“Woosah Soph….Just Woosah….”

Does anybody ( and by anybody i mean my 80’s/early 90’s babies) Remember the episode of Family Matters ( aka “Steve Urkel as my Jamaican parents call it 🙂 ) where Carl is teaching Steve how to drive and Steve annihilates Carl’s garage door by forgetting to take the car out of reverse and driving right through it!! Keep in mind earlier in the episode, the doctor had warned Carl about his temper and subsequently his blood pressure. He encouraged Carl to repeat a calming mantra whenever he felt like he was losing it! The mantra went a little something like this:

 “3 2 1… 1 2 3  What the heck is bothering me?”

( see below for a clip of this scene) 

Well, I have been experiencing a situation at work that called for this mantra or the constant reminder to “woosah” ( woosah means to tell someone to calm down and relax… )

As i may have previously mentioned, I work as an Registered Early Childhood Educator here in Ontario Canada and I work with children that have many differing abilities and cognitive understanding . It sometimes becomes difficult to stay calm when placed in a situation where you are being injured daily and feel that you are unable to help a child. Not because you don’t want to, but because you feel you  have exhausted all your options/knowledge to do so.

I have been in this situation many a time having worked in this field for just shy of 10 years ( lord I’m getting up there in age!! lol) Recently, I have felt this more often than not in one particular case. I will refrain from going to detail, sake of confidentiality  but I am feeling pretty worn down these days.

Now anyone who knows me, knows i wear my emotions all over my face and you can definitely see how I’m feeling through my body language,  My boss recently shared with me ( after I had been experiencing a particularly hard day and had gone to her to apologize for my stank attitude LOL) that she can tell when I’m having an off day and she knows to stay out of my way.

Upon hearing this, I had to stop and do some reflecting….

  1. Is the situation really that bad for me to be acting like this?
  2. What can i do to change my mindset?

The answer is no it’s not that bad! Frankly, It could be a lot worse.  I’m slowly learning to channel my anger/frustration in more positive ways.

I’m a natural hot head so my first instinct is to react. We all know with kids, when their behavior is less than desirable, more than likely they are looking for a reaction. I’ve learned to not react so much.

Take things in stride. Deep calming breaths ( I know I know super cliché) has worked for me. Stepping out of the classroom, putting my head outside for a breath of fresh air also works. Also I have never been a huge fan of classical music,  however it has a strangely calming effect on the children in my classroom, and if I find a playlist (shout out to the Songza app on Itunes!) with cellos, bases and clarinets, it calms me too! A nice cup of tea soothes the soul and every now and again a crisp glass of white wine helps too! A good facial mask to de-stress (I suggest a Oubel Ginger Mousse Mask or Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask) and a good nights sleep.

My faith definitely plays a major role in my changing mindset. Today I’m reflecting on a passage found in Romans Chapter 5 verse 3-4

3 We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. 4 And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation (New Living Translation)

So just hold on help is on the way! The race ( whether it be a spiritual race, physical race or a symbolic race) is not for the swift! Hang in there soldier and I’ll try to do the same! Be encouraged!!

It always seems each blog always seems to tie into a song. So today’s song is “Encourage Yourself” By Donald Lawrence and the Tri City singers. The lyrics read:

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test.
And no matter how you feel,
speak the word and you will be healed;
speak over yourself,
encourage yourself in the Lord.

Sometimes you have to speak the word over yourself,
the pressure is all around,
but God is present help.
The enemy created walls,
but remember giants, they do fall;
speak over yourself,
encourage yourself in the Lord.

Whatever your giant may be, its gonna come down!!

Be Blessed Xoxo

endurance 2



  1. Great advice! I find it kind of hard to actually stop and ask myself these questions when I am about to get upset or angry. The funny thing is: if you take the time out to actually ask these questions, most times you’ll realise that you are about to over react.


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