Beauty Blog: So I Finally Tried Kylie Cosmetics….

Hey guys!

So I did it…. I broke down and ordered some products from…. I guess you already guessed it from the title…. KYLIE Cosmetics. I know , I know insert eye roll here, but I’m a sucker for products and beauty hypes so I fell into the trap and ordered a “few” things(lol) I had tried a few of the lip kits my friend Leslie had purchased awhile back and finally got around to ordering some of my own!

In this blog, I’m going to share my opinion with you on these products and how they work for melanin rich sisters like myself!

Let’s start with the purchase that started it all: The Valentine’s Day Smooch Kit.  Inside this kit there is a mini palette with  two eyeshadows and and two mini lip products.




The eyeshadows are Poison Berry, a plum/Burgundy matte shade and In Love which is a super sparkly rose gold shade.  I wasn’t a huge fan of these for my eyes. They are pretty opaque and would require a lot of product for it to show up very pigmented on me. I however used poison berry on my cheeks one day and fell in love with my faux blush. In Love was okay when layered on top of another rose gold eye product.   Would I say these two products are a must have.. No!


The lip products that came in this kit were both from the KoKo Collection. I had wanted both of these products when the KoKo collection first launched but they sold out in like 8 minutes! So when I saw that they were being released in this kit ( albeit in mini form) I jumped at the opportunity to get them.

There is a gloss called “Damn Gina” which is a shimmery pink sheer gloss and “Gorge” and deep reddish-burgundy shade.  I LOVE them both.  Damn Gina is the perfect shade to wear everyday especially if you are attempting a low key make-up look , but still want to be a little fancy! One tip I must advise you with, make sure your lips are exfoliated before you apply this gloss, because it clings on to every piece of dry skin you have ( and that is a lip gloss no-no!)  The lipstick that was part of the kit was “Gorge”. This shade is right up my alley. I love red/Burgundy shades. I feel they compliment my skin tone so well. I really liked this shade and it applied so smoothly.  I liked this shade so much that when it finally re-released in the KoKo Collection, I purchased the full size! Would I suggest these two lip products… YES!

Let’s just continue with the lip products! So like I mentioned before, I purchased the full size of “Gorge” and I also purchased “Mary Jo K” and “True Brown K” ( which I cannot for the life of me seem to find right now!) The lip kits retail for $29.00 ( USD) and the matte lip singles retail for $17.00 (USD)


 I love everything about these lipsticks, even the smell. They smell like cotton candy! The doe foot applicator is pretty similar to most liquid lipsticks. The packaging is pretty. They both boast the “Kylie drip” which is super cute.  Like any other liquid lip product, you really need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before you apply these. They are super long lasting but not overly drying on the lip. You could wear them all day and not worry about them fading. One problem with that is that these are a pain in the butt to get off! To get mine off, I used a little bit of Vaseline or Coconut oil and warm water. Would I suggest purchasing Kylie lip kits… Absolutely.

Finally on to the highlighters or more cleverly branded as “Kylighters”. Let me tell you all how hard these were to get. Here’s my scenario: Sitting in front of my computer I put 3 kylighters in my cart, by the time I reached for my card to complete my purchase… Salted Caramel, the one I really wanted sold out! In 8 minutes guys!! I was disappointed  however I did manage to get Salted Caramel on the restock 🙂

l-r; banana split, salted caramel, chocolate cherry 

So I ended up purchasing Salted Caramel which is described as a warm mid tone gold. Upon seeing it swatched on Kylie’s Snapchat, it reminded me of Becca’s Champagne Pop highlighter which is beautiful!( also my favourite highlighter of life!)  I Also purchased Banana Split, which is described as a vibrant yellow gold. This one to me is a similar shade to Becca’s Prosecco Pop. Lastly, I purchased “Chocolate Cherry” which was unlike any highlight I had ever tried. It also appeared to be very woman of colour friendly, so I wanted to try it. It is described as a warm coppery bronze but I feel it draws more of a rose gold bronze tone.

banana split, salted caramel , chocolate cherry

Upon first swatch, I was a little disappointed. But after reading the description and watching a few youtube reviews,  I began to understand that these highlighters are meant to be buildable.  I tried applying these with a fan brush, but I just could not seem to get enough product on the brush to make any visible imprint on my face. I tried again with a  contour brush and voila and finally I could see the real effect of the product.  Not bad! Mind you, it took about 4 good swipes of the highlight to achieve the look I wanted ( But thats just me I would drown myself in highlight if it was socially acceptable lol) but once I did… Wow! I was actually not a huge fan of salted Caramel in the end, and now I gravitate towards Chocolate Cherry the one I was the least interested in purchasing! I use it daily right now and its getting me some great compliments 🙂

These highlighters retail for $22.00 (USD) so not exactly cheap but not unreasonably priced for the amount of  product that you get.

Would I say you definitely need to have these in your collection… meh! If you live for highlight like I do maybe pick up one to add to your collection, However, if its jsyt something that you dabble in there are many more affordable ones to try before grabbing these ( i.e. Wet N Wild has a few that cost about $6 dollars each)

Overall, I was super satisfied with the products I purchased and I would encourage other makeup enthusiasts to try Kylie’s products out!


Till next time beautiful people,





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