Monday Motivation: When I Think Upon Christmas…

Hey y’all,

First and foremost Merry Christmas! I hope this day finds you spending time with those you love, spreading good cheer and reflecting on the gift that is Jesus!

When I think about Christmas, I can’t help be filled with fond memories. The smells of delectable Jamaican cuisine wafting through my home. The sounds of Boney M blaring through the sound system with my father perched in his chair, mic in hand alerting us that it was time to get up. Depending on which country I was in, the sight of fresh snow  in Canada or the beautiful bright sun and blue skies of Jamaica always filed me with joy.

Having a pleasant Christmas is something I sadly sometimes take for granted, It’s almost as if I forget that the holiday season is not as kind to some people. Some people are dealing with serious loneliness. Some are battling unbearable grief! Some people just can’t find joy in the season at all. I am seeing this all around me this season through people in my immediate circle and its heartbreaking.

We get so wrapped in the commercial side of Christmas that we forget the real reason for   celebrating Christmas . So many people put themselves in excruciating debt to provide “happiness” through a gift,  all while neglecting the greatest gift of all; Jesus Christ.  I mean the “holiday” is named in honour of Him and barely anyone gives Him the recognition He deserves! We water His day down by modifying our acknowledgements from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings”.

My wish is that we will turn our eyes back to things that really matter! Above all , giving thanks to God for sending His son to earth as a saviour. Also, that we would focus less on the material things and take time to cherish the truly important things like family and love and peace.

I stumbled across this song on the new Hillsong Worship Christmas album ” The Peace Project” that I absolutely love! It’s called, “When I think upon Christmas.”

May it speak to you as it did me! Merry Christmas once again!


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