Really… What is man…. RIP

Just heard some pretty devastating news… another young life cut short. Another mother without her child tonight….

It is so sad that in my short time on this earth (I’m in my late twenties) I’ve had to bury so many friends, acquaintances and family members. It would be one thing If these young people were passing away from terminal illnesses or freak accidents… But no, they are dying because of senseless acts of violence or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My heart is broken thinking about these young people my friends: Chantel Dunn; a York University student hit by a bullet while picking up a friend from a community center.( 1986-2006) My friend Niala, murdered by a jealous boyfriend ( who then later killed himself)( 2002) Jonathan Romero, murdered in an unprovoked fight ( 2003) Xavier,(murder: 2007)  Jason (murder: 2009), Polo ( murder: 2008), Devon (murder: 2010),Ricky( murder: 2013), Brandon ( murder 2010) Kesean ( a little 9-year-old boy struck by a bullet while sitting in his living room) Marley( murder 2014) Aaron ( murder 2015)

Of all those names, six of those young men were fathers, present and active. Now their children will never get the chance to really know and remember them. It’s so sad. Justice has been served in only half of these cases.

Forgive me, I’m not saying this to be blasphemous or disrespectful, but what kind of society do we live in where people feel like It’s okay to take another man or woman’s life over some foolishness?? Like, where are you getting these guns and weapons and why is it normal for that to be the acceptable  way to settle a dispute? Why is okay to put your hands on person to the point where their heart can no longer stand the trauma.. What kind of world is this?Why are parents burying their children? I’m not yet a mother, but is this a world that I really want to bring life into? Lord have mercy… and what makes it worse all of the people on this list are of Caribbean/Canadian or Hispanic descent…. lives cut short by people of Caribbean/Canadian descent…. makes no sense to me. Ignorance at its finest…

I pray that these families find peace. I know I think of Chantel all the time and all the times we’ve missed out on as friends. She will never hold my children, she won’t stand up beside me on my wedding day.Nothing! It still burns me 9 years later. They say time heals all wounds? Yeah right! It merely softens the blow and makes it easier to bear. But this wound is still very much tender.

I’m one of the lucky ones because I know a peace that surpasses all understanding.( Philippians 4:7) I may never understand God’s plan, but I have peace because I trust His plan..

So’s here’s my Public service announcement:

Put down the weapons and pick up a book

Put down your fists and pick up a book

Get out of the “traphouses” and get into the school houses!

Make something of yourselves! Don’t become a victim to this  society. Prove them wrong. Be the person you were created to be…

Lastly, Love on those around while they are here. Time is not promised to anyone. Life is too short to waste… So to all my friends out there.. I LOVE YOU

Though I’m missing you
(Although I’m missing you)
I’ll find a way to get through
(I’ll find a way to get through)
Living without you
‘Cause you were my sister ( brother), my strength and my pride
Only God may know why, still I will get by

Oh, there were so many things
That we could have shared
If time was on our side, ooh yeah
(Time was on our side)
Now that you’re gone, I can still feel you near
So I’ll smile with every tear I cryHow sweet were the closest of friends

But I’ll wait for the day when I’ll see you again
I’ll see you again….

lyrics that read so true….



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