Today I remember
Who I was and now it’s gone
They’re gone
Hello Fear
Da da da da da, da da da da da

Farewell Goodbye So long [3X]

Hello Grace
It feels like forever, I thought my chance with you was gone
See your face, it reminds me of mercy
And please let me say I was wrong
Never knew your touch was endless
How you never run dry of forgiveness
Didn’t know how bad it was, was afraid just because
Sorry fear, grace took your place


Farewell Goodbye So long [8X]

Hello Fear
Before you sit down there’s something I need to explain