Style Sunday: Thanksgiving Comfort…

Hey guys!  Its Thanksgiving Sunday over here so I just wanted to drop in and share today’s outfit before I get to eating because once that tryptophan( aka what causes “turkey coma” kicks in, I can’t promise I’ll be lucid enough to put sentences together 🙂

The weather has been so indecisive so it’s been hard to dress! So today I dressed slightly warmer than needed! Oh well!

I paired a simple black pencil skirt from Forever 21 with a mustard yellow and black pin striped three quarter length sleeve shirt from Old Navy . I added a black felt hat that I purchased from a little store called Urban Planet.   I added a orange printed scarf that I thrifted from my mothers closet (LOL). To complete the outfit, I added my favourite beige suede lace up mules from Aldo Shoes.  No jewellery today other than my cross/baby ring necklace and a ring with my birthstone ( sapphires ) in it.  I wanted to sleep in a little longer this morning so my makeup consisted of  concealer, eyeliner , mascara and lipgloss.

Now I have on my  favourite jeans and my Kaepernick  tee! Let the eating begin! Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!! Check in tomorrow for another post!! ”





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